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Male Cave, where cute, sensual and hot girls meet. Where liquors, beers, cars are found, where sexuality and health match... Many more topics of interest to men, the males of the cellar.

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editor's notes

Welcome, without further ado our magazine is aimed at you. When the day is hard, the hope of life is not good, or you just want to have fun, remember that you have your Magazine, you just take out your phone, tables or computer, and you enjoy. We have girls as naked as our distributors allow, we have hot letters from our cheeky readers… And much more. I hope you enjoy, we are working so that each edition becomes your favorite. Male Cave Magazine has conditional use rights, but no property rights…The rights to the photos placed in this publication belong to 1233fr, and its various artistic photographers.…

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new classic cars with tech

The classic car collectors and lovers are embracing new technologies to maintain the sustainability of the jewels from the past. Governments push for lower pollution from road transport, which is leading the owner's option to switch their conventional gasoline engines to electric motors. The old classic cars always continue to shine in their appearance and feel. New safety regulation has forced manufacturers into such a sticky situation that the only position they can have a fairly free hand is with the stylus at the back. This is why we have many cars today that look the same until you can consider the minor details, and this the reason why classic car designs are traditional. 1. Jaguar E-Type Zero It is always a major risk to mess with a car as historically significant…

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try a sex doll (made for women), and my experience.

I have always been fascinated with sex. It really amazed me when I first came to know about sex dolls. Traditional research shows that men think about sex more often than women. However this research has been debunked by many experts. Women can be equally or more sexually active than men. This is also a reason that sex dolls were initially introduced in the market for men. However with time, specialized sex dolls for women were also introduced. I was really happy when I got my first sex doll. I actually bought a female sex doll and a male sex doll. As a female I was very much into my male sex doll. They are more effective than many believe. These sex dolls were considered taboo when they were first introduced in…

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narration of sex after a few drinks at the bar with friends

For this year’s birthday I decided to head back to my hometown. It had been a few years that I celebrated my birthday with my family and old friends from my childhood. I took a leave from work and took the first flight home after the day at the office. I reach my hometown one day before my birthday. I arrived early in the morning, took a nap and then started texting my old friends. Naturally, my family was really happy to see me but I wanted to spend time with people I hadn’t met or talked to in years. After the nap I started texting all my old friends that I am in town. They were all very happy and took it as a pleasant surprise. One of my friends made…

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without sex, your problems begin

Have you ever wondered what sex is all about? Why do people do it? And why is it considered so sacred in some cultures of the world. When two people love each other they tend to have sex as it is the ultimate show of love. However, you may desire to have sex with the person you are not in a relationship with for example your crush or a celerity you find sexy. Many people don’t realize this but sex plays a very important part in shaping up society. Without sex, many problems arise. Lack of sex can give birth to a lot of different problems. These problems can range from both mental and physical problems and both men and women can get affected by it. Let’s take a look…

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botox for men. rejuvenating?

Everyone is conscious about their physical appearance. They want to appear physically attractive to the world or at least show some change in their physical appearance. People nowadays consider having Botox done. They usually associate this as a female facial rejuvenation. I thought to have Botox done for myself, and I assure you that this is something that isn’t gender-specific. Botox brought many physical as well as intangible benefits to my personality. It served as a major break-through in my life. It brought several benefits that I hadn’t even imagined while thinking to get it done. Lessens the Face Wrinkles: Men usually develop face wrinkles very early in their life. I developed facial wrinkles as well. Although face wrinkles don’t harm you a lot it can be physically unattractive. Having Botox done made…