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rasputin: russian with sexual charm

When it comes to naming famous people from Russia, many youngsters might name Vladimir Putin, some might say Joseph Stalin but there is also a group which will take the name Rasputin. Rasputin was a Russian mystic who was known to have many mystical and spiritual powers. He was so popular that even the royal family put their trust in him. When the Tsar’s son fell ill, they took the help of Rasputin to treat him. However Rasputin’s mystical powers weren’t the only thing he was famous for. Rasputin’s Sexual Adventures Rasputin was known to be what we call in the modern world “A Player”. He had sex with hundreds of different women during his lifetime. He was portrayed as some sort of a prophet and many of his followers felt that it…

4 min.
roman festivals: nothing quiet and very wild

The Roman citizens enjoyed one thing, and it was the thrill and desire of diversion provided by weird and exciting public events that were emotionally attracted and assaulted the senses. Roman officials understood as well so that the individuals they brought into extravagant and glamorous performances at luxury places around the Empire boosted their prominence and reputation. Sex, violence, and drunkenness were the main elements of these gatherings. The famous places in Rome like the Colosseum and Circus Maximus were the locations for splendid ceremonies, exotic animals, gladiatorial combat, and races in carriages, fighting, and even satirical naval wars. The Romans regarded their gods and prophets not as mere deities but as willing partners in human relations. They never forgot or ignored the generosity of the deities. Some were potentially deemed violent or…

1 min.
hot letters

Is it possible for me to get back the sex I didn't have? Hello. Inciter, in response to your call, would like to tell you a story. Women after 35 are hornier than at 20, or at least that's my case. I got married when I was at the University, you could say my husband was a good man, sweet and affectionate; but sex was boring. The situation was normal to me because I had not had sex with another man. A couple of years ago, I went to visit him at the office and found him having sex with his lover, several years younger. I asked for the divorce, and a friend recommended me a lawyer, whom when I met made me feel new sensations. I had sex with him, I must confess that…

2 min.
shared stories sexy risk

was in my 20s, an age where I wanted to experiment almost everything. And good luck smiled at me when it came to women; I slept with at least one different woman every week. I had started having relationships with my neighbor, the sister of a great friend with whom we shared our childhood and adolescence. That's how things happened, we met, we had sex, and that's it. We were still friends, and neither of us expected more from the other. We both lived with our parents, and that made it a little more challenging to find spaces for our encounters. We usually did it with our families at home, said we were going to see a movie and under a blanket, things happened. When I was left alone, I called her, and…

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how to last longer

The mentality of the modern man is the estimation of the time that must sustain an erection so that a sexual relationship is pleasant. Much has been said about this, and it is universally considered appropriate that the measure is between 7 and 8 minutes; however, this measure remains empty. There are external factors that impact the time in which a woman can achieve orgasm, as simple as climate, mood, hormones, stress, can mitigate a sexual relationship, the term time is not only linked to how long a man can sustain his erection. It must be taken into account that due to physical or psychological factors, there are women who cannot obtain an orgasm in standard time and that this is already a problem that she must treat, hopefully without interfering…