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Man Magnum

August 2019

The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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man magnum

Editor Phillip Hayes mail@manmagnum.co.za Field Editor André Grobler Contributing Editor Gregor Woods Contributing Editor Malcolm Cobb Contributing Editor Francois van Emmenes francois@manmagnum.co.za Senior Subeditor Gail Osborne gosborne@manmagnum.co.za Design and Production Talita Meyer talita.meyer@media24.com ONLINE READERS MARKET Gina Mostert classifieds@manmagnum.co.za NATIONAL ADVERTISING SALES advertising@manmagnum.co.za Head Dirk Lamprecht 012-485-9356 dirk.lamprecht@media24.com Account Manager Jacques Boshoff 079-528-8793 jacques.boshoff@media24.com Account Manager Franco Jooste 072-250-0201 franco.jooste@media24.com Western Cape Alan Walker 021-797-6449 fax 021-762-4664 fairchase@axxess.co.za Publisher Theuns Venter Category Manager Armand Kasselman Debtors’ Accounts Soraya Essop 021-408-3521…

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a view from afar

NO WITHSTANDING THE EVER-RISING costs, I believe that we, as hunters, still have it good in South Afr ca. T egally acquire your biltong and venison, you need only buy a hunting icence and, of course, pay for what y u have bagged When heading home afterwards, a letter of permission to hunt and/or to transport venison, signed by the landowner, will suffice. And to top it all, when I’m on a tight budget, all I need is written permission, and I can shoot pigeons or doves over sunflower or maize fields, free of charge. A blesbuck or warthog hunt is within an hour’s drive from home and at very reasonable prices to boot. A recent visit to family living in Alberta, Canada, made me realise just how lucky we are,…

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Shotgun Loads I found the article “The Shotgun” by Neil Harmse in the May 2019 edition well written. However, I have some questions: How is it that an increase of weight in grams from 24 to 34 grams does not require a heavier charge of propellant to send the heavier charge at the same velocity? The heavier loads like 34 gram have much more recoil. Where is the extra load of pellets contained in the cartridge? I have done a fair amount of reloading but only for clay shooting with my own cast of lead from wheel weights and batteries, selecting the No 6, 7 and 8 for reloading. – Owen Connor, Zambia ➤ All cartridges have officially standardised maximum pressure levels that are safe for firing in the appropriate firearms. These pressure…

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‘hello darkness my old friend…’

WITH APOLOGIES TO the folk-rock duo monan arfunkel. F nd or foe, it depends on you? Every dy at some time is afraid of the dark a t can work against you, if you are not propriat prepared for it. I believe darkne s is a great equaliser and puts you on a par with a lot of wild animals. Many animals cannot see you in complete darkness, others will just ignore your dim presence. The exceptions are lion and leopard. The unfortunate result of darkness and immobility has led to some nasty happenings with humans, lions and leopards. One night rangers in the Imfolozi Game Reserve were forced to sleep out in the bush without preparation. It was winter, but they had their old British army long grey greatcoats and a fire.…

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8000ft stoeger cougar

Beretta design THE STOEGER COU AR 8000 FT is a product o eger Industries in Turkey, owned by the Beretta Holdings Group. The pistol is not a new design by Stoeger, and diehard Beretta followers may recognise it as a copy of the Beretta C ar series that appeared in the early 1990s, when the Cougar was Beretta’s smaller alternative to the full-sized Beretta 92, and was designed for security work and civilian self-defence. At the time, the Beretta Cougar pistol series was unique for its rotating barrel system in an enclosed slide. It seems the series was very popular with police agencies in Europe and the USA, but when Beretta introduced their polymer-framed pistols like the PX4 Storm, the Cougar 8000 faded out. The Cougar also became too expensive to produce…

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an old ph meets the future

HALF A LIFETIME ago, a single sheet of paper changed my life. In my hands I held a certificate from the Department of Nat Conservatiion hat proclaimed me to be what I had alw ys wanted to b a professional hunter. Earning this honour had not come easily. Although I con-side ed myself an e experrienced hunter, my first step towards bec ng a PH wa to serve a one-year apprenticeship with a safari company – this being East Cape and Karoo Safaris owned and run by outfitter Lud DeBruijn. As an appie, I learned more about hunting and wildlife than I had during my lifetime. This was because for the first time, I was hunting animals such as impala, gemsbuck, black wildebeest, red hartebeest, lechwe and waterbuck. I also learned…