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Military History May 2020

Military History is the nation’s oldest and most popular war magazine devoted to the history of warfare. Topics include naval history, army, infantry and foot soldiers from all branches of the military.

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general john stark: a patriot who rose above rank

Join the discussion at militaryhistory.com IN THE ARCHIVES: From the Jaws of Victory After prevailing against the British on the shores of Lake George, a French general still managed to snatch defeat By Michael G. Laramie Interview Kyle Carpenter doesn’t recall throwing himself between a buddy and a hand grenade in Afghanistan, but he’d do it again Tools Flown aggressively with tactical skill, the German Albatros D.III sesquiplane became the terror of the Western Front in 1917 HISTORYNET Now Love history? Sign up for our FREE monthly e-newsletter at: historynet.com/newsletters Digital Subscription Did you know Military History is available in digital format? Visit historynet.com for info Let’s Connect Learn more about what you’ve read or discuss a recent article in depth on our Facebook page…

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Kamikazes Your article “Death Before Dishonor” [by Jon Guttman, January 2020] was very good. I was surprised you didn’t mention SS John Burke, a Liberty ship hit by a kamikaze on Dec. 28, 1944. An ammo ship, it was obliterated when struck. My father, Lt. Thomas J. Woods, was an officer aboard LST-395 when Burke was hit. He told us about how rough that particular convoy run was and about the Burke explosion. Two of his men were hit by debris when it exploded. You can watch a video on YouTube. Just info only and a tribute to the men of SS John Burke, so they will not be forgotten. Lisa Woods Upland, Calif. Editor responds: Unfortunately, given space limitations, we couldn’t expound on every ship struck and/or sunk by kamikazes—something better left to…

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SPACE FORCE: FIRST NEW U.S. BRANCH SINCE 1947 When President Donald Trump signed into law the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, he in turn created the U.S. Space Force, the nation’s first new military branch since the establishment of the independent Air Force in 1947. Its mission is to “organize, train and equip space forces in order to protect U.S. and allied interests in space and to provide space capabilities to the joint force.” Among its service members’ other responsibilities is oversight of the constellation of satellites in the critical Global Positioning System. The move comes as China and Russia challenge the United States’ long-standing strategic dominance in space. Under the act the existing Air Force Space Command was redesignated as the Space Force, and its 16,000 personnel were assigned to the…

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interview but now am found

Mark Noah When UPS pilot Mark Noah isn’t flying around the country, he’s often helping to locate the remains of missing American servicemen from World War II in Europe and the Pacific. Noah is the president and founder of History Flight, a nonprofit he started in 2003 to restore vintage aircraft and preserve aviation history. Once he learned nearly 80,000 U.S. military members were still missing in action from World War II, however, his organization began assembling teams to find the remains and have them properly interred. To date History Flight has recovered 325 sets of remains, many of them from forgotten graves on the central Pacific island of Tarawa. For his dedicated efforts Noah was named an honorary Marine by the commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, a distinction he…

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valor ‘a will to live and fight’

Staff Sgt. Roy Benavidez had sustained 37 wounds from small-arms fire, grenade shrapnel, bayonet thrusts and a rifle butt to the head. His eyes were pasted shut by dried blood, and he was too weak to move and unable to speak. But he had enough wits about him to sense when medics placed him in a body bag. As a doctor leaned down to check for a pulse, Benavidez did the only thing he could—he spat at the doctor. A Texan of Mexican and Yaqui Indian parentage, Benavidez enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard at age 17 in 1952, later switching to active duty in the U.S. Army. In 1959 he completed parachute training and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division. He later joined the Army Special Forces. On…

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what we learned from… the battle of malvern hill, 1862

By month’s end in June 1862 a Confederate general loathed for having lost what soon became West Virginia was being lauded as the “Savior of Richmond.” Indeed, General Robert E. Lee had accomplished the seemingly impossible by repeatedly defeating Union Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan’s invading Army of the Potomac in battle on the Virginia Peninsula and repelling it from the gates of the Confederate capital—all within six days. On the seventh day, however, Lee’s counter-offensive ground to a halt at Malvern Hill, overlooking the James River. The overcautious McClellan, under the delusion Lee’s forces far outnumbered his own, beseeched Washington in vain for reinforcements. Instead, he was ordered to withdraw by ship to northern Virginia. The Peninsula campaign was over. With Lee in pursuit, McClellan needed to set up a…