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Military Trader

April 2020

Established in 1993, Military Trader is dedicated to the collecting, preservation, restoration, study, and display of historic military artifacts. Spanning interests from military uniforms to medals, or helmets to ordance and weapons, Military Trader is your best source for in-depth technical articles, artifact profiles, product and hobby news, current values, military auction coverage, and show calendar.

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military trader

General Manager: Peter Miller V.P. General Manager: Corinne Zielke Editor: John Adams-Graf 715-781-2047, 9-5PM, CST, M-F Editorial Director: Brian Earnest Graphic Designer: Sandi Carpenter Advertising Sales Representative: Steve Madson ext. 13441, or directly at 715-318-4018 Advertising Staff Assistant: Lisa Dombrowski ext. 13496, or directly at 715-257-6029 VP, Advertising Sales: Kevin D. Smith President & CEO: Andrew W. Clurman Senior VP, CFO, COO, & Treasurer: Michael Henry Senior VP of Operations: Patricia B. Fox VP, Production & Manufacturing: Barbara Van Sickle VP, People & Places: JoAnn Thomas VP, Digital Products & Platforms: Katie Herrell VP, IT: Nelson Saenz AIM Board Chair: Efrem Zimbalist III…

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homefront news

NATIONAL ARCHIVES THIEF GETS PROBATION A Virginia National Guard sergeant was sentenced Wednesday to 18 months of supervised probation for stealing World War II-era dog tags from the National Archives and Records Administration in Maryland. U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas DiGirolamo also ordered Robert Rumsby, 30, of Fredericks-burg, Virginia, to pay a $5,000 fine. Rumsby had faced a maximum sentence of 1 year of incarceration after pleading guilty in November to one misdemeanor count of theft. Rumsby told investigators he took dog tags that belonged to four U.S. airmen killed in plane crashes in 1944, according to a criminal complaint. Rumsby’s wife is the great niece of one of the deceased airmen. Rumsby said he gave that airman’s dog tags to his wife’s grandmother as a Christmas gift and gave another airman’s dog tags…

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the jag file

HOW WAS THE SHOW? Show experience is a very personal thing. Ask 100 people who attended a show, and you will get 100 different answers. If a person finds that special item for which they were searching, “It was a GREAT show.” The person who went with the intention of snagging bargains but didn’t find any will report, “Show was slow and prices were high.” Realizing that a personal reaction is a natural response to the question, I will try to respond outside of my own experience to the question many of you have, “How was the Show of Shows?” LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY This was the Ohio Valley Military Society’s (OVMS) 28th annual Show of Shows (SOS). I have been attending the show since the days when it was held in St. Louis on King’s…

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books in brief

KAITEN: Japan’s Secret Manned Suicide Submarine and the First American Ship It Sank in WWII, by Michael Mair and Joy Waldron (ISBN: 978-0425272695, Berkley Publishing Group, published by Penguin Group, 357 Hudson St., NY, NY 10014; Hardcover, 2014, 363 pages, 33 b/w illustrations, $27.95). Back in 2005, John Mair, a WWII US Navy lay dying. He asked his son, Mike, to promise that he would write the story of the USS Mississinewa (AO-59). The elder Mair had been aboard the ship in 1944, when it exploded and sank in the Pacific. Even though he carried the sadness and grief for more than 60 years, he wanted to ensure that the world knew about the strange and secret weapon that Japan ad employed to sneak into the Ulithi Atoll and sent the…

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mail call

WHY WE DO IT I’ve been a military history collector all my life. I’m old enough to have shared with veterans as far back as WWI, and all the way to current active duty friends. That shared experience with veteran friends includes acquiring, restoring and displaying historic military vehicles of all eras over the past 40 years. I recently read a post in an online forum where the person really blasted collectors who would display Vietnam or Desert War vehicles, calling the displays shameful and a very bad idea. There were other words that won’t get repeated. Over the years, I have participated in many different types of Vietnam-related displays and reenactments. I’m not big on battle reenactment but have found that there are many ways vehicle owners, family members, and veterans share,…

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military whatizit?