July/August 2021

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How has the meaning of connection changed for you? “Connection has taken on a deeper meaning. It’s so valuable to connect with those we can’t see on a regular basis. I do miss hugging and look forward to those hugs. They’ll be sweeter when it’s safe again.” Robin R. “The more I started to connect, discover, and accept my inner self, I discovered I wanted more company. Then I forgave any misalignments with my family and friends. At some point I realized true connection meant connection to the entire world, just as it was.” Tiffany P. “1. Being present when connecting with family and friends. 2. Taking a genuine interest in what makes others happy and showing that you care about what matters most to them.” Lisa C. “Normally, connection for me is ‘being there,’ telephonically, virtually and…

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top of mind

CALMTAINMENT An awkward portmanteau of calm and entertainment, “Calmtainment” made the Wunder-man Thompson Agency’s list of trends that will define 2021, which means mindful play is on the rise and brands are beginning to take note. None other than LEGO released an adult line they describe as therapeutic, immersive, and relaxing. There’s a flower bouquet and a bonsai set that are meant to help you focus mindfully as you play, experiment, and decompress. There’s even a relaxing Spotify playlist featuring white-noise soundscapes made using LEGO bricks. LEGO wants you to toss the instruction book and “enjoy the sheer pleasure of creation, just like the kid you used to be.” RECIPES MATTER Staff at Bon Appétit and the home-cooking website Epicurious spoke out about racism in the workplace after a photo of then editor-in-chief…

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beginner's mind

Getting stuck in painful emotions brings me back again and again to an insight that has profoundly changed my life—self-compassion is essential to homecoming. I have to love myself into healing. When emotions are strong, my first step toward kindness is usually pausing, opening to the feelings, and telling myself “this belongs.” It helps me remind myself that there’s nothing wrong with the arising of irritability, anxiety, or aggression. They are our limbic caretakers, our survival brain’s primitive way of trying to protect and promote our well-being. Even self-judgment is well intended because it tries to improve us in ways that will make us more lovable and worthy. Seeing those feelings as primitive forms of self-love helped me accept them as part of my human experience. And that acceptance was the…

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“before times”

An expression of nostalgia for how things used to be pre-COVID-19. The before times were “before masks and social distancing, when we could occupy restaurants and concert halls without risking the spread of disease,” according to Webster’s. Tame it: Despite our best efforts, a word or an image can pull us inward and our thoughts can spiral into “what if.” When you find yourself ruminating on the before times, take a deep breath, focus on the sensation of breathing, and kindly observe your thoughts without judging them. PHOTOGRAPH BY STEPHANIE DIANI, ILLUSTRATION BY DUDE DESIGN / ADOBESTOCK…

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3 ways to be kind to yourself when you’re feeling blue

1 Notice how you are seeing the world, right now. When we feel low, our perspective on life can shift. A painful moment can cause us to see the world as hideous. Why not turn this darkly charged moment into a reminder to tune in to beauty? As we look for beauty, we may find many lovely things to soothe and refresh us. The sound of the wind, the satisfying crunch of leaves underfoot, an empty pizza box that dances in the breezy moonlight. 2 Tend with tenderness. Choose kindness always. There will never be a situation where being unkind to yourself, others, or the situation that confronts you, is going to make anything better. Ever. You don’t have to like how things are going, but you can soothe the savage breast. See if…

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invite nature into your life

We often have the perception that nature is remote. It’s somewhere out there in the distance, and to fully access it and benefit from it we have to leave our workaday lives behind. Wherever we are, nature surrounds us and we’re a part of it. Symphonies of birdsong play overhead as we load groceries into our car trunk. The tangy scent of earth dampened by dew fills the morning air. And even alongside highway on-ramps, flowers grow. Biomimicry expert Jane Benyus has said when she’s outside she tries to quiet her analytical mind. She listens, observes, and puts herself in the presence of nature, allowing its beauty and surprise to unfold before her. We can do the same whether we’re walking along city streets or sitting quietly in a meadow. Next time you…