Mindful May/June 2021

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mindful live

We’re bringing our content to life with Mindful Live—a series of in-depth, online conversations, and events featuring mindfulness experts on how we can enjoy better health, cultivate more caring relationships, and create a more compassionate society. Sign up to learn more at mindful.org/mindful-live Heather Hurlock is the editor-in-chief of Mindful magazine and mindful.org. She’s a longtime editor, musician, and meditator with deep roots in service journalism. Connect with Heather at heather.hurlock@mindful.org.…

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the light gets in

This past year has been hard. Currently, I have a torrent of gnarly emotions stashed behind a mental dam that I’m not fully dealing with—the dam cracks a little each time I acknowledge it so I’m choosing not to look at it for very long. I’m saving it for…later. For now, I’m channeling my discomfort into my own form of aggressive yoga (there are pushups), and practicing body scan meditations to check in with my body along the way. In my mind I believe I’m letting my emotional dam release in a scheduled fashion: acknowledging it’s there, providing some safe spillways for processing, some tunnels for inspecting any damage, a few postcards in the gift shop for tourists. But I know this is not the way emotions like to be treated. You…

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let’s get real

What does it mean to be authentic? “To accept myself with love and compassion, and follow my path with joy and gratitude.“ Candace Z. “It means to be honest about what’s in my head and heart, but in a way that’s mutually respectful and productive.” willingham2271 “My definition of authenticity is to be who you are, no matter where you are or who you are with. Truly yourself at all times.” Marlene F. “I think it’s when you’re unfiltered. You’re truly yourself. And you are living into your core values. You’re not trying to fit in or impress anyone. You willingly show your imperfections and vulnerabilities without shame or guilt.” Claire L. “Staying true to yourself <3” m0rethan.fitness “Authenticity is when our words, our thoughts, our actions, and our emotions are in alignment.” wellnesswithbryce How do you show up for yourself? “When my body…

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top of mind

DRAW ON Nova Scotia-based graphic designer Melissa Lloyd founded Doodle Lovely in 2016 to draw our attention to the here-and-now—creatively. In addition to a range of guided doodle journals and workbooks, in 2020 Lloyd also began facilitating Doodle Breaks: guided sessions for organizations (over Zoom or in person), which she’s already brought to clients in the tech sector, first responders, and other highstress environments. Her years of mindfulness practice inspired her to study how putting pen to paper connects us to our natural awareness—which encourages judgment-free, creative thinking, notes Lloyd. “If you can take even 5 minutes for a healthy break, that’s where all those ‘a-ha’ moments happen,” Lloyd told Mindful. “It’s about bringing the person into the present moment through the doodling process.” NOW HEAR THIS The constant ringing or buzzing in…

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acts of kindness

GOLDEN OLDIE Calgary’s Donny Marchuk says that in tough times, his elderly golden retriever, Sully, was there for him. Now, he’s repaying the favor. Sully can’t get around like he used to, so Marchuk pulls him on hikes in a wagon he calls an “adventure chariot.” He says an added benefit is that it makes other people smile to see them. PROOF OF LOVE Seattle home bakers donated over 1,300 loaves of bread to a local food bank that’s seen increased demand due to the pandemic. Community Loaves is a volunteer network of about 500 bakers. The home bakers are urged to keep one of every four loaves for themselves as thanks for their work. ALL CLASS British Columbia MLA Ravi Kahlon tweeted about a proud dad moment when his 10-year-old son asked a new…

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research news

CONCUSSION CARE Each year more than 2 million Americans suffer from chronic difficulties like headaches, anxiety, and trouble focusing following a concussion. Researchers at the University of Connecticut reviewed 22 studies where mindfulness-based interventions were used to treat symptoms related to these mild traumatic brain injuries. They found that meditation and yoga helped to lessen fatigue and depression, and improved mental and physical health, cognitive performance, and quality of life. More studies are needed to better understand these effects. NO SILVER BULLET Mindfulness programs are widely used to reduce stress in nonclinical settings, and practices like meditation and yoga are known to lessen symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression and increase well-being. These effects are far from universal, say Cambridge University researchers after examining 136 randomized controlled trials of mindfulness interventions. Some studies…