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Missouri Game & Fish

Missouri Game & Fish May 2019

Every month in Game & Fish, you'll discover the best hotspots throughout your region for hunting and fishing. We'll also bring you your state's latest outdoor news, plus plenty of how-to tactics and special strategies designed to make you a more successful hunter and angler.

United States
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2 min.
in the field

Firearms Deer Harvest Ticks Up 1.3 Percent PRELIMINARY DATA from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) shows a 1.3-percent increase in the 2018-19 firearms deer harvest. Telecheck data (as of press time) from all five portions of the firearms deer season show a total harvest of 234,208 deer, compared to 231,124 the previous year. Portion totals were: Early Youth, 13,560 (-22 percent); November, 199,427 (+3.4 percent); Late Youth, 2,556 (-18 percent); Antlerless, 6,585 (-15 percent); Alternative Methods, 12,080 (+21 percent) For current details, visit the MDC website; then, on the deer hunting page, click the “harvest reports” icon before then clicking on the Telecheck link. Poaching Lands Brookline Man In Jail A GREENE County man’s court sentencing in December was the most recent event in one of Missouri’s largest deer-poaching cases. David Berry…

1 min.
missouri calendar

MAY 4 KIDS FISH FREE AT BENNETT SPRING Today is the annual kids free fishing day at Bennett Spring State Park. Ben.Havens@mdc.mo.gov MAY 5 TURKEY SEASON CLOSES What better way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Go out and bag a gobbler when hens are nesting and toms are lonesome! mdc.mo.gov MAY 10 RIVER BASS FISHING CLINIC Reserve seats for this clinic at Shoal Creek Conservation Education Center in Joplin. Learn about where and how to fish, regulations and equipment for river bass in southwest Missouri. 417-629-3423 MAY 25 BASS & SQUIRREL OPENER Squirrel and black bass seasons open the Saturday before Memorial Day. Grab your rod or gun — or both — and load up the canoe. mdc.mo.gov JUNE 1 NATIONAL TRAILS DAY Hit the trails today for a workout and to scout deer. Map your hike digitally for hunting season. JUNE 8-9 FREE FISHING DAYS! The…

1 min.
killer combos

It’s one thing to check out a rod at a tackle store or to look at a reel online. But it’s nearly impossible to check out how any individual rod would interact with any particular reel. Well, we do that for you. Here, we’ve assembled six perfectly complemented combos — those promising to help you in your quest to catch more fish. Our research was conducted over three days on the water, and many hours of debate back on shore, while testing more than 50 of the latest rods and reels in various combinations. We found a few pairings really stood out and wanted to share our results with you. Next time you are looking to gear up for a very specific technique, look to these combos to give you want…

1 min.
best worm & jig combo

Daiwa All-Around Rod $189 Shimano Curado DC Baitcasting Reel $249 Slithering a worm through a maze of timber or ticking a jig down a rip-rap bank require an odd pairing of both finesse and pure power. Daiwa’s All-Around rod has ample backbone to manage the heavy lines often used when fishing worms or jigs in dense cover. Conversely, it has the sensitivity to monitor those baits for subtle strikes. Worms and jigs are thrown into a variety of covers, ranging from thick to thin. Multiple casting techniques are often used during a single fishing session, whether overhanding, underhanding, skipping, flipping or pitching. Shimano’s Curado DC, equipped with an electronic cast control, is the perfect partner to the Daiwa All-Around. The electronic cast control system keeps casts backlash-free, a must when quickly moving…

1 min.
abu garcia & shimano helped us control variables

In the past two issues, we evaluated 51 of the latest and greatest rods and reels, then shared our picks for our “Editor’s Choice” and “Great Buy.” In March, we covered baitcasting gear, in April, spinning gear. Now, we share our picks for the best paired combos. We reached out to two industry giants, Abu Garcia and Shimano, to supply control rods and reels for our testing. These companies’ commitment to quality-control and consistency let us get to know our 29 test rods and 22 test reels intimately. By having Abu Veritas casting rods (VTSC70-5) and Veritas spinning rods (VT-SS70-5) on hand, we were able to mount test reels to the control rods and isolate the reels’ features, and attributes. With Shimano’s Sedona 2500 spinning reel (SE2500HGFI) and Citica 200…

1 min.
best finesse combo

Doomsday ‘The 47’ Spinning Rod $139 Daiwa Tatula Spinning Reel $189 The ability to downsize baits and slow down presentations to a creep is key to coaxing fish that have turned tight-lipped. A quality spinning rod and reel combo is a must for anglers looking to catch fish that refuse the usual suspects. When finessing, infinite smoothness is required so you can hyper-focus on what the bait is doing — not the reel’s grind. Daiwa’s Tatula is amply smooth for monitoring tiny baits on a silky turn. The 6.2:1 Daiwa is both fast and feathery light. When combined with the remarkably agile Doomsday Tackle Company “The 47,” the user can concentrate on their bait without fussing with a distracting heavy combo. BOTTOM LINE: This combo’s light line rating and nimble demeanor manages morsel-sized…