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Missouri Game & FishMissouri Game & Fish

Missouri Game & Fish June 2019

Every month in Game & Fish, you'll discover the best hotspots throughout your region for hunting and fishing. We'll also bring you your state's latest outdoor news, plus plenty of how-to tactics and special strategies designed to make you a more successful hunter and angler.

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missouri game & fish

PUBLISHER Michael F. X. Cassidy EDITORIAL EDITOR IN CHIEF John Geiger|John.Geiger@outdoorsg.com EDITOR Laura Kovarik|Laura.Kovarik@outdoorsg.com STATE EDITORS Dr. Todd A. Kuhn, Drew Warden, Josh Ward INTERIM STATE EDITOR David F. Johnson MANAGING EDITOR Joanne Blair | ART DIRECTOR Kate Glassner Brainerd ONLINE CONTENT EDITOR Scott Bernarde | PHOTO EDITOR Ron Sinfelt GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Justin Davie, Jennifer Kiefaber | SENIOR ILLUSTRATION ARTIST Allen Hansen PRODUCTION PRODUCTION MANAGER Jody Howard Jody.Howard@outdoorsg.com (678) 589-2021 | FAX (678) 279-7509 SENIOR MULTIMEDIA DESIGNER Terry Jacobs ADVERTISING NATIONAL ENDEMIC AD SALES Jim McConville (440) 791-7017 | James.McConville@outdoorsg.com WESTERN REGION Hutch Looney | Hutch@HLooney.com MARINE/FISHING ADVERTISING Tim Carini (678) 589-2027 | Tim.Carini@outdoorsg.com NATIONAL AD SALES ACCOUNT DIRECTOR – DETROIT OFFICE Kevin Donley (248) 798-4458 | Kevin.Donley@outdoorsg.com NATIONAL ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – CHICAGO OFFICE Carl Benson (312) 955-0496 | Carl.Benson@outdoorsg.com DIRECT RESPONSE AD/NON-ENDEMIC Anthony Smyth (914) 693-8700 |…

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in the field

NASP GOES TO MARK TWAIN LAKE THE MISSOURI National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) held a regional tournament at Frank Russell Recreation Area near Monroe City last October. Students from across the state competed in the inaugural event, despite windy conditions, exhibiting patience and racking up excellent scores. The top overall scorers were William Pereboom of Hillsboro High School and Hailey Johnson of Trinity Lutheran School in Jefferson City. For complete tournament scores, visit nasptournaments.org. Schools participating in MoNASP can expect this early-season tournament again next fall at the new, state-of-the-art archery range at Mark Twain Lake. BARNES EARNS WILDLIFE OFFICE OF THE YEAR AWARD A MULTIFACETED dedication to promoting good conservation practices has earned Lawrence County Conservation Agent Andy Barnes the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agency’s 2018 Colonel Bob…

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missouri calendar

JUNE 1 NATIONAL TRAILS DAY Now is the time to get in shape for hunting season. Head to the trails on a conservation area near you for a workout. JUNE 1-30 SQUIRREL SEASON CONTINUES Squirrels are feasting on elm and ash seeds, mulberries and other soft mast. Check your .22’s sights and have some fun! Season runs until February 15, 2020. JUNE 5 REGULATIONS COMMITTEE MEETINGS MDC’s Regulations Committee meets today. It conducts its mid-year Wildlife Code review July 18 at Conservation Department Headquarters in Jefferson City. The next meeting is Sept. 12. JUNE 8-9 FREE FISHING DAYS! The weekend days after the first Monday in June each year are Free Fishing Days. Take the whole family fishing for free! JUNE 9 MISSOURI B.A.S.S. NATION TOURNEY Missouri B.A.S.S. Nation has its 24th annual Open Buddy Bass Tournament Summer Sizzler at Pomme De Terre Lake.…

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where the road ends

As the market continues to swell with feature-filled rides, one thing is certain: This is a buyer’s market, and getting featurefilled goodies on the ATV or UTV of your choice is progressively easier. Choosing those, however, might not be. Whether you are an avid hunter, part-time tailwater fisherman or just someone who loves to ride into the wilderness in search of that perfect day filled with friends and family, there is a machine for you. Items that attract most riders include comfort, ease of use as well as maintenance and possibly the backbone of the ride for those days when work comes first. Here are a few great examples of reliable ATV and UTV rigs for your next adventure. MAHINDRA ROXOR $15,999 |roxoroffroad.com The throwback to the World War II Willys jeep fans made…

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land management

SUMMER IS here and fall fever will soon set in as we’re dreaming of big bucks. If you’re looking to maintain your property and get it primed for the fall, these tools can help. A modern compact utility tractor is a force multiplier. A good one will help minimize your time spent on it and maximize the effort. For a small-plot land manager, a tractor within the 30-to 45-horsepower range can be ideal. Enter John Deere’s 2 Series Compact Tractors that range from 25 to 38 horsepower, feature a hydrostatic transmission, loader lift capacity of 1,120 pounds and can drive over decks up to 72 inches. The big green company has taken away the hassle of align splines, no more muscling or forcing into position with its iMatch Quick-Hitch that makes hooking…

2 min.

WHITETAIL FAWNS have hit the ground and that means coyotes are out looking for an easy meal. The best way to ensure that the big buck you could be hunting five years from now doesn’t get snatched up by a song dog today is to spend this time keeping your local coyote population in check, and Savage has just the tool to help with that task — its new Model 110 Apex Predator XP package rifle. The 110 Apex XP combines a Savage 110 rifle with a Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 scope that has already been pre-mounted and bore-sighted on an EGW 0 MOA rail. Simply buy a few boxes of ammo, finish dialing in the scope, and you’re ready to hunt. The Apex rifle comes with a durable Mossy Oak…