MODEST FASHION December 2016

Modest Fashion introduces the “modest” catwalks from the main fashion weeks of this area, and also includes an inspirational section named “iFash™ Ideas”: there you can find the outfits created by the best-known Western stylists which can be personalized and fit according to Modest fashion guidelines, and a section dedicated to young international brands proposing their collections in line with this style.

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That's why Rogue One, a standalone story nobody expected, sounds like perfect medicine for that wound this december. The interest of the whole world is at a high point, especially since this is the first Star Wars movie that will contain the whole plot between you entering and exiting the theater. PopCulture Magazine, not being original at all these days, treats Rogue One of course, but we console ourselves that we're doing it from a different angle than the rest. Whether our approach is different enough or not, you can check for yourselves in the #BigOnes section. On the other hand, we're proud to be among the first ones to write about the new Power Rangers movie slated for 2017. We had the luck that the author of our #CoverStory is…

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titanfall 2 I am the sequel to the futuristic FPS that came out two years ago and though it made a big impression, it simply didn’t last. My older brother had some cool revolutionary ideas, but he was lazy and greedy. I know our father, EA, was part of that, but my brother was too quick on the trigger and very, very nonproductive. Because of him, it fell on my shoulders to fulfill the too great expectations of the players, but I think I managed it well. My older brother, Titanfall, didn’t have singleplayer mode. Yes, he claimed to have one, but talking in the background while playing multiplayer mode is, if you ask me, more of an offense than a campaign. I knew that’s one of his bigger faults and I decided…

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PC PLAYERS WOULD RATHER WORK IN A FIELD THAN PLAY THE NEW CALL OF DUTY Another Call of Duty is here and again we see the love/hate magic circle of reactions ranging from „this is the best game ever“ to „well, this got boring quickly“. But this year’s release isn’t doing well with PC players. Aside from dividing the community on the base of where you bought it, Infinite Warfare gets harsh critiques for its performance (even on consoles, where the installation can last for hours) and generally that in multiplayer mode it doesn’t offer much in a year, in which we saw several great FPS games. The numbers of PC players went down and it’s clear that the era of Call of Duty on PC is over. If a high budget game…

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16 stories you must read before watching logan From all the superhero movies that come out next year, only one stands out really. Well, ok, two, if we count Spider-Man’s debut under Marvel Studios. The second one is of course the most famous Marvel mutant known as Wolverine. Next year we get his third solo movie titled simply “Logan”. The movie is also special because this will be the last time we see Hugh Jackman in the role that made him famous 16 years ago, as well as Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier. That alone guarantees a farewell party worth remembering. The movie is based on the famous storyline “Old Man Logan”, but only loosely, so you don’t need to run and read it if you’re too eager to see what the movie is about. But you can…

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the chemist by stephanie meyer what comes after vampires?

marin_m@popculture.dkThe nickname Chemist she got because of the substances she used during interrogation – a cocktail of strong, painful drug. It's no holiday if you're not under a blanket, amongst candles and the smell of pine trees, with a cup of your favorite hot drink in one and a good book in the other hand. If you were once one of the kids who waited in line for the new Twilight book, author Stephanie Meyer took care of this holiday season, too. OK, the new book by Stephanie Meyer isn’t really your typical YA novel, and critics put it easily amongst thrillers, but it’s clear which group of readers will storm the bookstores when they hear the name of the author. Twilight fans have waited for too long for the guru of…

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depeche mode the pioneers of electro sound strike back!

michel_p@popculture.dkAT THE PRESS CONFERENCE IN MILAN, THE BAND PLAYED A MINUTE LONG TEASER FOR THE ALBUM Their last tour, the Delta Machine Tour, was one of the most successful tours by any band. The tour was attended by 2,5 million fans. Depeche Mode continue their charity work. In cooperation with the Swiss watch brand Hublot, they will continue to collect money for a fund, with the goal to make drinking water accessible to everyone in the world. “Spirit” will be the 14th studio album by Depeche Mode and it was produced by James Ford (who worked with bands like Florence and the Machine and Arctic Monkeys). “We’re very proud of the energy and sound on Spirit. We’re excited to go on tour and share that with our fans worldwide”, says Gahan. Depeche Mode…