Move! 2/26/2020

Move! Is a magazine for the South African woman who wants to read about issues she can identify with. She wants to shop affordably, test recipes with ordinary ingredients and feel comfortable in asking questions. The Move! woman is determined to improve her living standard – her biggest challenge has always been limited access to relevant information. The magazine’s approach is therefore simple and practical. Most of the readers are cash-strapped, single and dependent on public transport. For the Move! woman it is important to be successful, but she does not always have the confidence to realise this ideal. Move! aims to advise, inspire and entertain her. It wants to befriend readers and form a bond characterised by trust and loyalty.

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on the bright side

DO YOU ever feel like life is testing you? Every time you fix one thing, something else breaks? Then welcome to my life. It’s been a trying two months of the New Year, and I have to say, it can be exhausting trying to keep things together. Recently I woke up to a house full of water after a plumbing mishap, which seemed to be the last straw in an already sucky year. I was having a little trouble seeing the bright side for a while, then I remembered I have a roof over my head. It might be wet at present, but it’s still a roof. I have food at home and super-supportive family and friends. And I have a job I love. So whatever life throws at me this year, I’ll…

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CALLING ALL MEN For the past two years, social media has been abuzz with an imaginary gathering called a “men’s conference”, which is apparently organised by men to avoid spoiling their partners on Valentine’s Day. While I commend the sense of humour, I think there is actually a serious need for a real men’s conference in the country. Given the high levels of femicide incidents, domestic violence, women and child abuse, and many other social ills where men are predominantly perpetrators, a conference to tackle the scourge should be established. Imagine hundreds of men under one roof discussing how they can contribute towards ending violence, alcoholism, murder and abuse? ‘THERE IS A SERIOUS NEED FOR A REAL MEN’S CONFERENCE’ Gender-based violence continues to be a thorn in the flesh of prosperity and progress, so staging…

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your opinions on facebook

Rapper Cassper Nyovest has been having a hard time hiding his feelings for Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi. In just about every one of the beauty queen’s social-media posts, he responds, and fans have outright asked him if he has a crush on her. Move! readers have their say. I have no problem with this guy but he’s beginning to annoy me where Zozi is concerned. He’s only interested in Zozi for relevance and his ego. He wants to be the guy who’s dating Miss Universe. NTANDOKATHIXO ZULU Cassper is still a small boy for our Miss Universe. BETHUEL KGOPA Mr Attention Lover – get the heck out of here. Zozi has got class. If she dates this clown she will be ruining her image. COLLEN COSPA MAKGOPA What if Zozibini likes Cassper? Let Zozibini show her maturity.…

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the fab four

NAME: Rekopantswe Stokvel LOCATION: Ga-Khunwana, North West FOUNDED: 2013 MEMBERS: 4 MEETINGS: Once a month CONTRIBUTION: R200 THE BEGINNING The Rekopantswe Stokvel was formed in 2013 and consisted of 15 members. Over time, members started pulling out, particularly when it was time to meet and contribute. Since 2017 there has only been four members, but the group couldn’t be happier. “It has been great so far, we have become so close and share things that happen in our lives with each other,” says member Martha Duiker. They love being a small group and don’t feel the need to add more members. The current members are Martha Duiker, Grace Mokoto, Mmenyana Mophulane and Masego Mogakabe. MEETINGS AND MONEY The women meet on the first Saturday of every month. At these meetings, they each contribute R200. There are times they are swamped with…

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stokvel corner

YOUR CREDIT SCORE Paying off your debt is a great (although not instantly gratifying) way of spending your stokvel payout. You could put this money into your bond repayments, pay off credit debt or settle a loan. By paying off debt, you will save on interest being added every month. Pay the account you are closest to settling first or the one with the highest interest rate. This will lower your financial burden and improve your credit score. If you want your stokvel to be featured in Move!, send us your contact details and a picture of your stokvel members to:…

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she is sa’s pride and joy

SHE’S put our country on the world map. Regal, beautiful and natural, she’s become a role model for girls and women everywhere. Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi returned home for the first time this month after being crowned – and brought the world with her. The star visited the Eastern Cape, Johannesburg and Cape Town, showing off her new crown and leaving a trail of inspired girls who now want to be like her. It hasn’t been easy being Miss Universe, she told City Press, but she wakes up and does it every day. “This is the reason I’ve decided that actually Idon’t have to do that convincingly. I just wake up and acknowledge that I’m here. The obvious initial obstacles were around the colourism and the racism I faced stepping onto the platform,…