Move! 3/4/2020

Move! Is a magazine for the South African woman who wants to read about issues she can identify with. She wants to shop affordably, test recipes with ordinary ingredients and feel comfortable in asking questions. The Move! woman is determined to improve her living standard – her biggest challenge has always been limited access to relevant information. The magazine’s approach is therefore simple and practical. Most of the readers are cash-strapped, single and dependent on public transport. For the Move! woman it is important to be successful, but she does not always have the confidence to realise this ideal. Move! aims to advise, inspire and entertain her. It wants to befriend readers and form a bond characterised by trust and loyalty.

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find your village

IT TAKES a village to raise a child, we are often told. But as I grow older, I’ve realised that we need that village through different stages of our lives. I was raised by a village. I grew up in a family home with my grandmother, mother, aunts and uncles, and all of them had a say in my upbringing. That village taught me values, love and doing the best with what little you have. Now, as a grown-up, I have a whole new kind of village I rely on. My family is one, and my friends are another. This village is the one that will give you confidence when you start doubting yourself at work. They are the ones who will pick your child up from school if you can’t. This is the…

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KILLING OF CHILDREN It was heartbreaking to read the story of the Limpopo man who senselessly killed his four children after a fallout with their mother. What adds salt to the wound is the “justification” he appears to be making – that he killed the kids to keep them safe from their “cheating and irresponsible” mother. When he kidnapped the kids, no one immediately reported the matter to the police despite it being known that the suspect is a violent man. I have no time to empathise with a killer because no matter what his reasons were, no explanation can support the brutal murder of these innocent souls. What kind of a father resorts to using his own flesh and blood as a scapegoat for whatever problems he’s going through with their mother? The million-rand question…

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your opinions on facebook

Gospel singer Hlengiwe Mhlaba was awarded an honorary doctorate in theology by the Immanuel University of Theology International. Move! readers have their say. Wow, congratulations maHlengiwe Mhlaba! You deserve it. Hallelujah. Amen. SISLINDI MADLOMO Congrats, Mam’Hlengiwe. She deserves it after the work she’s done for music in South Africa. Halala, shine, Dr Hlengiwe, shine. Glory to the King of kings, the Lord of lords. OWETHU NOPHALE Congratulations! Hope the honorary [title] will remind her to compose new songs. ZAKHELE PRAISEGOD MSWELI God’s timing is always the best. MASETE MORONGWE REFILWE ROFHIWA Congratulations, my favourite person! Gosh, I love this woman. TSHEGOFATSO RAMPURU Congratulations, mama! MAMA’TSHOLO LETSHWITI…

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dying with dignity

NAME: Sinoxolo Burial Society LOCATION: Katlehong, Joburg FORMED: 1998 MEMBERS: 1200 MEETINGS: Monthly CONTRIBUTION: R170 FORMATION Sinoxolo Burial Society decided to create a stokvel to help with burial costs because they realised that often, death happens so suddenly and it is something many of them struggled to plan or budget for. The group is made up of a mix of young and old members, male and female. MEETINGS & MONEY They meet on the first Sunday of every month and each member contributes R170. They have to meet at a hall as they are such a large group. Each member deposits the money into the group’s bank account and brings the proof of payment to the meeting. The money is deposited to ensure that they keep clean records and so that they are not at risk of being robbed of large amounts…

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stokvel corner

PAYMENT PLANS Sinoxolo Burial Society understands that sometimes there are situations beyond their members’ control that might cause them not to make their monthly contributions on time, such as job losses. They encourage their members to come forward and explain their situation. Once they know what is going on, they keep that person on their books and do not terminate their membership. When a member can afford to pay again, they have to start paying from the month they stopped contributing until they catch up. If you want your stokvel to be featured in Move!, send us your contact details and a picture of your stokvel members to:…

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queen of art

THE multi-award-winning, globally acclaimed Ndebele visual artist and SA national treasure, Dr Esther Mahlangu (84) has put Mzansi on the map once again. Gogo Esther, as she’s affectionately known, has become the first local artist to have her famous artwork displayed on a custom-made Rolls-Royce Phantom, which was unveiled recently at The Melrose Gallery. A STAR IS BORN Born in Middelburg Mpumalanga, in 1935, Gogo Esther began painting at the age of 10, learning the Ndebele cultural tradition of painting and decorating houses. “I was taught to paint by my mother and grandmother, they used their hands and I was taught to paint with the chicken feather,” Gogo Esther said in an interview with the Sunday Times. “From as far as I can remember, I followed traditions passed down from my mother and grandmother. I…