Move! 3/11/2020

Move! Is a magazine for the South African woman who wants to read about issues she can identify with. She wants to shop affordably, test recipes with ordinary ingredients and feel comfortable in asking questions. The Move! woman is determined to improve her living standard – her biggest challenge has always been limited access to relevant information. The magazine’s approach is therefore simple and practical. Most of the readers are cash-strapped, single and dependent on public transport. For the Move! woman it is important to be successful, but she does not always have the confidence to realise this ideal. Move! aims to advise, inspire and entertain her. It wants to befriend readers and form a bond characterised by trust and loyalty.

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live your life – now!

RECENTLY, my cousin, a wonderful young woman who had dreams and goals, died. A couple of weeks before she passed away, we were chilling at her house and I told her we need to plan a road trip. I’ll never forget her response: “We always plan these things and life gets in the way, and we let it.” And two weeks later, she was gone. With her passing, I’ve learnt not to let life get in the way of plans. I now get and understand what people mean when they say live your best life. I’ve learnt that making plans means making sure you fulfil them. That postponing them for “one day” might just mean it never happens. I’ve learnt to say what I mean because you might never get the chance…

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HOLD BOYS AND GIRLS EQUALLY ACCOUNTABLE I believe the reason so many men refuse to be accountable for anything and feel entitled about what a woman must do for them, is because of women. African women raise their daughters like a military operation, while letting their sons get away with almost anything. When a daughter does something wrong there will be a family meeting and she must suffer the consequences of her actions. When the son does something, they brush it off – “Oh, he’s just being a boy.” What is he learning? That he doesn’t have to be accountable for his actions. ‘WOMEN SHOULD START CHANGING CONVERSATIONS WITH THEIR SONS’ That young boy will become a man who believes he can do anything and expect to not be questioned and held accountable. He’ll go into a relationship…

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your opinions on facebook

Khumbul’ekhaya presenter Andile Gaelesiwe recently aired her frustration at never receiving awards, even though her show has millions of viewers each week. Move! readers have their say. Sister, the whole world recognises you. Why do you need an award? Helping people comes from your heart and God will reward you. PATTIE WA MOKONE KONE Life’s so unfair sometimes. She’s been working very hard to reunite families but she’s not being recognised. WELCOME NKOCIE MABASO Your time will come, sister. They may not recognise you but you’re so good at what you do. I love your interviewing skills and empathy for the people you interact with. PEARL NYAMENDE But she’s only the presenter of the show – there are also researchers, compilers, investigators, producers and so on. SY’MON OUPA MALAPANE I recognise you, my lady. We love your show. It’s…

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one another’s guardians

NAME: Guardian Angels Burial Society LOCATION: Katlehong, Johannesburg MEMBERS: 27 CONTRIBUTION: R170 MEETINGS: Monthly FORMED: 2019 THE FORMATION The Guardian Angels Burial Society is made up of a group of young mothers who were friends before they decided to start a stokvel. They thought it would be a great idea to start a burial society as they didn’t want to rely on their parents to have to take funeral policies out for them. They wanted to help one another become self-sufficient but realised that it’s not always easy to save on one’s own, so they started their stokvel to help each other financially when they or their family members pass away. THE MEETINGS The group meets on the second Saturday of every month and each member contributes R170. They usually take turns to host the meeting and it is required…

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stokvel corner

PROVIDING SUPPORT Guardian Angels Burial Society is based in Katlehong, Johannesburg, but not all its members are originally from the area and not all of them have families residing in Gauteng. So, when a member, or one of their family members, passes away the women do not only give support in terms of money that has been saved for the funeral, they also organise transport to go to wherever the funeral is going to be so that they can provide physical and moral support to one another. If you want your stokvel to be featured in Move!, send us your contact details and a picture of your stokvel members to:…

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what we’ll eat in 2050

SEAWEED ice cream, anyone? No? Well then, how about a pancake made of cricket flour? Still not up your street? Can we interest you in an edible water bubble, perhaps? Sounds weird, yet these are just a few of the goodies that could be on our plates by the year 2050 – or even sooner. And eating meat – at least, meat as we know it now – will be a thing of the past. “Our current method of growing crops to feed to animals so we can eat animals is shockingly inefficient,” says Bruce Friedrich of the Good Food Institute, a US nonprofit organisation that works to develop alternatives to meat. “By 2050, almost all meat will be plant- based or cultivated.” So what will we be eating in 30 years? Let’s…