Move! 3/25/2020

Move! Is a magazine for the South African woman who wants to read about issues she can identify with. She wants to shop affordably, test recipes with ordinary ingredients and feel comfortable in asking questions. The Move! woman is determined to improve her living standard – her biggest challenge has always been limited access to relevant information. The magazine’s approach is therefore simple and practical. Most of the readers are cash-strapped, single and dependent on public transport. For the Move! woman it is important to be successful, but she does not always have the confidence to realise this ideal. Move! aims to advise, inspire and entertain her. It wants to befriend readers and form a bond characterised by trust and loyalty.

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greet with caution

RECENTLY, at my cousin’s funeral, I looked around as people greeted one another. There were hugs and kisses and various other forms of greetings in a room full of hundreds of mourners. And all I could think about was: “OMG, if one person has the coronavirus, a lot of us are screwed.” I even asked if people are not yet taking precautions and I was told “it hasn’t arrived on our shores just yet”. Well, now it has. I know there’s been an outpouring of info out there about how to minimise the spread of this pandemic, but I would like to appeal especially to our communities to take precaution when greeting one another. I know we are preparing for funerals, traditional events and weddings. I know it’s our way of greeting, but for the next…

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frequency change

Last year we did some research with you, our wonderful readers, and you gave us so many great tips and suggestions. And we have listened to you! From next week your favourite magazine, Move!, will now only be available every second week – instead of weekly, as so many of you requested. This is because we understand that times are tough, your groceries are getting a little bit too expensive and the kids always need new school supplies. But we also know you can’t do without your Move! fix and we would like to make sure you don’t miss out anymore. So, from April, you will be able to get your favourite mag twice a month. But don’t worry, your Move! will still have the same content you love – the celebrity news, the…

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end workplace bullying

For the past few weeks, social media has been abuzz with the story of an Australian boy named Quaden Bayles, who has dwarfism, who gained global fame after his mom filmed him talking about being bullied by fellow learners. This shows that bullying exists everywhere and can start at a very early age. Another form of bullying that is not receiving the much-needed attention is one that takes place in the workplace. This behaviour is mostly perpetrated by those who abuse their power or privilege to settle personal agendas. The reason it is hardly seen as a form of bullying is that society generally believes adults cannot be bullied. This is false. Adults are people too and they also have emotions. Workplace bullying affects the wellbeing of the employees who are victims of this…

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your opinions on facebook

Couldn’t have thought of anyone better myself . . . hope she’s not speaking on behalf of these greedy suit-wearing puppets. WANDILE MWANDLA She is a genius, happy for her. BOPHELO BO BOIMA I always wanted to see more of this woman going places. She’s a good speaker. I remember her on One Day Leaders, she nailed that part. ZODWA GUMBI So, someone please balance me, asseblief? So just because Masechaba is a radio and TV personality she’s not allowed to venture into other career paths? So she must stay in the showbiz industry forever? NTANDOKATHIXO ZULU Congratulations, Masechaba, good to see my black people going up and up. CHARLIE CHARLIE…

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saving for education

NAME: Siyaphambili groupLOCATION: PietermaritzburgYEAR FORMED: 2015MEMBERS: 11CONTRIBUTION: R700MEETINGS: Monthly FORMATION This group was formed in 2015 and they named themselves Siyaphambili, meaning “going forward”. The members started this group to help each other save money for their children’s education. They also wanted to avoid the struggle of not affording school uniforms, books and fees at the beginning of each year. MONEY MATTERS The group meets on the 15th of each month, but if the 15th falls on a weekday, they meet on the Saturday of that same week so they can have enough time to discuss issues. Each member contributes R700. They take turns in hosting the monthly meetings. When it is a member’s birthday, they all contribute R1 000 each as a gift for that person and at the end of each year the group goes on holiday…

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stokvel corner

A COLLECTIVE This group advises anyone who is a member of any stokvel or thinking of joining one, to open a saving accounts for the group. This avoids a member being responsible for cash and possibly misusing it. They also suggest that all the decisions that are made concerning the stokvel must be made as a collective. Decisions should be captured so it can be referred to. If you want your stokvel to be featured in Move!, send us your contact details and a picture of your stokvel members to:…