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National Geographic Traveler October/November 2016

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editor’s note

Every journey is an adventure, a chance to embrace the unexpected, risk old assumptions, and gain new perspectives. This special issue of Traveler is dedicated to finding insight through exploration on a dawn-to-dusk-to-dawn, hour-by-hour odyssey that adds up to one ideal day on Earth. We jaunt from the laneways of Melbourne in the morning to the sun-scorched mountains of Namibia at noon to the streets that make New York shine bright at night. Along the way we go pearling in the Persian Gulf, walk the wilds of Tanzania, sip sake in Tokyo, canoe in Kerala, and twirl ’til dawn in Tel Aviv. One of the promises of travel is that perfect days are possible. Which is not to say that things don’t go wobbly on the road. But the adventurous path…

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celebrate the day of the dead in oaxaca an experience of a lifetime

There’s so much to see and do in and around the city of Oaxaca, and there’s no better time to visit than during the fascinating Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations. This time-honored holiday dates back to the ancient Aztecs and takes place the first two days of November. Festivities begin the week before and include the many ways generations of Mexicans have welcomed the souls of departed loved ones back for a visit. Families erect colorful commemorative altars adorned with sugar skulls and memorabilia. Offerings of sweet-smelling flowers, especially marigolds, are made, and favorite traditional foods, such as mole negro, pan de muerto, and tamales are served. Comparsas (parade-like processions) are alive with masks, costumes, music, and mezcal. The path to the cemetery is illuminated with lamps…

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5 a.m hawaii

Dawn Whether day breaks gently or in fiery glory, dawn is a time to look at the world anew If you dream of islands, dream of how they are at dawn, on the border between night and day, sleep and waking. Dream of them when they are cool and hushed, before heat and light chase the dream away. I learned this lesson—you could say it dawned on me—years ago. It’s been confirmed many times since, across the Pacific and around the world. It’s still dark in Honolulu as I head on a highway that takes me to the eastern side of Oahu, past black basalt boulders and blowholes, waves geysering into the air. I stop at Sandy Beach, where locals greet the new day, some of them blowing conch shells to welcome morning.…

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6 a.m paris

Rise and shine in the French capital as the Marché Bastille fills with vendors stacking their produce before the official market opening at 7 a.m. Twice a week (Thursday and Sunday) food stalls sprawl along Boulevard Richard Lenoir, piled high with crates of seasonal fruits and vegetables, baskets of eggs, stacks of cheese, bowls of olives, jars of fresh yogurt, and armloads of flowers. Appetizing aromas fill the air, from sweet breakfast crepes to pans of paella to Alsatian choucroute garnie, and you find yourself waiting for vendors to stop their preparations and ask what you’d like to sample. en.parisinfo.com…

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7 a.m san francisco

Skip the tiny hotel gym and opt for climbing San Francisco’s more than 670 stairways instead. Whether your goals include a glute-burning workout or merely spectacular views and fresh air, pick up Adah Bakalinsky’s Stairway Walks in San Francisco to help plan your uphill course. The wide and well-maintained Lyon Street steps lure fitness fanatics; 16th Avenue’s tiled stairs are a work of art; Baker Street claims the longest continuous staircase in the north-side neighborhoods; and extremists seek out Bernal Heights, with the most stairways—covering more than 50 blocks—in the notoriously hilly city.…

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8 a.m abu dhabi

Before the glitzy skyscrapers, before the oil boom, Abu Dhabi (and the rest of the United Arab Emirates) was known for natural pearls, a reputation the region hopes to recapture. On the Traditional Pearl Diving Experience with Al Mahara Diving Center, you’ll sail to Sir Bani Yas Island on a pearling dhow to learn how to find and identify pearl-filled oysters. Outfitted with snorkeling gear and a traditional basket, you’ll use a rope weighted with stones to help you descend. Whether or not you hit upon a dana (the most valuable kind), your pearl is a uniquely Emirati keepsake. divemahara.com…