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NZ Export and Trade Handbook

NZ Export and Trade Handbook 2018

The handbook is an ideal resource for any company that participates in or wishes to commence exporting or importing (or wishes to export to or import from New Zealand)

New Zealand
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time for a prep-talk

Welcome to this 2018 edition of the New Zealand Export & Trade Handbook – we trust you will find the information you are looking for within the following pages. Last year we devoted a whole chapter of the Handbook to the China market, and now this year we turn our attention to the United States – a market that holds a lot of promise for New Zealand’s exporters. It’s interesting to learn that, despite President Trump’s policy of trade protectionism and his withdrawal from the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) agreement, which resulted in the drafting of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), trade between New Zealand and the US has actually strengthened over the past 12 months. Today more than half of all Kiwi exporters are sending orders to the US.…

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the importance of trade for new zealand

It is a privilege to introduce the 2018 New Zealand Export and Trade Handbook. Trade is essential for New Zealand’s prosperity and New Zealanders’ standard of living. Overseas markets provide New Zealand businesses access to more buyers, frontier technologies and to new sources of capital. Through trade, New Zealanders are able to harness economies of scale, have a stronger incentive to innovate, and improve their productivity as a result. Trade helps create a greater number of higher-paying sustainable jobs in New Zealand. New Zealand does not currently produce, for example, computers, cars or CT scanners. We pay for these imports using the proceeds from the goods and services we export. And the more productive and prosperous New Zealand’s exporters are, the higher the quality and quantity of imports we are able to purchase. However, recent years…

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time to think outside the square

Just about every second day we learn of extreme global political issues and very often confrontational measures taking place somewhere in our targeted export markets; to the extent that one wonders what portion of these are ‘fake news’ and which are sophisticated messages and requiring of greater understanding in all respects – ethnically, technically, sophistication. While we have many proven exporters who are moving with these demands, there are implied warnings here for us all. We must keep asking ourselves the question. Are we truly in touch with our markets and meeting, or exceeding, their demands? Are we moving forward, or are we fading and going backwards? We are seeing pressure on our primary sectors with their effect on climate change. While we have done well to diversify our exports to date, so that not…

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the united states of america: rewards for those who go prepared

When Donald Trump surprised the world by winning the US Presidency race in November 2016, international business was thrown into a state of uncertainty. Would Trump’s talk about the global marketplace and free trade translate into fewer opportunities for Kiwi exporters? He wasted no time in pulling the plug on the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) agreement. Surprisingly, one year on, Kiwi business and engagement and commercial activity in North America has actually strengthened – and in some unexpected ways. According to the 2017 ExportNZ DHL Barometer, trading with the US is up significantly with more than half of Kiwi exporters sending orders to the US. Adam Bennett, NZTE trade commissioner for the US West Coast, says for many companies results are exceeding expectations. “Many of the real success stories are in sectors that are not obvious domains…

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2 international trade

According to Statistics New Zealand, this country’s exports of goods and services for the year ended June 2016 were valued at $70.9 billion. Goods exports were worth $49.3 billion, up $0.9 billion from 2015. Much of the increase was due to a rise in the value of fruit. New Zealand's two-way trade of goods and services (exports plus imports) for the year ended June 2016 was valued at $138 billion, up $5.4 billion from 2015. New Zealand provided $21.5 billion of services to overseas customers in the year ended June 2016, up $2.4 billion from June 2015. The increase was mainly driven by more spending by overseas visitors to New Zealand. Imports of goods and services for the year ended June 2016 were $67.2 billion. Goods imports were valued at $50.1 billion, up…

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the 5 c’s of   exporting

Clarity of Purpose – You need a clear vision for your product and how it will compete in an overseas market. Understand the issues of access and have a plan in place that allows you to measure and manage to ensure success. Capability – Capability is about your people (including agents), governance structures, technical ability and processes that perform in a market and keep performing. Connections – It will not be ‘what you know’ in most markets; it will be ‘who you know’. Develop good networks which will give you access to good market knowledge and distribution systems. Build a team around you of positive mentors. Cash – You will need this to visit, research, test markets, meet people, create a local network and go back and do it all again if you…