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OUT March 2019

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Eve sits in marvel at the beauty of the new being, welling her fingers over the new taut skin, watching the little mouth sing agape with the coils of sleep wringing through it. For the first time since the first time, she is abuzz with the blood of creation, with the newness of human accomplishment.Adam sits at the opposite end of the green field, watching the mother and offspring wade in a language he does not understand. He is ashamed of his delayed body, ripe with abrasions of powerlessness. He picks away at the limbs of a leaf, seething at the sorcery, everything out of reach. Man’s insurmountable vista—the beginning of what it means to not belong. ■…

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editor’s letter

Dear Reader, When I came aboard as guest editor for Out’s first women and nonbinary femmes issue, I had a mission to answer one question: What does it mean to be us today? This could only be answered by those who’ve struggled with it themselves. It’s precisely why, for the first time in this magazine’s history, this issue was built entirely by women and nonbinary femmes—from our fashion stylists, makeup artists, and hair teams to our photographers, writers, and subjects. Then there are our cover stars: activists Miss Major Griffin-Gracy and Tourmaline (f.k.a. Reina Gossett), who front our feature “The Mothers and Daughters of the Movement” (p. 59–81), celebrating and centering the Black women who’ve been fighting on the frontlines of race, class, gender, and sexuality from the 1960s to now. Stunningly…

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a brief herstory

March 11, 1979 Sylvester premiered the album Stars in San Francisco, and the day was proclaimed “Sylvester Day” in the city. March 28, 1986 Lady Gaga is born. March 1, 1996 Release of Carole S. LaFavor’s book Along the Journey River March 6, 2000 Shabnam Mausi, the first hijra elected to public office in India, takes her seat in the assembly. March 31, 2009 International Transgender Day of Visibility is founded by Rachel Crandall. March 4, 2017 Brazilian trans model Valentina Sampaio is on the cover of Vogue Paris. March 10, 2018 Tourmaline and Sasha Wortzel release the film Happy Birthday, Marsha! March 14, 2018 Politician and journalist Marielle Franco is assassinated in Brazil. March 22, 2018 Lena Waithe announced…

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ask ashley

Hi Ashley, I’m currently in a relationship and it’s turned toxic. My partner is going through a bad bout of depression, which is spurring a lot of anger directed toward me. I’ve been locked out of my apartment, left places without a ride, and walked out on countless times. For my own well-being, this relationship needs to die. But I’m having trouble finding the confidence to leave. My anxiety flares when I begin to think of leaving our apartment to find a place on my own, being single again, and not having anyone to fall asleep next to every night. Do you have any advice on how to gain the self-worth and confidence to remove myself from this toxic place? Sincerely,R. This person also lived with depression (as do I) and, at times, struggled…

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masc on masc off

AS A CHILD, MY FAVORITE STORIES were the ones where the kids deceived the adults in innocent ways. Harriet the Spy and From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler were books about children who created their own systems of value and reality—who instinctively understood that there was no spoon, that life contained greater mystery than the adults let on, or even knew about, and set out to manifest it for themselves. Maybe that’s why I liked being mistaken for a boy so much when I was young. I lived in an androgynous cocoon of overalls and scruffy Nikes, my hair a drifting afro puff with a ducktail. Shopkeepers and servers in restaurants often complimented my parents on having such a cute son. I reveled in those slippery moments; plus,…

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art house

“You’re putting your white name on my Black body and making half the profit. I did 100 percent of the work; I want to make 100 percent of the profits.” KIA LABEIJA LOVES LOOKING AT PEOPLE’S CLOSETS with her artistic eye: the colors, the textures, what the garments say about the person who hung them up. The 28-year-old artist and Overall Mother of the House of LaBeija—yes, the legendary house Crystal LaBeija founded in the 1970s that changed ball culture forever—remembers going into her grandmother’s closet as a kid and marveling at all of the gorgeous fabrics draped overhead. “A person’s space tells you a lot about who they are,” LaBeija says. “My grandmother had a big closet filled with very beautiful clothes: a lot of traditional Filipino gowns and some very…