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Parents Latina June - July 2018

Parents Latina helps you raise healthy, happy multicultural kids who are rooted in your family's heritage even as they shape America's future.

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dive in !

Every time I see my girls jump into the pool, I’m inspired by their confidence and joy. According to my 5-year-old daughter, Eva, I can do anything. I make the best banana chocolate-chip pancakes. I can draw any kind of fairy when prompted. And I can count way past 20—in two languages, no less! Yep, I can do anything. Except swim. That’s what she told me recently as I toweled her off after swim class on a recent Sunday morning. “When are you going to learn?” she asked, peering at me inquisitively through hot-pink goggles.I had enrolled my daughters in classes last June after I realized while on vacation in the D.R. that Eva was afraid of the water. Every time we went near the ocean…

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how crafty moms keep their kids busy in the summer

My son and I collect leaves to decorate objects in the house. We press the leaves inside a book for a few days and then paint them with tempera or washable paint. Once they’re dry, we can adhere them to a mirror or picture frame. Bianna Peña (@aninspiringmom), mom of Bianmarc, 3 We love painting with sidewalk-chalk paint. We either buy it or make it with cornstarch, water, and food coloring. Our driveway serves as a big canvas. Best part: cleanup! We just rinse the mess with a hose, a fun activity in itself. Karla Pámanes (@blastasticday), mom of Lennon, 5 Last year we built gnome houses near a stream so that the gnomes could play in the water. The foundation was made with rocks, and…

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sleepovers: sí or no?

NO WAY, JOSÉ! “I say no! In English and Spanish! I don’t know what goes on in other people’s homes.” Chastity Cabral; Clifton, NJ MAYBE “I’d want to meet the parents first, but it’s not an issue. Give Mami a night to sit in the tub and eat ice cream uninterrupted.” Stephanie Herrera; Lansing, IL OH, YEAH! “I grew up in a progressive household, and some of my best childhood memories were from sleepovers—staying up late to watch movies, calling in to radio stations, laughing all night.” Jacqueline Solivan; Cold Spring, NY NEVER “Now that I have a daughter, I get it. Anything can happen to your kids when they’re not under your watch.” Machell Espejo; Oakland, CA…

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how do you keep cool in the summer?

WE ASKED. YOU ANSWERED. “Some evenings, my 6-year-old son, Nivan, and I will have a water-balloon fight outside. He has so much fun—he made me buy a pack of over 2,000 balloons!” Arlene Perez; Brooklyn, NY I lie on a shaded hammock with a nice cold drink. I get five minutes of relaxation before I have to put my glass down and chase after my kids, Suri, 4, and Alana, 3! Sarah Amritt; Miami, FL When I was pregnant last summer with my now 7-month-old son, Braxton, I would freeze a washcloth and place it on the back of my neck, between my thighs, even under my armpits! Ashley Vargas; Bangor, ME My kids—Anthony, 8, and Ava, 4—get excited about running through the sprinklers.It’s low-budget,…

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sticker shock

Awaken your inner 5-year-old with these cool stickers featuring things that speak to your Latina heart: maracas, heels, and other fun designs! $3.50 each; blanktag.co ■…

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what’s in a name?

A lot. At least that’s the case for Mexican actor and dad Jaime Camil. While you may know him for his roles as Rogelio in the hit comedy Jane the Virgin and Papá in the animated film Coco , he is a descendant of a famous nobleman and has a birth name worthy of his lineage: Jaime Federico Said Camil de Saldanha da Gama. “Jaime is also my dad’s name, Federico is my maternal grandfather’s name, Said is my Egyptian name, Camil is my dad’s last name, de Saldanha da Gama is my maternal family’s last name. I’m related to explorer Vasco da Gama!” ■…