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Game & Fish East

Game & Fish East October 2019

Every month in Game & Fish, you'll discover the best hotspots throughout your region for hunting and fishing. We'll also bring you your state's latest outdoor news, plus plenty of how-to tactics and special strategies designed to make you a more successful hunter and angler.

United States
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3 min.
golden opportunity

WHERE I live in Pennsylvania, it usually comes in early October: that first deliciously crisp, skin-chilling morning that erases all doubt summer is gone for good and fall is finally here. More than any date on a calendar, it signals to me that a new hunting season has arrived. While the state’s dove and resident goose seasons have been in for a month, I think of them as mere warm-ups. They’re great reasons to don camo and go afield with a gun and high hopes, but the real action begins in October. Game & Fish readers know October spells opportunity—and lots of it. Big-game seasons are in full swing throughout the country this month. Small-game, upland bird and duck seasons overlap them. Elk, whitetails, rabbits, pheasants, mallards… take your pick. Maybe…

1 min.
game & fish

PUBLISHER Michael F. X. Cassidy EDITORIAL EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Adam Heggenstaller | Adam.Heggenstaller@outdoorsg.com EDITOR Laura Kovarik | Laura.Kovarik@outdoorsg.com REGIONAL EDITORS Dr. Todd A. Kuhn, Drew Warden, Josh Ward INTERIM REGIONAL EDITOR David F. Johnson ONLINE CONTENT EDITOR Scott Bernarde SENIOR DESIGN MANAGER Terry Jacobs GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Justin Davie, Jennifer Kiefaber PRODUCTION PRODUCTION MANAGER Jody Howard (678) 589-2021 | Jody.Howard@outdoorsg.com ADVERTISING NATIONAL ENDEMIC AD SALES Jim McConville | (440) 791-7017 | James.McConville@outdoorsg.com WESTERN REGION Hutch Looney | Hutch@HLooney.com MARINE/FISHING ADVERTISING Tim Carini | (678) 589-2027 | Tim.Carini@outdoorsg.com MIDWESTERN REGION Mark Thiffault | (720) 630-9863 | Mark.Thiffaulti@outdoorsg.com NATIONAL AD SALES ACCOUNT DIRECTOR – DETROIT OFFICE Kevin Donley | (248) 798-4458 | Kevin.Donley@outdoorsg.com NATIONAL ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – CHICAGO OFFICE Carl Benson | (312) 955-0496 | Carl.Benson@outdoorsg.com DIRECT RESPONSE AD/NON-ENDEMIC Anthony Smyth | (914) 693-8700 | Anthony@smythmedia.com PRESIDENT & CEO Jim Liberatore CHIEF…

4 min.
pick a hair

ONE OF the most frequent complaints I hear from outfitters all over the world is how often clients gut-shoot animals. I’ve long wondered if there is a specific reason for this problem; it seems too common to be coincidence. A whitetail deer cull-hunt in Texas gave me the opportunity to conduct an experiment and find the cause. Under the auspices of a scored contest, eight experienced hunters fired five shots at a 12-inch circular target with scoring rings, which was placed on top of a life-size cardboard deer target. Then they fired five shots at just the deer target. Unbeknownst to the hunters, on the back side of the deer target I’d placed another 12-inch circular target with scoring rings. Its center was positioned directly over the kill zone. All shots…

4 min.
a master plan for october

OCTOBER USHERS in dramatic changes to the landscape as temperatures drop. Fall’s beauty abounds, as the foliage is ablaze, and trees begin their annual shed. However, for many bowhunters, this time can turn ugly, as deer seemingly become rationed and frustration sets in. While often referred to as the “October lull,” don’t be fooled—now is one of the best times of the year to be settled in behind a bowstring. THE GAME CHANGES, ABRUPTLY October is a time of radical change for whitetails, too. Internal and external variables affect their disposition, things like lunar phase, weather, hunter pressure, food availability and other factors are all affecting a deer’s temperament. While most of these are directly under the control of the hunter, all are contributing factors determining when, where and how deer ultimately move. You…

1 min.
problem: staying connected

WITH HUNTING season in full swing, it also means football season is again upon us. DISH Outdoors came up with a small, portable solution for those who still want to access the big game or hate to miss the latest episode of “North American Whitetail.” The Tailgater Pro allows you to take HDTV along, whether you’re RVing, car camping, trucking or tailgating. You can mount the antenna easily on the roof of your RV or keep it mobile for all your hunting trip needs. It’s simple and easy to use and can hook up to two TVs at a time. The unit is lightweight, rugged and powered through a receiver. Included in the package are a DISH Tailgater pro antenna, 50 feet of coax cable with connectors pre-installed, a Wally receiver remote…

4 min.
truck problems and gear solutions

PROBLEM 1: NO ROOM IN THE BED As an outdoorsman, you undoubtedly have lots of stuff: guns, rods, tents, sleeping bags, cook stoves, packs and more. It’s cool having a garage that looks like a mini Cabela’s until you try to load it into the truck to take it afield. Go theAmerican route and instead of downsizing, just buy one more piece of gear to help organize and, most importantly, secure it. DECKED storage solutions is a drop-in drawer bed system made from tough roto molded polymers. Two main drawers slide for easy content access, and integrated D-Box storage containers keep smaller items together. Best of all, you can still use your pickup for its intended purpose: hauling. With a 2,000-pound capacity on top of the DECKED system, bringing your ATV as…