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Personal Defense World’s team of expert contributors is dedicated to delivering easy-to-digest content—both skills and the latest hardware. Personal Defense World offers shooters a clear and concise guide to the latest firearms and equipment–including its popular "Gun Buyer's Annual,"

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elections matter

It’s funny how some politicians these days say that we are awash in gun violence, and mass shootings are occurring more frequently. If you actually dig a little deeper into a few unbiased reports, you will find some interesting numbers. Violent crime has steadily decreased over the past decade, according to the FBI Crime Report. As for mass shootings, they have been occurring at a steady rate, about two-dozen per year, since 2006, according to a Northeastern University study. Another number to consider when thinking about the reduction in violent crimes is the increasing number of people getting their concealed-carry permits. A buried study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that a legally owned firearm prevents a violent crime from occurring as much as 6,000 times per day.…

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personal defense world

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team tactics

MY team partner, Brad, and I had just sat down at the diner and ordered a couple glasses of iced tea to cool off after a long day at the range when a large man kicked in the front door. He didn’t look happy. The man in the open doorway paused, his eyes sweeping the small room before landing on the employee behind the host's table. He walked over, kicked the table and started yelling. I stood, and so did Brad, who backed toward the wall. The room had three exits: one to a patio on our right, one across the room to the kitchen and the front door to our left. We watched as he became more agitated, and the host was leaning back in his chair, looking scared and trying to…

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kahr turns 25

IN 1994, I had been a gun writer for less than two years and had published less than a dozen articles. But I saw something at the SHOT Show in Dallas that would shape the future of concealed carry in a huge way. With the passage of the Brady Law and the Crime Bill looming (signed into law on September 13, 1994), the show was busy with dealers trying to get guns before they’d be outlawed. Sales for the moment were brisk, but no one knew what the future held. For the next 10 years or forever, as far as we knew, magazines would be limited to 10 rounds. My gloomy outlook brightened for a moment when I found a single booth in the basement of the Dallas Convention Center. I…

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on the firing line with justin moon

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO DESIGN THE K9? When I developed the K9, there really wasn’t a small 9mm out there. Everybody was talking about going down in power from the 9mm to find a gun that was truly concealable. There certainly wasn’t a .380 pistol available with the 9mm’s power. I wanted a gun with more power without having to step down for the sake of concealability. WHAT IS IT ABOUT THE K9 THAT MAKES IT STILL RELEVANT 25 YEARS LATER? The offset recoil lug was pretty significant in terms of getting a slimmer profile in the middle of the gun, where the trigger and locking lug overlap. That allowed us to get very good recoil geometry and a very low profile in terms of the bore axis being in line with the…

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ez performance

I’VE comforted the victims of violent crimes as they sobbed and tried to make sense of the attacks against them. Victims come in all shapes and sizes, but the sad reality is that the weakest people too often become the targets of an attack. Common sense suggests that a mugger or rapist looks for the easiest target, not the fit Marine who’s just returned from a deployment. Sadly, for the most vulnerable, the typical defensive handgun may be too hard to operate efficiently due to heavy slides, tough to-load magazines and substantial recoil. But Smith & Wesson developed a pistol that is a superb option for people with diminished strength. Called the M&P380 Shield EZ, the gun offers an easy-to-rack slide, a light trigger and magazines designed for easy loading. Further,…