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Philippine Tatler


Every month, Philippine Tatler takes you behind the scenes and reveals the fascinating lives and stories of influential people in business, cultural, social and sporting life of the Philippines. The ultimate arbiter of high society, taste and glamour, Philippine Tatler provides exclusive coverage of the best local and international events. The magazine provides our highly affluent and cosmopolitan readers with essential information on the finer things such as arts and culture, business, travel, trends, and food or wine.

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Tatler Philippines covers Kevin Tan Photography Artu Nepomuceno Styling Megan Manzano Grooming Johnson Estrella Katrina Razon Photography Patrick Diokno Styling Christopher Kim Styling Assistant Mira Uttamchandani Hair Marvin Braga Make-up Johnson Estrella Outfit Givenchy top and shorts, Jimmy Choo shoes Kim Jones Photography Patrick Diokno Styling Christopher Kim Styling Assistant Mira Uttamchandani Hair Jeff Valenzuela Make-up Sylvina Lopez Outfit Gucci top and skirt, Bottega Venetta shoes…

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this month on philtatler.com

COUPLE SPOTLIGHT Get to know more about the secrets of these successful couples who put their love to work. BREAKING THE GLASS CEILING From the CEO of a private equity firm to the founder of a cosmetics company, five women entrepreneurs from the Philippines are working towards making gender equality a reality. FITNESS FOCUS Experts in wellness and health share their tips on taking care of the mind and body. Find out more in exclusive interview on our website! Follow us on social media @philtatler…

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philippine tatler

TATLER ASIA Global Artistic Director JOE ZEE Editorial Director ERIC WILSON Executive Editor OLIVER GILES Editorial Director, Watches & Jewellery ANNIE DARLING Editorial Director, Dining CHARMAINE MOK Senior Fashion Editor ROSANA LAI Travel and Design Editor KISSA CASTAÑEDA Lifestyle Editor COCO MARETT Wine Editor SARAH HELLER MW Associate Editor KRISTY OR Sub Editor RICHARD LORD Editor, Generation T LEE WILLIAMSON Contributing Travel Editor JEREMY JAUNCEY TATLER PHILIPPINES Editor-in-Chief ANTON SAN DIEGO Managing Editor CHIT LIJAUCO Lifestyle and Social Editor MAURICE ARCACHE Senior Features Writer MJ JOSE Fashion Editor MONIQUE MADSEN Motoring Editor JAMES DEAKIN ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY Global Design Director PAUL RITTER Creative Director MIGUEL MARI Art Director MARIENNE HILAHAN Graphic Designer FRETZIE LOBERIANO Contributing Photographers X YZA CRUZ BACANI, PATRICK DIOKNO, MARC HENRICH GO, MON MANGILA DIGITAL Digital Editor DORYNNA UNTIVERO Creative Strategist and Generation T Editor ISABEL FRANCISCO Senior Digital Specialist FRANZ SORILLA Deputy Editorial Director, Tatler Shangliu KAREN WANG Editor-in-Chief, Tatler Singapore KISSA CASTAÑEDA Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Tatler Taiwan CAMILLE CHANG Managing…

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a new era

For more than four decades, Tatler in Asia has been synonymous with status, reflecting the evolving tastes and culture of the region’s most powerful and elite. When my family acquired this wonderful media brand here nearly 15 years ago, it was true that the somewhat outdated and restrictive notion of high society that Tatler had traditionally represented was still very much alive. But after taking the reins of the business four years ago, I quickly could see that it was beginning to change, and that a new, more inclusive view was on the horizon. In the past, people were valued only by their wealth, their business acumen, or the prominence of their families, but now a new generation of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers are doing the most amazing things and,…

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new directions

Change is the only constant thing in life. With that in mind, we proudly present a totally revamped and redesigned magazine. It took us close to a year, spending painstaking hours exchanging ideas back and forth, to bring something bolder and better to the table. As you navigate this issue, you will notice many changes—from the typography to the layout, and the flow of articles. One of the most evident changes is on the cover; we replaced the name “Philippine Tatler” to “Tatler Philippines,” emphasising the oneness of the Tatler family, while stressing the uniqueness of the country. I am very proud of the individuals whose momentous task it was to create this amazing overhaul, namely: Joe Zee, Paul Ritter, Danica Lo, Eric Wilson, and Miguel Mari. This strong creative team was…

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behind the scenes

A year in the making, Tatler’s New Asia portfolio—featuring portraits of 117 entrepreneurs, chefs, designers, artists, financiers and musicians who are redefining the future of our region—was a production unlike anything seen before in this magazine. And it began with a simple question: Who do you think should be on the cover? To introduce Tatler’s new design, the editors of our eight editions gave careful consideration to subjects who represent a broad scope of creative professions and industries, all with a focus on the future. And they found the possibilities were endless. “I didn’t think there was just one person who personifies what this new generation and the new era of Tatler should be, because it is meant to be inclusive of so much more than one characteristic,” says global artistic…