PieceWork September - October 2016

PieceWork is the only magazine for those who love all things made by hand and the history behind them. Every issue explores the life and work of traditional needleworkers, takes an in-depth look at historical needlework techniques, and gives instructions for making heirloom-quality projects of your own.

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Back by popular demand—another literary issue! This time, however, there’s a little twist: the focus is on mystery novels. The description for the issue in our 2016 Editorial Calendar reads: Odd how needlework of all kinds turns up in so many mystery novels. And odd how many needleworkers are devoted to this type of delicious escape literature. Send us stories derived from your favorites and projects that harbor clues or evoke the atmosphere of a well-told tale. Our contributors came through in spades! (And you know I’m a happy camper because I got to add some books to my ever-growing wish list.) Although I have read every one of the Nancy Drew mysteries, I had no idea there wasn’t a Carolyn Keene. I also have read all of the Ngaio Marsh mysteries, but I…

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by post

No Batteries Required Children who learn to knit really do develop practical skills (see Mary Polityka Bush’s article “No Batteries Required and Other Reasons to Teach a Child to Knit” in the March/ April 2016 issue). Even the simplest projects give great satisfaction. My daughter learned from me and has gone on to be a talented knitting instructor. She also taught all her children to complete simple squares as part of their earliest homeschooling. Here is a favorite candid photo of Joshua and Emma in 2008 taking care of needle “work.” Donata Orsborn Via email Donata, thanks so much for sharing. Corrections May/June 2016 Revised charts for Linda’s September 1981 Haapsalu Scarf to Knit are available at www.needleworktraditions.com/charts-and-illustrations. Additionally, there is a correction in the written instructions on page 38, fifth sentence under Center.…

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miniatures contest 2016

Exquisite. That really is the only appropriate word to describe the entries we received for PieceWork’ 2016 Miniatures Contest. Working on a very small scale can be challenging, but our entrants took the challenge and produced diminutive work that is extraordinary. Welcome to our announcement of the winners in this special section (pages 4 to 11). The four first-place and five second-place winning entries are shown on the following pages. First-place winners will receive $250 in products from our generous sponsors; second-place winners will receive $25 Interweave Store gift cards. The judges also selected four entries for honorable-mention awards; those winners will receive a one-year subscription to PieceWork. A slide show with close-up photographs of all thirteen winners (we included a vintage ruler in each photograph for scale), along with additional…

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inside the mitten a peek into jan brett’s adaptation of a classic ukrainian folktale

Descriptive details breathe life into a story, and Jan Brett’s books, through words and illustrations, are always pulsating with energy. One of her most popular stories, the retelling of the Ukrainian folktale, The Mitten (New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Penguin Random House, 1989), has become ageless through its captivating and endearing drawings. Jan became inspired to work on this story after learning about it from three teacher friends: Sylvia Kyle, Ruth Ann Johnson, and Rebecca Lim. They thought (quite correctly) that the snowy landscape and the animals in the story would be of interest to her. During Jan’s research, she discovered several versions of the tale, which her Ukrainian friend Oksana Piaseckyj then translated into English. In one version, instead of a lost mitten in…

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jan brett’s artwork

The World of Jan Brett is a traveling exhibition that features Jan’s original artwork from many of her children’s books. Presented by the Oshkosh Public Museum in partnership with Jan Brett, The World of Jan Brett made a stop at the Fort Collins (Colorado) Museum of Art last summer. The current exhibition schedule follows. The exhibition is an absolute treat. October–December 2016 Waupaca Area Public Library, Waupaca, Wisconsin; www.waupacalibrary.org. February–June 2017 Oshkosh Public Museum, Oshkosh, Wisconsin; www.oshkoshmuseum.org. September 2017–January 2018 Upcountry History Museum–Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina; www.upcountryhistory.org.…

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nicki’s winter mittens to knit and embroider

Just like the mittens Nicki’s Baba knits for him in Jan Brett’s The Mitten (New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Penguin Random House, 1989), these winter wool mittens could very easily get lost in the snow. Be sure to knit several pairs for your young and adventurous fans of Jan Brett’s timeless and enchanting book. One pair is decorated with colorful embroidery based on the design featured on the back cover of The Mitten. When fashioned without the embroidery, the left- and right-hand mittens are interchangeable. MATERIALS • Kraemer Natural Skeins, 100% merino wool blend yarn, worsted weight, 185 yards (169.2 m)/100 gram (3.5 oz) skein, 1 skein of #Y3002 David; www.kraemeryarns.com • Brown Sheep Waverly Wool, 100% Persian wool yarn, 3-ply, 8 yards (7.3 m)/6 gram…