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Playboy Australia

October 2019

Playboy has unveiled the latest creative evolution of the brand with its re-focused principles that are core to our philosophy and also includes more provocative pictorials. Last year, we removed explicit nudity, but from here on out, it is freedom of choice and personal expression that our fans will experience once again within the pages of the magazine. Playboy remains committed to its award-winning mix of long-form journalism, interviews and fiction and has recently brought back some of its familiar franchises, such as Playboy’s Party Jokes, Playboy Cartoons, World of Playboy, and the debut of the Heritage section. Discover what you’ve been missing and subscribe now.

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playboy australia

Editor-in-Chief Dirk Steenekamp Associate Editor Jason Fleetwood Graphic Designer Koketso Moganetsi Fashion Editor Lexie Robb Grooming Editor Greg Forbes Gaming Editor Andre Coetzer Tech Editor Peter Wolff Illustrations Toon53 Productions Motoring Editor John Page Senior Photo Editor Luba V Nel ADVERTISING SALES pieter@dhsmedia.co.za for more information PHONE: +27 10 006 0051 MAIL: PO Box 71450, Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2021 ADDRESS: First Floor Block 6 Fourways Office Park, Cnr Roos Street & Fourways Boulevard, 2191 EMAIL: info@dhsmedia.co.za WEB: www.playboymagaustralia.com FACEBOOK: facebook.com/Playboy-Australia INSTAGRAM: playboy_australia PLAYBOY ENTERPRISES, INTERNATIONAL Hugh M. Hefner, FOUNDER U.S. PLAYBOY Ben Kohn, Chief Executive Officer Cooper Hefner, Chief Creative Officer Michael Phillips, SVP, Digital Products James Rickman, Executive Editor PLAYBOY INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING Reena Patel, Chief Commercial Officer & Head of Operations Hazel Thomson, Senior Director, International Licensing…

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ANDREA DOMANICK The journalist behind this issue’s 20Q is the former West Coast editor of Noisey and has lent her byline to Rolling Stone, Spin and the Los Angeles Times. With an editorial sweet spot that lands, in her words, at “the intersection of music, culture and social justice,” Domanick was an ideal writer to sit with stratospheric country star Maren Morris for a lively discussion on gender, genres and the one thing no man should ever forget to do in the bedroom. IAN KARMEL An Emmy-nominated comedian and head writer for The Late Late Show With James Corden, Karmel is also the first ever guest editor of Playboy’s Party Jokes. (“Extremely, extremely horny” was his emotional response to the offer.) “Since it’s PLAYBOY, I thought it would be fun to have only…

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the future of sex toys is gender neutral

As a kid, I was expected to play with “girls’ toys” like dolls and horses, but I also enjoyed “boys’ toys” like race cars and action figures. As an adult, when sex toys became my playthings of choice, I found there wasn’t much wiggle room: The ones designed for my body were pink or purple, often with photos of women in sexy underwear on the package. In recent years major retailers have begun to offer gender-neutral products or to market existing ones as gender neutral. Target has removed gender-based signs from its kids’ sections, Amazon no longer uses gender filters in its toy listings, and the Disney Store has stopped labeling children’s costumes as either “boys” or “girls.” But one product category has remained stubbornly gendered: sex toys. Many adult companies…

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his & hers

In 1906. President Theodore Roosevelt signed the Pure Food and Drug Act into law. leading to the creation of the FDA. The goal was to better protect public health, but the agency would go on to disregard half the U.S. population in clinical studies for the next 87 years, until finally changing its guidelines in 1993 to encourage researchers to include both sexes. The result? Decades of medical advancements based on male bodies. Can't get it up? We have pills for that. Coming too soon? Not at all? The best scientists have been addressing men·s bedroom woes for decades. Meanwhile, women's sexual health has received a fraction of the attention, perhaps because policy makers don't understand the terminology: Mention women's sexual health and you'll likely hear more about abortion than orgasms. In…

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my sex education

THE ONLY THING MORE TERRIFYING THAN SEX-ED SCARE TACTICS IS THE WAY I TREATED MY MECHANICAL CHILD I was walking down the street not too long ago, and I overheard a full adult woman say, “I didn’t know you could get pregnant on your first try!” That’s when I realized the world desperately needs better sex education. I’m including myself in that statement. I had a mortifying moment in college when one of my friends explained how the guy she was sleeping with only wanted to do “doggy style.” I responded, “That’s crazy. He only wants to do anal?” There was silence, and one of my friends slowly asked, “So…do you think when dogs have sex they’re always doing it anally?” And I guess when you say it out loud, it sounds…

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tracey lea

Tell us something surprising about you I’m a fashion and beauty photographer. I also love to bake. Were you excited to shoot for Playboy? Yes, of course! Why did you choose to pursue a career in modelling? I absolutely love to have my photo taken. I could do it all day and night! What are some of your hobbies? Keeping fit, astrology, travelling, the theatre, cooking and being creative Turn ons? The ocean, hot destinations, delicious food and feeling strong and healthy Turn offs? Men in sandals, people who don’t floss and bad table manners Describe your perfect date. A romantic dinner in a beautiful setting, delicious food, wine and interesting company Which capital city would you like to visit and why? I would love to visit anywhere in South America and it’s pretty much the only country I haven’t been to apart from Columbia.…