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First launched in 1970, Psychologies magazine has always been about ensuring you reach your potential - focusing on what’s really important in life. Written by experts in mental health and wellbeing, Psychologies is the go-to magazine for those who want to get the perfect balance between mind and body. With thought-provoking articles that cover all aspects of life, from home and family to work and travel, Psychologies celebrates modern, confident women who want to excel in all areas of their life. Psychologies magazine is published in nine countries, including the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Russia, China, Romania and Mexico - helping thousands of women maintain a healthy mind, body and life. Written for women who want an inspiring read that gives them more than just fashion and beauty, you’ll love your digital subscription to Psychologies magazine.

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Nina Hobson Blogger Nina is founder of The Expater, a lifestyle blog for women living abroad. After residing in 10 countries, including Syria, India, Angola and Chile, she made it her mission to help women recognise their self-worth wherever they live. ‘I got fed up with people putting me into the ‘expat wife’ box and, when I saw other women being reduced to labels too, I wanted to do something about it,’ she says. On page 24, she shares her experience of envy and how to overcome it in an age fuelled by comparison on social media. Mandeep Bachu Clinical psychologist Mandeep works as a clinical psychologist in the NHS and has extensive experience in working with adults who have mental health difficulties. He has a passion for film and, from a young age, began…

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what is possible?

‘When nothing is sure, everything is possible.’ I love this quote from novelist Margaret Drabble in Heidi Scrimgeour’s brilliant piece about how to find peace in unpredictable times (page 32). ‘Place your hands on your heart, breathe deeply and tune into a dream for yourself, your loved ones, your community and the world. What feels possible now?’ asks wellness expert Eve Menezes Cunningham in the same article. A great question! This issue poses powerful questions prompting us to explore new ways of thinking and methodologies for growth. Cover star Alex Scott asks unique questions in her quest for a life she loves and, on page 42, Lauren Barber encourages us to unleash our feminine power by asking ‘what do I need?’ In our Dossier test (page 62), therapist Sally Brown asks…

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@KatieThistleton: I’m writing a new column for @PsychologiesMag all about the life lessons of our twenties – starting with comparing yourself to others and social media. Head to @_KateTownshend: Lovely feedback on my @Psychologies Mag piece this month. It’s a wonderful feeling when strangers recognise something meaningful in what you write. @button03_4: Thank you @PsychologiesMag for my #ChangeYourLife book. Now to get inspired and start making those much-needed changes. @GillH1973: Another interesting piece in @PsychologiesMag by @DrDRHamilton about the kindness hormone. Always helpful. @mylife : New collage. It’s overwhelming, messy and stuffed, just like my month with all the recent changes. It felt like each week deserved its own collage. But oh, how I still loved it. @itslouise kathryn: It’s rainy and cold today so I stayed in bed a little longer and tucked…

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OPPORTUNITY IN DISGUISE As I read ‘Toxic shock’ (November), I reflected on how I had experienced similar behaviour from bullying colleagues. The outcome was the same as your writer. In the end, I left a job I loved after three years of being worn down. I had to walk away from those toxic people and be the bigger person for my own wellbeing. That was 10 years ago and it was the best choice I could have made. I found another job, totally different from what I thought I could do, made friends and studied to become a counsellor. Thank you to the writer; learning through other people’s experiences gives hope. Lynda • Subscribe to ‘Psychologies’ for life-changing content and access to our Life Leap Club, a supportive online community with free coaching…

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photo competition

WHEN WE THINK OF wildlife photography, our thoughts drift to images of elephants, big cats and exotic species – but the UK is home to amazing wildlife. Taking the time to enjoy and photograph it is a great way to highlight and preserve local habitats. It helps me feel better in myself too. With fewer people around, I have been able to get some wonderful photos. This dragonfly stayed still for 15 minutes, allowing me to create a lovely collection of images. Amie Would you like to showcase your photographic talent in ‘Psychologies’? What moment has made you feel inspired, grateful or moved this month? Capture it and tell us why. We’ll print the winner, plus you’ll receive a free copy of our bookazine, ‘Find Your Calm’, worth £6.99. Share your…

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My best Friend, lee My mother recently passed away from cancer after eight months of illness and being in the hospice for only a week. My friend, Lee, has been a great support during what has been such a difficult time for me. Just a few days after Mum died, I received the October 2020 edition of Psychologies through my letterbox. Enclosed was a note from Lee telling me that she had ordered a subscription on my behalf! I had talked about how I hoped to subscribe to the magazine once my Covid-reduced salary was back to normal. We both love Psychologies. She said she hoped I would find some comfort in the magazine’s pages. Here I am, the day after Mum’s service, reading Psychologies, and it is most definitely helping me heal…