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First launched in 1970, Psychologies magazine has always been about ensuring you reach your potential - focusing on what’s really important in life. Written by experts in mental health and wellbeing, Psychologies is the go-to magazine for those who want to get the perfect balance between mind and body. With thought-provoking articles that cover all aspects of life, from home and family to work and travel, Psychologies celebrates modern, confident women who want to excel in all areas of their life. Psychologies magazine is published in nine countries, including the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Russia, China, Romania and Mexico - helping thousands of women maintain a healthy mind, body and life. Written for women who want an inspiring read that gives them more than just fashion and beauty, you’ll love your digital subscription to Psychologies magazine.

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Suzy Ashworth Entrepreneur, author and coach Suzy is a mother of three, entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker and quantum transformation and embodiment coach. She loves to help entrepreneurs create business breakthroughs and make a positive difference. Go to to watch her talking to Psychologies about the secret to dealing with disappointment and becoming empowered. She will be chatting to us live once a month, sharing her business and life experience and wisdom. Graysen Hall LGBTQIA+ coordinator and writer Graysen works with LGBTQIA+ youth and uses their experience as transgender and queer to give support. They have a master’s in literature and have given a TEDx talk on being non-binary in a binary world. On page 34, Graysen writes about the journey to finding their fiance. ‘I want to show young people that being LGBTQIA+ doesn’t…

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global editions

Groupe Psychologies, 2-8 rue Gaston-Rébuffat, 75019 Paris, France. Tel: 01 44 65 58 00 PSYCHOLOGIES FRANCE Editor-in-Chief: Laurence Folléa PSYCHOLOGIES ROMANIA Ringier Magazines, 6 Dimitri Pompeiu Street, Bucharest. Tel: +40 212 03 08 00. Managing Director: Mihnea Vasiliu ( Editor-in-Chief: Iuliana Alexa (iuliana. Advertising Manager: Monica Pop ( PSYCHOLOGIES BELGIUM Edition Ventures, Chaussée de Louvain 431D, 1830 Lasne. Tel: + 32 2 379 29 90 Editorial Director: Marie-Christine De Wasseige (mc.dewasseige@ventures. be) Chief Editor (French): Christiane Thiry ( Chief Editor (Flemish): Barbara Van den Abeele ( Advertising Manager: Manoëlle Sepulchre ( PSYCHOLOGIES RUSSIA Hearst Shkulev Media, Psychologies Russia, 31 b Shabolovkaya Street, Moscow 115162. Tel: +7 495 981 39 10 President: Viktor Shkulev ( Editor-in-Chief: Xsenia Kiseleva ( Publisher and Advertising Manager: Ekatarina Kerova (…

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light, dark and inner peace

‘The days are dark but they are getting lighter,’ writes Anita Chaudhuri in our Dossier, which is all about finding the best, healthiest strategies for comfort and self-care as we wait for the brighter days to come. Find out more on page 44. A sense of balance will surely help… ‘My resolution is no longer to climb a mountain or anything else that requires supreme focus, but to adopt a more balanced approach to all areas of my life,’ says Lizzie Enfield on page 22, as she discovers an imaginative way to bring herself back to centre. Two writers take month-long trips and return transformed (page 72). Planning our getaways with a renewed sense of gratitude gives us something to look forward to and hopefully we can all commit to a more…

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Star letter JOYFUL JUGGLING Thank you for the Ruby Wax interview (December 2020), in which she spoke about being proud of her son, who is into lots of different things just to experience and love them for what they are. Reading that made me emotional. I have spent my whole life feeling a little inferior that I’ve never focused on one thing and excelled. Instead, I have tried all sorts of hobbies, from learning to play different instruments, climbing, hiking, running, kayaking, languages, woodwork, painting, pottery and gardening. After reading this feature, I am going to celebrate my ability to grasp everything with enthusiasm and childlike pleasure, instead of being embarrassed by it. Corinne Share with us… Share your photos and comments on Instagram @psychologiesmagazine, or tweet us @PsychologiesMag, both using #PsychologiesMagazine @greta_solomon: I have always…

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i’d like to thank…

Annie, Danny and Tracy, My mum has been living with ill health for years and my father died young, when I was just a child. Mum lives up north, I live down south. With the challenges of life, work, children at school and pets, I haven’t been able to be there for her even half as much as I would have liked. My heaven-sent angels, Annie, Danny and Tracy, you three wonderful people have stepped in and taken care of her every need. Annie goes round to change her bed every Saturday. Danny and Tracy call in, run errands and do anything she needs, week in week out. I would like you to know that my appreciation is indescribable. I don’t know how I can possibly thank you. Sometimes, I feel embarrassed…

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the fix

“ People fight the elements, the weather, but when it’s touched you, when you let it be, you’re never the same again ”RAYNOR WINN Do you instinctively embrace winter, drawn to frosty early morning walks and snowy vistas? Or perhaps it’s your time to hibernate, wrapping up indoors with candles and hot drinks? From the slopes of Utah to Arctic Russia, in the new book, Snowbound, architectural historian William Morgan shares the sustainable dwellings of those who thrive in cold climates. He says: ‘These homes must coexist with the elements. Beauty depends upon design that is based on respect for a harsh climate.’ • ‘Snowbound: Dwelling In Winter’ by William Morgan (Princeton Architectural Press, £40) 2 in 3 WALKERS CHOOSE WATERSIDE PATHS AS THEIR PREFERRED HIKES, TESTAMENT TO THE CALMING EFFECTS OF WATER** OPEN…