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First launched in 1970, Psychologies magazine has always been about ensuring you reach your potential - focusing on what’s really important in life. Written by experts in mental health and wellbeing, Psychologies is the go-to magazine for those who want to get the perfect balance between mind and body. With thought-provoking articles that cover all aspects of life, from home and family to work and travel, Psychologies celebrates modern, confident women who want to excel in all areas of their life. Psychologies magazine is published in nine countries, including the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Russia, China, Romania and Mexico - helping thousands of women maintain a healthy mind, body and life. Written for women who want an inspiring read that gives them more than just fashion and beauty, you’ll love your digital subscription to Psychologies magazine.

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Pragya Agarwal Scientist and writer Pragya is a behavioural and data scientist, journalist and author. Her latest book is SWAY: Unravelling Unconscious Bias (Bloomsbury, £12.99). Pragya writes about a range of topics, in particular gender and racial justice and equality. A passionate campaigner for women’s rights, she is the founder of the 50 Percent Project research think tank. Pragya organised the first TEDxWoman event in the north of the UK and hosts a podcast, Outside The Boxes. In our Dossier (page 51), she explains how to stand up against discrimination. Alivia Rose Psychotherapist Before training with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), Alivia worked for an agency specialising in addiction. With 35 years of experience as a therapist, she supports individuals and groups. Alongside her private practice, Alivia presented an award-winning show for BBC Radio…

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global editions

PSYCHOLOGIES FRANCE Editor-in-Chief: Laurence Folléa PSYCHOLOGIES ROMANIA Ringier Magazines, 6 Dimitri Pompeiu Street, Bucharest. Tel: +40 212 03 08 00. Managing Director: Mihnea Vasiliu ( Editor-in-Chief: Iuliana Alexa (iuliana. Advertising Manager: Monica Pop ( PSYCHOLOGIES BELGIUM Edition Ventures Chaussée de Louvain 431D, 1830 Lasne. Tel: + 32 2 379 29 90 Editorial Director: Marie-Christine De Wasseige (mc.dewasseige@ventures. be) Chief Editor (French): Christiane Thiry ( Chief Editor (Flemish): Barbara Van den Abeele ( Advertising Manager: Manoëlle Sepulchre ( PSYCHOLOGIES RUSSIA Hearst Shkulev Media, Psychologies Russia, 31 b Shabolovkaya Street, Moscow 115162. Tel: +7 495 981 39 10 President: Viktor Shkulev ( Editor-in-Chief: Xsenia Kiseleva ( Publisher and Advertising Manager: Ekatarina Kerova ( Groupe Psychologies, 2-8 rue Gaston-Rébuffat, 75019 Paris, France. Tel: 01 44 65 58 00…

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comfort and joy

‘I learned to be the guardian of my own heart,’ writes Bianca Barton on page 22 about the emotional leap she made when her marriage broke down. This issue is dedicated to tending to our hearts and navigating difficult emotions. UKCP therapist Alivia Rose tells us how to manage overwhelming feelings on page 44. ‘Emotions need to be expressed so they can pass,’ she explains. Columnist Vee Sey agrees on page 32. ‘You can’t eat your pain away. Junk food will not fill a void and sugar does not anaesthetise pain or grief. There is no comfort in comfort eating,’ she writes. On page 18, Rachel Dobson chats to Julia Bradbury about how she used walking as a form of therapy during IVF treatment. What tools can you employ to…

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WAVES OF WELLNESS I loved your feature ‘Dive into sheer bliss’ (Spring). Diving isn’t just an exciting way enjoy ocean sea , it’s good for body and mind. It induces mindful breathing, and the rhythm of one’s breath stabilises negative feelings and calms the nervous system. Deep breathing also builds stamina, boosts the immune system and clears the mind for better focus. Additionally, diving promotes emotional health and self-awareness – it’s an incredible pastime! Thanks for the article. I can’t wait to dive again.…

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Share your photographs and comments with us on Instagram @psychologiesmagazine, or us @PsychologiesMag, using PsychologiesMagazine @SunSparks4: I’ve been eating more plant-based meals for almost a year now so I can’t wait to learn from @Ellen_Tout and her new ‘compleating’ book. @LivvyChrissie: All ready to record a podcast today for @PsychologiesMag and @UKCP_Updates talking about the wave of emotions we may experience during the pandemic and in any time of crisis. @karenarnott: Loved reading the latest @PsychologiesMag article about connecting with nature. Always thrilled to see local author @silverpebble featured. Reminder to self: go out for a walk today. @paddington_ _pooch: Oh go on, giz a biscuit! @tinaq cards: A collage for above my desk inspired by @sarahmapleart #FrontRowGetCreative, mainly from #psychologies magazine @the_expater: My article on dealing with disappointment in this month’s@psychologiesmagazine. Whether you’re coming to…

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letter of gratitude

I’d like to thank… My brilliant sister, carer And best friend, Emma I wrote this poem just to say Thank you for making me smile each day For your one-of-a-kind humour, your unique wit For bringing me to tears of laughter until my sides split For helping clear away the fog For bringing clarity For when I am feeling lost For often maintaining my sanity For being so effortlessly creative and talented For encouraging me to always aim higher For setting such a beautifully high standard For being the person who I deeply admire For being there when I need to talk For when I feel overwhelmed For making things feel so much lighter For being my sister and my best friend This poem has become a little too sentimental So I will end on this There’s not much more for me to say Except thanks very much, sis! This month’s…