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The biggest whitewater kayaking magazine in the world. If a photo speaks a thousand words, then Kayak Session is an encyclopedia. Dubbed the ‘National Geographic’ of whitewater kayaking, we collaborate with some of the best photographers and most acclaimed writers in the outdoor industry. Our photo concept is to show stunning images of kayakers in their element. This photos-first idea is coupled with a creative layout and fresh content, sure to inspire our readers with every issue. Kayak Session is the essential reading for whitewater kayakers worldwide.

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no more chasing waterfalls?

Is the search for and desire to run ever bigger and burlier waterfalls over? Or has it simply been put on pause for the moment? From the mid-90s until very recently, kayaking media has abounded with paddlers looking to push the limits, running the biggest, stoutest drops they could find. While risky, we loved witnessing this never-ending quest. For the past year or so, boat designs and paddlers’ focus seem to have evolved a bit. The trend of the moment isn’t necessarily to go bigger or faster but to take the time and play more. Instead of higher-volume creekers, or ever longer, faster boats, increasing numbers of paddlers are returning to kayaks with a slicey stern and slightly rockered bow. You could argue that Liquid Logic’s Shane Benedict and Pat Keller are primarily…

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world whitewater news

NEWS AND HAPPENINGS MALABAR RIVER FESTIVAL 2018, INDIA, JULY 18-22 Kayak Session is pleased to announce our renewed partnership with the Malabar River Festival.This year’s event, the sixth edition, will be held in Kerala from July 18-22nd, 2018. With a $20,000 cash purse, and a list of confirmed athletes including Aniol and Gerd Serrasolses, Nouria Newman, Dane Jackson, Martin Wegman, Sam Sutton, Pat Keller, Mike Dawson, Tyler Bradt, Nicole Mansfield, Bren Orton, Nick Troutman, Dave Bain, Phil Baues, and Geneviève Royer joining top Indian and Asian paddlers, the MRF is the place to be this July.The three-day event is quickly gaining notoriety and claiming a spot on the global scene.The 2018 MRF will feature boatercross, downriver, freestyle and slalom competitions. The Serrasolses will be organizing a week-long program for local youth. There…

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ARAHURA ACCESS, SOUTH ISLAND NEW ZEALAND Recently access to the Arahura River has become problematic. The current status is that the Mawhera Corporation, who administers the surrounding area as a nature reserve, is developing a management plan that will cover the access process. Jordy Searle is working with local Iwi to ensure they understand the whitewater community, our history, the importance of access to the Arahura and that kayakers can play a Kaitiaki, or guardian role; e.g. reporting wildlife sightings and letting Iwi know who is in the river corridor. Whitewater NZ is hoping to have more material progress later this year and will provide updates on the Whitewater NZ Facebook page.Thanks to Jordy and others for work on this issue and in the meantime, please be patient, there will be…

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FIRST DESCENT RIVER TOCO PORTUGAL Deep in the Portuguese mountains lies the Cavado Valley, where many tributaries rush down gradient-rich granite canyons. Sadly, a complex chain of big, old dams killed this once extraordinary river system. The right side of the Cavado River is a nature reserve called Geres. It is a popular summer destination for thousands of tourists who flock from Portugal and Spain.They come to see countless waterfalls and creeks, despite the fact that many of these creeks have been dammed and de-watered. One of the most popular spots is a combination of five waterfalls called “Cascatas Tahiti” on the Arado River. Mike Krutyansky visited in 2017 to determine if these waterwalls could be more than a scenic landscape. Unfortunately, the pools were shorter than the drops, and the…

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CITROEN EXTREME RACE, NEW ZEALAND, MARCH 2018 Citroen ’18 went down a treat. Cyclone Gita rang through earlier in the week bringing some bonus water to the region and pushing the Kawarau River to a smidge over 200 cumecs. If levels weren’t intimidating enough, there was also the five-meter high start ramp to keep nerves running high. The rapid dished out its fair share of thrills and spills: four competitors stood proudly at the prize giving drinking from soiled footwear, while Gabe Vink Wackernagel earned himself a bar tab for a valiant fight from the grasps of the punishing top pocket. Carl Whitehead failed to defend his 2017 title, losing out to Jesper Sorenson in 1st place and Shannon Mast in 2nd. Sandra Hyslop went one better than 2017 taking first…

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manik taneja & jacopo nordera - malabar river festival organizers

Kayak Session: As organizers, what is the Malabar River Fest all about? Manik Taneja: We started this festival to highlight some of the awesome rivers and terrain that Kerala has to offer. Before, we often heard that all the fun whitewater in India was limited to the Northern part of the country, near the Himalayas. The idea was to change this perception, and for locals to witness and appreciate the amazing rivers in their backyards. In short, this festival is about promoting the sport in this part of the world and getting more people involved so we have more people to paddle with. Jacopo Nordera: It’s all about having fun and discovering the amazing whitewater of this part of the world, while getting to compete in different types of races.The festival provides…