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Kayak Session Magazine KS#52 (winter 2014)

The biggest whitewater kayaking magazine in the world. If a photo speaks a thousand words, then Kayak Session is an encyclopedia. Dubbed the ‘National Geographic’ of whitewater kayaking, we collaborate with some of the best photographers and most acclaimed writers in the outdoor industry. Our photo concept is to show stunning images of kayakers in their element. This photos-first idea is coupled with a creative layout and fresh content, sure to inspire our readers with every issue. Kayak Session is the essential reading for whitewater kayakers worldwide.

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coming together

Each time we put together an issue, we do our best to gather a selection of features and news that is diverse and inspiring – the latest milestones, the next great hotspot, a bit of history to build depth in our sport and our community. Our goal is also a gathering of readership, the coming together of a virtual community in passion and support of whitewater kayaking. In this issue we bring you a profile on the Kerns, three brothers who, over a decade and across the globe, took the evolution of running hard whitewater into overdrive. Brothers who collectively impacted the world of kayaking in endless ways, including pioneering the life of traveling event rep, influencing whitewater safety standards, designing boats, probing a long list of first descents on multiple…

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As part of a Red Bull project last October, Aniol Serrasolses made the first descent of the Key Hole Waterfall on Pebble Creek in British Columbia. Aniol had to climb to the top of a mountain and drop into the canyon to paddle this magnificent drop, estimated at 30 m/99 ft. Aniol sums up his experience saying,“Key Hole is the perfect waterfall but nobody had tried it before. I’ve never been so happy doing a project. It was the hardest goal I’ve reached so far in my career.” Late summer typically brings a migration of paddlers north searching for consistent flows on big water. Here, Dane Jackson throws a huge macho move right above Phil’s Hole on the Ottawa River, Canada.…

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RECORD VIEWS FOR THE SHORT FILM OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2014 Once again we have received an amazing collection of short film submissions, which have collectively garnered nearly a million views throughout the competition. Now comes the challenging work of picking the winners! The top six finalists will be announced in early December and the top three will be selected before the turn of the New Year. Check out the exciting entries, all less than five minutes long, and keep your eye out for the lucky and talented winners at More information at EASTER CORSICA KAYAK SESSIONS – DATES SET FOR APRIL 6 -10 , 2015! Paddlers from all over the world come together to celebrate the start of the European paddling season with sunny days, legendary runs, and good times around…

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DAM PROPOSED ON THE ZAMBEZI RIVER, ZAMBIA AND ZIMBABWE The mighty rapids of the Zambezi have drawn kayakers from all over the world for the past twenty years. Some of the world’s best paddlers learned their big water skills in the deep and impressive Batoka Gorge, through which the Zambezi flows after dropping over Victoria Falls. The governments of Zambia and Zimbabwe, with private international financial backing, are proposing a dam in the lower section of the Batoka Gorge. While a definitive design plan has not been made public, available information suggests the dam would be 181 meters high, creating a 50-kilometer reservoir that would back up water to several kilometers below Victoria Falls. The reservoir would bury most of the Zambezi’s iconic big water rapids, decimate river tourism, and have…

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descents around the world

GLACIAL MELT REVEALS NEW RAPIDS ON THE CLENDENNING RIVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA In the past decade, the Glaciers of British Columbia (and all over the world) have been receding dramatically. Outside of the larger alarming consequences for the planet, the melting down of the glaciers brings both good and bad for kayakers. The Homathko is an example of the detrimental effects of glacial recession: A huge moraine lake located right above The First Act of Tragedy broke open, pouring millions of cubic meters of rocks into the canyon. After a few years, the run has still not recuperated from this event. On other runs, the melting of ice has revealed exciting new sections of river. The Clendenning is one such river. The run has been on the map for decades, due…

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GREEN RACE – NOVEMBER 1ST, 2014 – GREEN RIVER, NC, USA Every year it seems the Green Race throws something different at us. This year it was the weather. Paddlers spent the week prior in their shortie paddling tops, then Friday night all hell broke loose. Sub-freezing temperatures arrived, 30 mph winds blew, and in the wee hours of the morning the snow started to fall, leaving 4” of snow on the ground by the time the sun came up. The local emergency officials didn’t want the race to go on and the race was within moments of being canceled. There were accidents and power outages all over the southeast. One group of paddlers coming from Knoxville got stuck behind accidents from the snow that blocked I-40 coming into North Carolina.…