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The biggest whitewater kayaking magazine in the world. If a photo speaks a thousand words, then Kayak Session is an encyclopedia. Dubbed the ‘National Geographic’ of whitewater kayaking, we collaborate with some of the best photographers and most acclaimed writers in the outdoor industry. Our photo concept is to show stunning images of kayakers in their element. This photos-first idea is coupled with a creative layout and fresh content, sure to inspire our readers with every issue. Kayak Session is the essential reading for whitewater kayakers worldwide.

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2 min.
a tide of resistance

When Brutus spoke these words in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, he spoke of battle strategy, of going with the flow, moving with the current of the moment to not miss opportunity. If there is a tide in the affairs of men, then there is one even more so in the affairs of paddling. Paddlers around the globe understand the power of living in the moment, of waiting and watching river levels to hit the perfect flow, and when the river is ready, dropping everything in pursuit of a passion. “And we must take the current when it serves.” This spring, paddling communities around the world have been humbled and shocked by record flows. Evan Moore and friends venture into the Cataracts of the Kern at levels more than twice as high as…

37 min.
world white water news

NEWS AND HAPPENINGS GO-PRO KING OF THE ALPS 2017 9TH - 11TH JUNE Once again, the Passer River in South Tyrol, Italy, will host the King of the Alps Race. The KOTA will be part of the Extreme Kayak European Cup (EKEC), the first kayak race circuit in Europe. The event is proud to be one of few welcoming C1 and OC1. The format will remain the same: a marathon (6km III-IV) qualification run followed by a class V final down a 300-meter course. Since a king is nothing without trusted knights, this year another challenge has been added: A hard-core team race, the Extreme Kayak Team World Championship! Two knights brave enough will have the opportunity to paddle the mighty final section with the addition of gates. Teams will be composed…

9 min.
kern river rise of the cataracts

“I HAVE SEEN BIG WATER YEARS, I HAVE SEEN THE WORST RECORDED DROUGHT IN HISTORY, BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN A YEAR LIKE THIS. THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME YEAR.” My earliest childhood memories all involve the Kern River. Growing up the son of local paddling legend and Sierra South Paddle Sports owner Tom Moore, I was thrown into the world of whitewater practically from birth. My first strokes in a kayak were on this river. The local community has seen me grow as a person and a paddler. I am now twenty-one years old and have been paddling all around the globe, but the Kern River will always be my home. I have seen big water years, I have seen the worst recorded drought in history, but I…

23 min.
torryd trent mccrerey - knox hammack - edward muggridge

TORRYD IS FAMILY FOR ME. I HAVE BEEN THROUGH HARD TIMES AND EPIC TIMES WITH THESE GUYS, AND THEY WERE THERE WHEN I NEEDED THEM, AS I AM THERE IF THEY NEED ME KS: How did you get into kayaking? Where did you start? TM: I started boating four years ago when a friend taught me how to roll. I broke my hip in a ski accident when I was thirteen, and had been trying to find a way to get back into the outdoors for a few years. My first year of kayaking consisted of laps down Boulder Creek, my local run, and lots of time on a lake just paddling around. I was pretty bad, but thought I was pretty good and ended up getting on some stuff I shouldn’t…

13 min.
rio maranon “the grand canyon of the andes”

“FROM A MULTIDAY SELF-SUPPORT ADVENTURE TO A RAFT-SUPPORTED TRIP WITH MANY OF YOUR BEST FRIENDS, THE MARAÑÓN HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE.” The Marañón is not called the Grand Canyon of the Andes for nothing. Steep canyon walls tower over the river, where the stunning scenery, side canyons, adventurous feel, and multiple days on the water inspires comparisons with its better-known northern sibling. From the myriad of cactus plants to the pumas living on the banks of the river, the Marañón nourishes a diverse range of flora and fauna as it makes its way to the Amazon basin. Communities still exist in the neighboring mountains, making a living farming and fishing as they have done for centuries, despite potential hydro-projects that threaten the river and their way of life. In the fall of…

2 min.
marañón waterkeeper

After paddling the Marañón for the first time,Australian kayaker Ben Webb felt as though he had found his purpose: Save an amazing river from a multitude of planned large-scale hydroelectric projects. In 2014, Ben moved to Peru with the goal of connecting more people to the Marañón River to aid its protection from dams. The idea was to engage the Peruvian population and give young people an opportunity to experience the river firsthand. While many have such vague, lofty goals, Ben has turned his into reality. He created a group that called themselves ‘Remando Juntos por el Marañón’ or ‘Remando Juntos’ for short; in Spanish this means “Paddling Together for the Marañón. Many photos, videos, and paddle strokes later, members of Remando Juntos joined the Waterkeeper Alliance to create Marañón Waterkeeper,…