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The biggest whitewater kayaking magazine in the world. If a photo speaks a thousand words, then Kayak Session is an encyclopedia. Dubbed the ‘National Geographic’ of whitewater kayaking, we collaborate with some of the best photographers and most acclaimed writers in the outdoor industry. Our photo concept is to show stunning images of kayakers in their element. This photos-first idea is coupled with a creative layout and fresh content, sure to inspire our readers with every issue. Kayak Session is the essential reading for whitewater kayakers worldwide.

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the paddling culture magazine.

"Whatever the craft, as long as you have a paddle in your hand." For many years,“paddlesports” primarily meant canoeing or kayaking and the main differentiating factor was the type of water paddled: rivers, lakes, or oceans. Over the past ten years, a few new and very popular forms of paddling have appeared (or re-appeared), with stand up paddling and kayak fishing representing two of the biggest trends. But paddling culture in many different forms also goes back hundreds of years. Outrigger canoeing in the Pacific Islands and kayaking in Greenland are two of the best-known examples, and a great many ethnicities around the world have their own historical form of paddlesports. Paddling is no doubt a current affair, but today’s paddlesports and their associated events made all the richer by these deep roots…

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no gifts for christmas island

“There are developing countries and there are endangered species. The republic of Kiribati is an endangered country.” This is how Julien Blanc-Gras’ begins his book Paradise (before liquidation), which outlines the threats of sea level rise to these remote islands. Spread over more than a million square miles of ocean, Kiribati’s total landmass covers only 310 square miles. The population of the republic is 100,000, with more than half of those residents living on the capital of Tarawa Atoll. Scattered throughout the Central Pacific, the islands have long been isolated and relatively unknown. A once a week flight from Hawaii to Christmas Island (named so because it was discovered on Christmas day) has reduced the level of isolation, and the growing climatic threat has brought the entire nation out of…

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river sup surfing

Access to river waves has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, and along with that the demographic of the wave seekers has also shifted. From almost exclusively whitewater kayakers, now we see boogie boarders, SUP paddlers, and surfers exploring river waves. The world of river surfing is blowing up all around the world. One reason for this shift is that whitewater parks and waves are being built where once there was only moving water or small featureless rapids. Additionally, the Internet now makes it very easy to assess flows and wave quality with live webcams and real time flows. In terms of SUP equipment, better boards designed specifically for river waves have made it more fun and exciting, drawing more paddlers to the sport. Currently, river surfing occupies a small…

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the tidal bore of la sélune mont saint - michel ( france )

Tidal bores (mascarets in French) have always intrigued me. My first experience was in 2014, on an epic trip to India near the city of Calcutta. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience, not in the least because I was in the company of Anthony Colas, author of the book Mascaret, l’Onde Lunaire (Tidal Bore, The Lunar Swell), which thoroughly explains the tidal bore phenomenon. I couldn’t have found a better teacher; in just a few days, he managed to pass on much of his knowledge and passion to me. Back at home, I was determined to find a French mascaret and I started searching for options, places, times, tidal differences and strengths. I chose to focus on a tidal bore around the Mont Saint-Michel, in the northwest of France. Taking…

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itv sup world mag 2015 tristan boxford

SWM: Tell us about yourself and how you got involved with creating the Stand Up World Tour and the Stand Up World Series. TB: My name is Tristan Boxford, a British Citizen, but Hawaii resident. My involvement in ocean sports goes back as far as I can remember. As a passionate swimmer almost before I could even walk, I first stepped on a windsurfer at about two years old. Fast forward 13 years, and my obsession for being in the ocean was all encompassing, with my first trip to Maui as a sponsored windsurfer at 15 and turning pro upon leaving school. I kept up with my studies earning me an Honors Degree in Business and Languages, and my frequent trips to Hawaii led to me establishing myself there full time…

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sup 11 city tour paddling through history

I was born and raised in Friesland, the northern province of the Netherlands, where the Eleven Cities Tour happened close to home.Thousands of enthusiasts skated the 220 kilometers through the Eleven Cities in one day. Both the pros and the amateurs would start in the morning, 12 kilometers from my house, and had to make the finish line before midnight. Millions of people would come to Friesland to encourage the ice skaters from early morning until the late and dark hours of the night; the spectating was an entire happening in itself. My family and I would get up early and follow the updates closely by TV and radio until the time was right, and we would head towards the Eleven Cities route by ice-skate to support all our heroes.…