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The biggest whitewater kayaking magazine in the world. If a photo speaks a thousand words, then Kayak Session is an encyclopedia. Dubbed the ‘National Geographic’ of whitewater kayaking, we collaborate with some of the best photographers and most acclaimed writers in the outdoor industry. Our photo concept is to show stunning images of kayakers in their element. This photos-first idea is coupled with a creative layout and fresh content, sure to inspire our readers with every issue. Kayak Session is the essential reading for whitewater kayakers worldwide.

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sup around the world

YAP, MICRONESIA Grass skirts, stone money and western influence After a rough landing, the airplane door opens and we begin our descent down the stairs in the total darkness of the tropical night. I take a deep breath of the warm, humid air, infused with the mixture of flowers, damp earth and sweat. After immigration, two bare-chested girls in hula skirts hang beautiful leis around our necks. With only two flights arriving per week, each landing is a spectator event. Over the next several days, we explore this island oasis and the ocean surrounding it. Yap has a lush green interior dominated by palm and betel nut trees, and the coast is lined with mangroves. A protective reef surrounds the island and is home to an incredible variety and quantity of sea life,…

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the wish list

AQUADESIGN I SWAT 12’ High rigidity thanks to its construction and 8’ thickness means any paddler will love the stability, exceptional glide and tracking properties of the of the Swat SUP. The shape makes it ideal for your nautical excursions combined with incredible speed and stability and is equipped with a removable center fin. Length: 12’6 - Width: 26’’ - MateriaL: PVC droPstitCh board - thiCkness: 8’ WWW.AQUADESIGN.EU LEVEL SIX I VENUS With bright colors that match Level 6 board shorts, the Venus top is designed and paneled for complete freedom on and off the water. Perfect as a sun guard or layering piece it features UPF 50+ Sun Protection, chlorine & salt water resistance material, nylon based ultra stretch lycra and a comfortable panel fit system. WWW.LEVELSIX.COM NRS I ZEPHER INFLATABLE PFD The low-profile Zephyr Inflatable PFD…

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sup like an egyptian a family sup adventure on the nile river

The green valley of the Nile transects the African desert like a green snake through sand. It provided life for ancient Egyptian culture and religion - one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The world’s longest river, it flows through Egypt and northeast Africa for 6,853 km (4,259 m) before draining into the Mediterranean Sea. Ever since Manu and I began stand up paddling ten years ago, the historic Nile River has been in the back of our minds. Flying to Africa in February 2016 with our two daughters, we planned to paddle a lower section of the river, immersing our family in Egypt’s daily life, rich history, and timeless mythology. We were eager for the feel of traveling on our modern SUP boards along one of the world’s most…

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the wish list

HALA I HOSS 10’10” x 35” x 6” The Hoss BT is Hala’s larger do-it- all SUP with amazing stability and quick agility. Big and stable, but still has the right rocker for maneuverability. Paddlers love the versatility of Hala’s all-around boards. Great rigs for lakes, rivers, ocean and perfect for families, whitewater, raft trips, fishing, and multiple riders. A great board for all kinds of skill levels. FIN SET UP: - UNBREAKABLE FIN BOX - 8” REMOVABLE FLEX FIN - WEIGHT 32LB | 15KG WWW.HALAGEAR.COM STARBOARD I 12’0”X33” INFLATABLE ATLAS DELUXE Superior glide for an all round shape yet has a comfortable 33” width for the extra stability. • One of the best selling shapes for cruising suited to heavier riders up to 120kg. • Now available in the most robust and durable Club Technology for…

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algonquin outfitters muskoka river x

It’s 10 pm. The sun is down and the lake is dark. It’s raining. A lone canoe glides across the lake, two paddlers pulling in unison; ten strokes a side then switch. The boat slices through the water at a speed not often associated with human powered watercraft. One bay looks like the rest as the team searches for another elusive portage. Blisters on their hands have burst and refilled throughout a day of non-stop paddling and portaging. Food and water are consumed between strokes. Exhaustion has set in. Only nine more hours to go. This is the Algonquin Outfitters Muskoka River X (MRX) and it’s one of the longest single-day, expedition paddling races in the world. Racers navigate a 130 km (81 mile) loop without support. Everything they need they…

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the wish list

BIC SUP I TRACER MASTER 12’6 X 27” BIC SUP’s new TRACER series (“Touring-Racer”) excels as both a performance race board and an all-purpose touring board. Designed for riders who want speed and glide as well as comfort and stability, these new shapes are heavily influenced by the RACE-PRO series of high performance racing machines and the award-winning Wing Touring series (lauded for their stability and ease of use). The use of a Carbon-Innegra weave fabric throughout the board results in high durability as well as light weight at a great price TRACER RANGE: MASTER 12’6 X 25” – KAHUNA 12’6 X 29” – GRAND MASTER 14 X 28” - LENGTH: 12’6’’/381CM - WIDTH: 27’’/68CM - WEIGHT: 26LBS/12.0KG - VOLUME : 240L - FCS SUP TOURING 9’’ - GLASS - TECHNOLOGY: CARBON…