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Real Simple May 2019

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editor’s note

I’M SORRY,” “I’m so sorry,” “Oh geez, sorry!” I am an overapologizer. It’s a reflex, like stepping back from a hot stove or oohing at fireworks. “I’m sorry” is automatic when I bump into someone on New York City’s crowded streets and even when someone hurtles into me. Or when I walk into a conference room I’ve booked and say to the people overstaying their time: “Sorry, I believe I have this booked.” I realize these “sorries” undermine my ability to come across as confident and capable. My mom autoapologized a lot, and now I hear my young daughter do it too. That bums me out. But I’m working on it. Sometimes I can stifle it, but it’s a constant struggle. So I give myself credit when I make progress, like…

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real simple 24/7

MEET TAYLOR EISENHAUER ASSISTANT PRODUCER AT REALSIMPLE.COM Favorite item in my apartment: My postcard collection. I grab one everywhere I go, so I started making a gallery wall out of them. Dream vacation: It would involve beach-hopping across Thailand, hiking Balinese jungles, and eating my way through Singapore. Most recent purchase: Satin pillowcases—they’re a game changer for avoiding frizz. @TAYLOREISENHAUER ON INSTAGRAM 5 Plants Every Home Should Have Transform your interior into a lush indoor oasis. Read more at 40-plus Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Wrap one of these thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts in a pretty bow and watch as Mom opens it with awe. (You can thank us later.) Shop the gifts at 10 BRILLIANT SPRING CLEANING SHORTCUTS Do spring cleaning right with our tidying tricks, stain solutions, and everything else you’ve wanted to know about cleaning—all in one place. See more…

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what’s something you used to feel self-conscious about but don’t anymore?

Whether someone likes me. It only took 60 years! @M.NORM0709 #RSLOVE “TRY A DUTCH OVEN TO MAKE BAKERY-STYLE BREAD IN YOUR HOME!” @SWEETCAYENNE5 Talking too much. Now I just talk to everyone, and maybe I can brighten their day. LIZ METTILLE, TOPEKA, KANSAS My introversion. I was always told I was too quiet, and I thought it was wrong that I would rather stay home by myself. Now I appreciate my listening skills and relish the times I can be alone to recharge. @JANEOTT My age. I’m a teacher and love telling my students I’m half a century old! BONNIE BARRY, MOORE, OKLAHOMA Running errands without makeup—nobody cares! @CGTIMBY My large ears. I realized a few years ago, when I was talking to someone, that I don’t notice people’s ears. I couldn’t even tell you what my closest friends’ ears look…

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the short list

Great for Book Club Magazine editor Justine is surprised when she bumps into her childhood crush, Nick. While they’re catching up, he reveals his obsession with horoscopes—specifically the ones in her publication. When Justine begins editing the astrology column, she gets a little creative with her rewrites to sway Nick into realizing they’re meant for each other. Minnie Darke’s Star-Crossed is a charming love story with deeper points about belief and consequences. Caregiver Memoir In Ladysitting, Lorene Cary recounts her grandmother’s rich life—one that spanned a century, from the Great Migration to the election of the first black president—and her final year, at age 100, when she moved in with Cary. The author movingly portrays what it’s like caring for a loved one—bureaucratic frustrations, angry outbursts, and all—and reckons with her grandmother’s contradictions. Fantastical…

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what we love


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pretty smart

TULA GLOW & GET IT COOLING & BRIGHTENING EYE BALM Because you don’t have time to lay cold spoons over your eyes and sliced cucumbers can be slimy, try this handy stick, which soothes in seconds. Tap on the balm for an early-morning wake-up call or a 3 p.m. pick-me-up. Caffeine tightens; aloe, apple, and watermelon hydrate; and brighteners add a subtle glow. Ahhh. TO BUY: $28; ALMAY VELVET FOIL CREAM SHADOW IN PARADISE FOUND Squeeze a tiny dab onto your fingertip and swipe over lids for eye makeup that looks way more involved than it was. The cream doesn’t crease (even on oily lids), and the metallic sheen gives eyes a pretty twinkle. TO BUY: $8; OLIVE AND JUNE THE POPPY With this genius tool, your DIY manicure will look professional. Place…