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Real Simple March 2020

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editor’s note

How I Finally Got Over My Dining Room I LOVE TO COOK, but I have hosted exactly one sit-down dinner party in the past 15 years (funny how that matches the age of our kids). This year, though, I agreed to host one of the school’s “Night of 100 Dinners” fundraisers. When the email came, I mentally rattled off my usual excuses (my table’s too small, not everyone likes lasagna). But then “Party with a Purpose,” on page 108, took care of my decor and menu problems. Still, my biggie remained: What would people think of my dining room? Five years ago, when we were on vacation, my daughter Sophia saw how much fun I had playing Ms. Pac-Man at an arcade, and she whispered to her father that it would be a…

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real simple 24/7

MEET JENNA HELWIG FOOD DIRECTOR AT REAL SIMPLE Kitchen essential: A very sharp chef’s knife makes cooking a pleasure. Go-to recipe: I actually have a problem with this—my family complains that I never cook the same thing twice! Everyday uniform: Nice jeans, boots, and a blazer. @JENNAHELWIG ON INSTAGRAM 5 Household Items to Throw Out ASAP Plastic loofahs, of course, but how long have you been sleeping on your pillows? Only the dust mites know for sure. Read more at How to Have a Healthier Relationship With Your Phone Never mind the kids—do you need to cut down on screen time? These quick strategies will help you break the habit. Find them at Open and tap over this Pincode for helpful hacks. 10 FOODS THAT ARE SABOTAGING YOUR SLEEP Reconsider that last slice of pizza before bedtime and you’ll feel more energized when the alarm goes off. Get…

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your words

If I borrow my husband’s car and notice he’s low on gas, I’ll surprise him and fill the tank.JEANNE SMYTH, MILLBURY, MASSACHUSETTS #RSLOVE “SURPRISE THEM WITH COFFEE TO SHOW YOU CARE!” @C_CATCH I moved to California from Indiana on a whim when I was 18. I have called my parents every Sunday since to check in with them, and I’m almost 60 years old. I look forward to these calls as much as they do. KAREN WEAVER, MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA I end my text messages with a handwritten heart. LILI SONG, MARIETTA, GEORGIA I wake up thinking, “What can I do to make their day special?” And then I try to do it! JUDY JONES, FREDERICKSBURG, TEXAS I organize my husband’s sock drawer. One morning, I was awakened by my husband looking through his sock drawer with a flashlight.…

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“i have you now”

YEARS AGO, we had a sweet basset hound named Ramona. One day I found a lump on her back and freaked out, assuming the worst. A trip to the vet revealed it to be nothing more than a common blob of fat. Ugly, but not deadly. So I wasn’t worried when Roscoe, our rescue dachshund, developed a bump on his right thigh. This time, though, the vet visit led to a CAT scan and a grim cancer diagnosis. Surgery might buy some time but would be unable to save him. Feel free to insert a string of profanity. I know I did. Yet here we are, five months later. Roscoe remains mostly as he was—a neurotic little alien, full of quirks (he’s scared of hands) and love (he’s very attached to me) and…

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vanity revamp

1 COMB CRUSH You’ll use it to detangle, sure—but it’s stylish enough to leave on display. TO BUY: Wave Comb, $18; 2 SITTING PRETTY Scalloped metallic detailing elevates this ceramic stool. It’s great for small spaces because it easily tucks under the table. TO BUY: Cathy Terepocki Ceramic Stool, $148; 3 OUTSIDE THE BOX Nix the cardboard carton and use this acrylic-and-wood design instead. TO BUY: Tissue Dispenser, $54; 4 ROSE-GOLD STANDARD Corral makeup brushes and beauty tools in this luxe four-compartment container. TO BUY: Mirrored Divided Beauty Organizer Cup, $39; 5 ALL-IN-ONE Store your go-to jewelry on a sculptural, geometric holder. TO BUY: Umbra Prisma Jewelry Stand, $25; 6 SECRET STASH This 25-inch mirror’s base has a drawer to hide those not-so-eye-catching essentials. TO BUY: Vennesla Table Mirror, $60; 7 KEEP IT GLASSY Utility goes high-style…

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pretty smart

Sweeten Your Skin Care PLUS SEVEN OTHER BEAUTY BUYS TO SIMPLIFY YOUR ROUTINE Kiwi Botanicals Honey Melt Facial Cleansers in Brightening, Purifying, and Nourishing The buzzworthy stuff has antibacterial properties, making it a natural cleansing ingredient. Add a little water to the gel to create a light lather that washes without stripping. TO BUY: $10 each; QUICK COLOR CHECK LBK Nail Lacquers You’ll love all the shades and the vegan formula, but the true genius is the try-before-you-buy swatch. Simply pop up the little oval on the cap and place your finger beneath it. TO BUY: $7 each; at Walmart. HEALTHY FLUSH Maybelline New York Cheek Heat Gel-Cream Blush in Nude Burn This oil-free blush is petite and portable—just slip it into your bag or pocket. Dab a few dots on the apples of your cheeks for a…