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Real Simple May 2020

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things i will get to always, never, and “someday”

I CAN USUALLY COUNT on myself. I will never blow off a workout, forget to brush my teeth, or fail to make my bed. These are my bare-minimum commitments to self-care. But when I start to look at my broader life, I can see things fall into different categories. ALWAYS: • Balance my checkbook every 30 days—old-school-style, in the check register, just like my dad taught me. • My job. Easy because I love it and need it (and my boss will read this). NEVER: • Sift through the files of “important presentations” that I brought home from work two jobs ago, and that gather dust in a basket. • Read Crime and Punishment, which my husband gifted me the first year we were dating because he knew I “liked to read.” “SOMEDAY”: • Stitch up the ottoman…

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real simple 24/7

MEET HANA HONG ASSOCIATE EDITOR AT REALSIMPLE.COM Podcast of Choice: Asian Boss Girl has been a longtime favorite. Everyday Uniform: A girly dress and some chunky heels. Most-used Item in My Makeup Bag: My lips couldn’t survive a day without Smith’s Rosebud Salve—that tub comes with me everywhere. @HANAHONG42ON INSTAGRAM 26 Useful Gifts for Every Grad These trusty, practical presents will help your college grads thrive, wherever their paths may lead. Find them at “Alexa, Open Real Simple Relax” Whether you’re a beginner or advanced meditator, unlock a series of one-minute guided meditations from Stop, Breathe & Think. Just enable the skill and say, “Alexa, open Real Simple Relax.” SO MANY SPRING HAIRCUTS Pick out a new ’do for a new you with our gallery of fresh cuts to try this season. Get the looks at WATCH OUR CLEANING SHOW! Our new Instagram TV series, Spotless,…

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what travel destination makes you nostalgic for your childhood?

Anyplace you go in a station wagon. @DEBBIETHOMSS #RSLOVE “WHEN I WAS 12, WE DROVE FROM MASSACHUSETTS TO DOLLYWOOD, LISTENING TO A SINGLE CASSETTE OF DOLLY PARTON THE ENTIRE WAY. NOW, WHEN I TAKE ROAD TRIPS WITH MY KIDS, I ALWAYS ADD SOME DOLLY TO OUR PLAYLIST.” @KATHLEENFITZ Los Angeles International Airport. When I was young, we lived close by. My dad worked for Pan Am, and my sister and I spent a lot of time hanging out with him at LAX. We would lie on the hood of his car, and the planes taking off would fly right over our heads. LESLIE GUTZEIT, HIGHLAND, MICHIGAN Summers on Cape Cod. The memories are so dear to my heart that during a bike ride on the Cape, while celebrating my first anniversary with my husband, I…

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“optimism is the more helpful emotion”

SOMETHING UNEXPECTED—and, frankly, life-altering—happened when my marriage ended: I realized that I could no longer afford to be a pessimist. I could no longer allow my worst thoughts to gather twigs and ribbons, and make a permanent home in my mind. I realized that pessimism wasn’t going to get me out of bed, or get the coffee made, or pack the kids’ lunches, or do the laundry, or make any deadlines. Pessimism wasn’t going to help me or my children. And so, in a very dark time, it occurred to me that being optimistic moment by moment was a gift I could give myself. Even if whatever I’m hoping for doesn’t materialize, I am feeding my spirit in the meantime. I am not poisoning the present with worry or despair or…

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just what she wants

1 ROLE MODELS This hardcover honors some of the world’s most admired women, from Michelle Obama to Dolly Parton. TO BUY: Icons: 50 Heroines Who Shaped Contemporary Culture, $25; 2 TEATIME When she makes a cuppa with this heart-shaped strainer, she’ll think of you. TO BUY: Brass Heart Tea Strainer, $10; 3 A PRETTY SIGHT Your mom will always remember where her specs are with a monogrammed, ceramic eyeglass rest. TO BUY: Iris Catchall Tray, $31; 4 FRAGRANT FLAME Whenever she strikes a match, it will subtly perfume the air with amber, lemongrass, and citrus. TO BUY: Lemon & Oak Scented Matches, $24 for 60; 5 SCENTS OF OCCASION Give her a flower that’s always aromatic: The lavender essential oil in this vase emanates through the petals. TO BUY: Floral Lavender Diffuser, $30; 6 BUDS…

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what should i read next?

Moving Memoir Dan Mathews knew he was in for an adventure when he relocated his 78-year-old mother across the country to live with him. What he didn’t know was that her often unpredictable behavior was due to an undiagnosed disorder: schizophrenia. Like Crazy is a deeply compassionate and occasionally hilarious look at what it means to care for a parent as they enter the last phase of life. Poolside Read Plus-size Instagrammer Daphne Berg has worked hard to love herself just as she is, and it’s paid off with a devoted tribe of followers. But when her former best friend—the very one who humiliated her in high school—shows up with a favor to ask for her Cape Cod wedding, Daphne is forced to decide whether she’s ready to forgive. Jennifer Weiner’s Big Summer…