Nov/Dec 2018
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Redbook is here to to entertain, inspire, inform, and help remind you to live your “to-be” list and not just disappear into your to-do list. Redbook offers a modern mix of chiconomical beauty and fashion updates; stylish entertaining and home ideas; truthful, grounded advice about your health; sexy ways to stay close to your guy; nuanced guidance on thorny emotional issues; and frank discussions of the challenges of managing (and managing to enjoy) all the roles and responsibilities that defines your life now.

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meet our editors

There is usually no time of year that I feel more crazed—or question my decision-making more—than in the stretch between Thanksgiving Eve (“Why did I think I could host a meal for 33 without taking off work the day before?!”) and New Year’s Eve (“Why did I buy a dress that requires those stick-on boob thingies I know never, ever, ever, ever work for me?!”). But last year, things changed. My mother and aunt decided that instead of having one person make the whole T-Day meal, each family member would bring a couple of dishes. We got to enjoy all of our favorites with the effort spread around. Now skip to December 24 at 9 p.m., and here I was arriving at my parents’ house with a trunk full of gifts…

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kick back with connie

Connie Britton brings quiet strength to her characters and a lot of love to the table, onscreen and in real life—just don’t ask her to cook. “I am most definitely not the chef,” she says. “I am so not a chef that really nobody [in my family] wants me to do the turkey.” Her contribution? “You know, I’m very entertaining.” Well, that’s the understatement of the century. Connie’s soul-deep characters have served as some of the chief entertainment for millions of families’ lazy weekends and snowy afternoons. If you haven’t seen them in a while, now’s the perfect time to re-binge-watch Friday Night Lights and Nashville. And later this month, we’ll be glued to our sectionals watching her next project, Dirty John. The television series is based on the popular podcast…

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10 proven ways to feel more joyful

When good things come around, like the holiday season, people think they’ll automatically feel happy,” says Fred Bryant, Ph.D., a social psychologist at Loyola University in Chicago and coauthor of the book Savoring. “But we don’t always react to these good things in a way that maximizes their benefits.” (You might, for instance, futz around with the place settings instead of drinking in your family’s laughter, or dismiss a long-deserved promotion as just extra work.) Enter the technique psychologists call savoring, a way to fully absorb life’s wonderful moments, large and small. “Through your thoughts and behavior, you extend and intensify a good experience, extracting every morsel from it,” says Bryant. The result: not just more delightful moments but a boost in overall happiness levels as well. “Savoring gives you a…

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gift guide

Her p. 35 About as close as you can get to matching your BFF’s vibrant personality. Sequin Bucket Bag, $8, shein.com Him p. 36 If you can’t be there to keep him warm, this will. Men’s Striped Scarf, $45, gap.com Kids p. 39 Light their way (and day!) with a little motivation. Lavish Home LED Sign, $25, houzz.com Charity p. 40 One bar for your hostess = one month of clean water for a Haitian child. Hand in Hand Bar Soap, $6, ulta.com Under $25 p. 43 Hidden earphones will let your nephew warm up while he turns it up. Wireless Bluetooth Pom Pom Beanie, $24.50, pbteen.com Pets p. 44 Your pooch isn’t spoiled—just very, very loved. Petshop Ceramic Treat Jar, $28, fringestudio.com glam treats for the ladies you adore Your mom, MIL, and best friend have never hesitated to shower you with love. Now do the same for them! ARTISANAL CUTLERY Fingers crossed it’ll inspire the…

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pretty cozy

THE SCENT POWER PETALS The new floral fragrances are no wallflowers: Their bouquets are bursting with strong, intoxicating notes like jasmine, iris, and deep rose. Find it in: Narciso Eau de Parfum Rouge, $115, Bloomingdale’s THE COLOR POPPY This happy red-orange hue will brighten up gloomy days and wardrobes. In effortless statement pieces, you’ll be snuggly and glam as can be. Sweater, $285, demylee.com. Pants, $135, scotch-soda.com. Bag, $70, urbanexpressions.net (25% off with code RBKANG25). Slides, $119, talbots.com. Upgrade your basics A printed puffer looks like part of your ensemble—not just a practical afterthought—so everything from G.N.O. to your annual trip to the pumpkin patch feels like a (relaxed) runway moment. Coat, $199, bananarepublic.com (up to size XXL) THE SCENT WINTER ROSE Inspired by the slightly subversive allure of darker varieties of the classic flower (from blood red to deep maroon “black magic” roses),…

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pamper yourself—from head to toe!

HAIR A sheet mask infused with nourishers like cactus flower extract and camellia seed oil, L’Oréal Paris EverPure Intense Repair Hair Sheet Mask ($4.50, drugstores) is ideal for hair that’s been dyed and fried by hot tools. After shampooing in the shower, apply the cap and massage it to thoroughly coat each strand. Remove and rinse five minutes later to reveal smoother, stronger strands. FACE Dealing with winter skin woes like redness and dry patches? Garnier Skin-Active Moisture Bomb The Super Hydrating Sheet Mask in Soothing ($3, drugstores) to the rescue. Let its ultra-calming chamomile extract soak into your skin for 15 minutes, then massage in the excess serum afterward for lasting benefits. NECK + CHEST The thin, delicate skin below your chin is especially prone to sun damage, causing crepiness and sagging. Enter Skin…