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it’s time for a new adventure

This issue’s “Five Best Buys” feature is just what you’ve been looking for to get into the great wide open. Our experts have carefully selected the best drones for the hobbyist or the professional. If you’re documenting your vacation, we have a perfect $500 travel-ready mini-drone for the aspiring photographer. Looking for a rugged airframe with thermal imaging and 32x zoom capability for public safety work? The Parrot Anafi USA is a $7000, weather-proof, military grade drone for professional and commercial use. And we’ve also got you covered if you’re looking for something in between. “Five Best Buys” takes the guesswork out purchasing your next drone so you can get started on your next big adventure. Speaking of getting out there, RotorDrone Pro contributor Patrick Sherman attended this year’s Xponential event…

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return to home

We love hearing from our readers. Your emails, tweets, and comments let us know what you’d like to see in print and online. Here’s what some of you are saying about RotorDrone Pro. › Mailbag When the Parrot Anafi USA was announced last summer, I thought that it might be a perfect fit as a tool for my house inspection business and for my volunteer search-and-rescue work. The integrated FLIR camera and 32x zoom lens, as well as the ability to fly in windy and rainy conditions, are especially important for remote field work. I have held off on purchasing it because with a $7,000 price tag, it needed to really be worth the investment. Then I read Patrick Sherman’s review of the Anafi USA in the October/November issue of RotorDrone…

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droneresponders survey results

REVIEWS | ACCESSORIES | GEAR | TECHNOLOGY | NEWS There has been a fundamental change in the relationship between drones and public safety, according to Charles Werner — and he would know. Having spent 45 years in the fire service, he retired as the fire chief for Charlottesville, Virginia, and went on to establish and lead DRONERESPONDERS, a global alliance of emergency-response agencies with more than 1,000 member organizations worldwide. “Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen people come to a realization,” said Werner. “Drones are more than just toys. Once people see what they can do, it quickly becomes part of the normal response in an emergency. Then, when it isn’t available, people are asking, ‘Where’s the drone?’” Along with this shift have come new approaches to how drones are deployed,…

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drones and ai: sce’s aerial inspections

Drones are rapidly transforming industries like package delivery, agriculture, and even real estate. Electric utilities are no exception, and Southern California Edison is setting the pace among California’s utilities. Its drone program is maximizing the technology with its more than 200,000 annual inspections of electrical infrastructure in high-firerisk areas as part of its Wildlife Mitigation Plan. Uncrewed aerial vehicles have become irreplaceable in performing inspections of the more than 400,000 poles, transformers and lines in SCE’s high-fire-risk areas, or about 27% of its 50,000-square-mile service area. Aerial inspections in these areas are now done 75% by drones and 25% by helicopters, when just a year ago it was the exact opposite. Drones are also being deployed outside high-fire-risk areas for dam inspections, with programs planned for other SCE facilities. “Drones and helicopters…

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wibotic new chargers and transmitters

Developed for the Department of Defense, the new 300W OC-262 is a passively cooled onboard charger that will benefit operators in the oil and gas, mining, construction, marine exploration, and agriculture industries. The new OC-150 compact and lightweight onboard charger delivers 150 watts of power and up to 10A of current, depending on battery voltage. A compact transmitter, the TR-150 uses the latest highefficiency GaN transistors and is designed primarily for use with the new OC-150 onboard charger. Th new TR-300 is a compact wireless power transmitter using GaN Systems’ technology for maximum efficiency. “When it comes to power delivery for autonomous drones and mobile robots, it’s crucial to innovate with new technologies such as GaN to maximize efficiency,” said Ben Waters, CEO at WiBotic. “These new products not only push that…

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a2z drone delivery rdsx

This new commercial delivery drone uniquely addresses the most-pressing consumer safety and privacy concerns hampering residential drone delivery. The new A2Z Drone Delivery RDSX is a humancentered design that helps put package recipients at ease with the burgeoning residential drone delivery technology. This dual-payload commercial delivery UAV combines A2Z Drone Delivery’s proprietary tethered freefall delivery mechanism with a proven airframe enabling drone delivery at scale by streamlining multi-destination flights, minimizing delivery time-onstation and mitigating many of the consumer concerns with residential drone deliveries. A2Z’s tethered freefall mechanism has previously been deployed for residential drone delivery trials. Consumers obviously have several concerns about the expansion of drone delivery including the potential for injury and property damage from spinning drone rotors as well as erosion of personal privacy. A2Z’s unique tethered freefall delivery method…