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Right now New Zealand’s most spirited writers – and travellers – are scouring the hills, valleys and high streets to revisit old favourites, unearth secret treasures and explore hidden depths. Whether it’s a jaw-dropping vista, a 24-hour guide, a hometown happy place, some foodie fun, a helpful hack or a secret tip, it’s coming alive on the pages of Scout. No matter if you're parked in your armchair, navigating the web or packing your bags, Scout will take you there.

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3 min.
people we know, places they go…

In my twenties, I set offon a character-building solo trip to Spain where I’d see the country, meet the people and make memories to treasure for a lifetime. I lasted a week. Turns out my character was not enough fun for me to be around, let alone enjoyable for a beach-load of scantily-clad Scandinavian women, none of whom even noticed the sweaty lone Kiwi struggling to spit out a single “Ola”. In the years since, as a travel writer, I’ve perfected the art of going solo, but wherever possible I pounce on the chance to share a ride, a tour, a meal, a drink or an experience with friends. Be it going down the garden path or further afield, it’s about how best to extract the most pleasure out of every adventure. Scout…

10 min.
you gotta have faith

The unturned corner in question is under the rail bridge on your left if you’re driving SH1 south from Picton, and for years I hurtled past it on my way to or from other places – until a pal visiting from England (remember when that happened?) came to stay and regaled me with stories from her Kaikōura stopover. “And then the bus driver said, ‘Climb aboard, my little mermaids,’” she laughed. “Me and my 86-year-old cousin in wetsuits after swimming with the dolphins! Can you imagine?” Swimming with dolphins? Yes, I had imagined it. Many times. I just didn’t know you could do it in Kaikōura. But turn that corner off the highway and it’s a whole new world. First, there’s the compact main street, with its shops and cafés and council building…

1 min.
hidden gem

West Coast, South Island. Drive 10 minutes out of Greymouth, hang a left towards Shantytown and tucked down a leafy driveway you’ll find Garth Wilson Jade. Garth’s of Ngāti Māhaki and Ngāti Waewae descent, and his ancestors were the original pounamu traders in these parts, which means he’s able to collect all his own stone from the local rivers and mountains, plus you can often catch him here carving, while you admire the pieces in his studio. There are a few myths about buying and giving pounamu, so here’s the gen: it doesn’t matter who pays for it, but traditionally it should never be given cold. I bought a simple pendant when I happened on this hidden gem, and Garth’s wife Jo warmed it between her palms before putting it around my…

6 min.
a fish out of water

“Go east,” they said. “Go write a story about a beach.” I threw on some Issey Miyake Pleats Please clothes (comfort, you understand) and bought a flash dusky-pink suitcase specially for the trip. My friend, photographer Sally Tagg, and I jumped into her car in Auckland and only two-and-a-half hours later, we were in, well, paradise actually. The Coromandel Peninsula used to be tricky to get to if the winds were high or there was flooding, but with the construction of the Kopu-Hikuai Road and a few adorable one-way bridges, it was a breeze to arrive at our destination, Tairua (translation: “two tides”). First stop was the much-loved Old Mill Café, right next to the marina. Here, we were greeted with smoked-fish pie, a giant fruit strudel, smiles and hugs from…

4 min.
my happy place

Anywhere you go here is beautiful — the whole coastline. Whenever I’m driving to Tauranga, I stop in the Kaimais to get fresh water from the spring at the top. I’ve never tasted any water as fresh or as good as that. Then you see Mauao, the Mount, and you know you’re almost there. I always have to go straight to my nan’s house. She lives right up on Maungatawa Hill and from her whare beside Tamapahore Marae, you can see the Mount, all of Tauranga Moana. It’s incredible. Anywhere you go here is going to be beautiful – the whole coastline. The only ugly thing is the highway, and all those new subdivisions – but I’ll always love it regardless. Home will always be home. If you’re a visitor, you have to go…

8 min.
wheels on fire

There is no awesome, but there is wehi nā!" It’s a proven fact that going on holiday with your girlfriends burns more calories than any other type of adventure. It’s the laughter that does it. Mostly, I travel with my husband and we have a brilliant time, but for reasons I can’t explain, it’s only half as funny. So when my friend Joanna Paul suggested we hit the Central Otago Rail Trail with a pal of hers and perhaps a pal of mine, I knew I’d be able to eat all the pies and pastries my heart desired because we’d be exercising our jaws, throats, stomachs and (obviously) pelvic floor muscles even more strenuously than our cycling ones. It has to be said that the laughter was a bit slow to start, when…