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April 2020

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rants & raves

DARREN SCOTT EDITOR RAVES Revisiting Star Trek: The Original Series in its updated, remastered Blu-ray glory. Phwoar! If you enjoyed Star Trek: Picard – and if not, why not? – pick up the prequel novel, The Last Best Hope by Una McCormack, to learn more about the backstory and Romulus. RANTS Enough with the spoilers on social media. You really don’t need to post something you know you wouldn’t want to read. IAN BERRIMAN DEPUTY EDITOR RAVES Very excited about watching “The Faceless Ones”, a Who story I shamelessly ripped off in some teenage fan fiction, also featuring the Cybermen and Frobisher the penguin. Delighted Saul Bass’s ant-attack horror Phase IV is coming to Blu-ray (on 6 April). RANTS Bit annoyed that the best Record Store Day release is US-only: Addams Family star Ted Cassidy’s 1965 novelty single “The Lurch”! JONATHAN COATES…

1 min.
captain’s log

I suppose Mother warned you about women like me? Things do seem pretty smegging great in the world of sci-fi right now – we’re getting (almost) everything we want in some format or another, and some of the most-loved film and TV franchises are enjoying new leases of life. Whether you like them or not is another matter, but that’s a debate for an entirely different platform altogether. So it just feels right – and long overdue – to welcome back another much-loved “fam” to our screens and, of course, to the pages of SFX – given that we know you love Red Dwarf so much! But what exactly is going on with this feature-length episode? Is this the much-discussed Red Dwarf movie? Well, these are questions best answered by one of…

1 min.
first contact

CARRY ON DOCTOR Glen Harrison, email Although the revelations contained within Doctor Who’s “The Timeless Children” are mostly a retcon, it could be argued that Chibnall has bravely bitten the bullet and tied up some glaring loose ends that previous Who producers and showrunners had simply ignored – “The Brain of Morbius” in particular (yep, I noticed the clip from that story) and the hints about the Doctor’s past in “Silver Nemesis”. I’m guessing this means that Richard E Grant’s Doctor in “Scream Of The Shalka” and Big Finish’s various alternative Doctors in the Unbound series can also be considered canon now, explained as being some of the (who knows how many) pre-Hartnell incarnations. SFX Haven’t you heard? There’s a 20,000 CD box set on the way, called Doctor Who: The How…

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Future PLC, Quay House, The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA Editor Darren Scott (DS) darren.scott@futurenet.com Deputy Editor Ian Berriman (IB) ian.berriman@futurenet.com Art Editor Jonathan Coates jonathan.coates@futurenet.com Production Editor Ed Ricketts ed.ricketts@futurenet.com Editor-at-large Nick Setchfield (NS) US Editor Tara Bennett (TB) Contributors Sam Ashurst, Jim Blakey, Jonathan Blum, Saxon Bullock, Sarah Dobbs, Penny Dreadful, Rhian Drinkwater, Richard Edwards, Jordan Farley, Rosie Fletcher, Dave Golder, James Goss, David Grove, Stephen Jewell (SJ), Catherine Kirkpatrick, Miriam McDonald, Alistair McGown, Jayne Nelson, Tanavi Patel (TP), Eddie Robson, Will Salmon, Mark Smith, Jamie Tabberer (JT), Oscar Taylor-Kent, Andrew-Mark Thompson, James White, Jonathan Wright Film Group, London Group Editor-in-Chief Jane Crowther Deputy Editor Matt Maytum Art Editor Mike Brennan Reviews Editor Matthew Leyland News Editor Jordan Farley Production Editor Erlingur Einarsson Cover images Red Dwarf portraits by Des Willie © UKTV MEDIA LTD MMXX Photography Olly Curtis Printed in the UK by William Gibbons &…

4 min.
the life aquatic

SCI-FACT! Neasa Hardiman has also directed Marvel TV shows, including episodes of Jessica Jones and Inhumans. “WE IMAGINE OURSELVES AS separate to our fellow creatures at our peril,” says writer and director Neasa Hardiman. “We’re just one among many.” Sea Fever, Hardiman’s debut feature film, is a “first contact” tale with a twist: part ecohorror, part rumination on the power of the unknown. Off the western coast of Ireland, the crew of a trawler encounter a deadly entity beyond their understanding. But as alien as the vast, parasitic organism appears, it’s very much terrestrial, a previously undiscovered inhabitant of the deep. Hermione Corfield’s young marine biology student is aboard the fishing vessel and determined to find answers – while staying alive. “I was trying to find that sweet spot in cinema where you…

2 min.
red alert

SCI-FACT! The Fantastic Four were originally based in the fictional Central City, not New York. TIME OF HEROES After the success of Marvel: The Golden Age 1939-1949, it was inevitable that The Folio Society would follow up its lavish collectors’ book with the greatest superhero stories of the ’60s. Marvel: The Silver Age 1960-1970 comes packaged in a luxury presentation box, with a digitally signed art print and meticulous facsimile of The Fantastic Four issue one. The hardback book contains the defining stories of over 30 Marvel heroes. The Folio Society production of Marvel: The Silver Age 1960-1970, with introduction by Roy Thomas and preface by Michael Moorcock, and original artwork by Paolo Rivera and Ian Jepson, is available exclusively from foliosociety.com. CONSOLE YOURSELF It’s possible that Hero Collector’s Doctor Who Figurine Collection might outlast…