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Showdetails is the leader magazine that zooms in on the runway, providing the very first look at the details that ‘make difference’ in the women’s and men’s clothing and accessories collections. Lines, materials, fabrics, prints, accessories, lace, embroidery, passementerie, cuts buttons, zips, appliqués and every details from the looks fresh off the runway – seen up close with the best quality available on the market!!!.

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women collections s/s 2019

“In times like this, escape is the only way to stay alive and continue to dream.” So wrote French philosopher and ethologist Henri Laborit in his 1976 essay ‘Éloge de la fuite’. That too was a tumultuous decade with great social upheaval, but the truth is that people have always had a desire to be elsewhere, and especially so in tough times. Over 40 years later, the reasons to escape remain the same although Laborit points out that we escape to move forward, not back. And naturally we like to escape to paradises or mystical places in order to fill the void in our day-to-day lives and make up for what is lacking or, perhaps just to get away from it all. Designers are also escaping or, at least, their…

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It is easier to think of escape in summer than in winter. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises and exotic destinations that leave an impression on designs, colours and embellishments. And you need go no further than the Italian Mediterranean, for example, where Joseph Altuzarra’s family has a house, and from which the designer drew inspiration for his new collection. He gave the looks a spirit of sensual relaxation made up of bold colours, splits and necklines on clothes worn over matching bikinis, and shells hanging from rope belts and fishnets paired with crocheted dresses. The escape can even be fake, like the one enjoyed by Chanel’s girls, who had a tropical beach reconstructed for them inside the Grand Palais, complete with waves lapping against their bare feet. A touch of nostalgia provided ’80s…

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In European capitals in the late ’70s and early ’80s, venues were opening that would become legendary clubs, which were perhaps shortlived but intense while they lasted. Part disco and part nightclub, they were places that not only affected the musical and social scene of the period but even the fashions and habits as glittering extravagance, decadence and sexual openness were celebrated. Clubs like Le Palace in Paris, which from ’78 to ’83 was the city’s hottest venue, teaming Parisian chic with underground culture. Alessandro Michele drew on all this for his latest collection for Gucci, choosing the French capital and Le Palace itself as the backdrop for couture dresses with voluminous shoulders and/or sleeves, draping, plissé, frills, sequins, glitter and ostrich feathers, often all at once. Rather than focus on a…

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male feminine

The fact that many shows are now co-ed could be one of the reasons that so many women’s collections tend to start looking like the men’s, with tailoring being the glue sticking the two genders together. But the truth is that trouser suits still have a certain effect when worn by women, while blazers or overcoats have an elegant and sensual appeal and can even sculpt the body if they are solid and sharply shaped. Like the ones created by Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga, whose coats were moulded with high-tech computer processing. Then came the idea of the smart tailored suit being as comfortable as a tracksuit: the jacket becomes the shirt and soft trousers are made to match. Playing with contrasts, emphasising masculine pieces with feathers, sequins, fringes, floral motifs and…

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collezioni donna p/e 2019

“In tempi come questi la fuga è l’unico mezzo per mantenersi vivi e continuare a sognare”. Lo scriveva il filosofo ed etologo francese Henri Laborit nel suo ‘Elogio della fuga’ ed era il 1976. Non erano tempi tranquilli nemmeno quelli, densi di tumulti e disordini sociali un po’ ovunque ma la verità è che il desiderio di altrove ha sempre accompagnato l’individuo, a maggior ragione in periodi di forti crisi. Dopo più di 40 anni, le ragioni per una fuga ci sono tutte, anche se sempre Laborit ricorda che si fugge per avanzare, non per indietreggiare. E naturalmente si fugge verso paradisi o luoghi mistici o che soddisfano quei desideri inappagati della vita quotidiana, legati all’abitudine, alla mancanza o, al contrario, alla sazietà. Così pure i designer fuggono, o meglio,…

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Viene più facile pensare alla fuga estiva piuttosto che a quella invernale; albe o tramonti infuocati, mete esotiche che s’imprimono con motivi, colori e gioielli sugli abiti. E, senza andare troppo lontano, scegliere il Mediterraneo, l’Italia per esempio, dove la famiglia di Joseph Altuzarra ha una casa, e che lo stilista prende ad ispirazione per la sua nuova collezione. Il designer infonde ai look uno spirito di sensuale relax fatto di colori vivaci, di spacchi e scolli, per capi portati con bikini coordinati, e di applicazioni di gusci su cinte in corda e reti che si abbinano ad abiti crochet. Potrebbe anche essere una fuga fittizia quella della ragazza di Chanel, magari verso una spiaggia tropicale ricostruita al Grand Palais, con tanto di onde che lambiscono i piedi nudi. Per gli attacchi…