Singapore Tatler Weddings Nov 2016

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form and function

SHANGLIU TATLER DESIGN FLAIR CARINA LAU’S GLAMOROUS SENSE OF STYLE is showcased on the cover of the Fashion Issue. The actress and philanthropist talks about life as one of China’s most recognisable faces, her favourite fashion brands, and the causes that are close to her heart. Elsewhere, Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa shares his love of shapes and his unique creative philosophy. THAILAND TATLER FASHION FORWARD Eight of Thailand’s most followed style influencers grace the cover. Ploypayap Srikarnchana, Ploychompoo Umpujh, Pimpisa Chirathivat, Boonyapha Bencharongkul, Nathaporn Donavanik, Parama Raiva, Pitcha Thanalongkorn and Paipannee Techanarong describe their favourite looks and fashion designers. INDONESIA TATLER TASTING NOTES In the Food Issue, chef Farah Quinn tells how her success has opened the doors for other women to pursue their interests. She reveals her plans to launch a line of food products and…

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the inner circle

IT’S FINALLY BEEN UNVEILED— this year’s Singapore Tatler Fashion Hall of Fame inductees are the vibrant Rosalynn Tay, the statuesque Karen Ong-Tan, and the sensuous Ho Ching Lin. Congratulations, you join the glamorous guild of men and women who are acknowledged and recognised by high society as some of Singapore’s best dressed. The announcement of every year’s inductees is the joyful end point to what is an annually intense and stressful month at Tatler Towers. Those who follow us know we revealed a small peek into this process on our Instagram account last year. Other than the Tatler Ball award selections, this is the only meeting in our office where rank and file hold no consequence and the kid gloves are off; everyone is on equal ground to propose, defend and…

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glam squad

IT WAS A SUNDAY MORNING. ION Orchard was so still at 8am, we swore we could hear a pin if it dropped. Mall lights were scarce. The escalators haven’t been powered yet. But no matter—this crew of eight was fuelled up on hot coffee and mini croissants, thanks to our gracious hosts at Dior. As Ho Ching Lin, one of the inductees for this year’s Singapore Tatler Fashion Hall of Fame, sat down for hair and make-up, she told us about her long night at a ball the evening before. We couldn’t tell. She greeted everyone with the same bubbliness most of us would after an energy bar. “Good morning, gorgeous!” hair and make-up expert GregO reverberated with air kisses. The glitter and glamour were officially underway. The photo shoot continued two days…

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GRACE MA The features and lifestyle journalist finds out how luxury purchases take on new significance in making a difference to communities around the world in Shop it Forward ( p.70 ) What’s the worst holiday you’ve ever had? An impromptu trip to Paris as a student. No cute hunks, the Christmas party decor was for Halloween, and my overcoat was stolen. What’s your happiest memory? Discovering at age 17 that I could take apart a clock and put it back together again. What’s your worst habit? Leaving shower gel caps open after use. It drives my husband nuts. DESMOND LIM With a keen sense of design and innate ability to story-tell, Desmond styles this year’s Singapore Tatler Fashion Hall of Fame inductees on the cover What’s your worst New Year resolution ever made? That I would stop buying shoes altogether. What’s…

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would you wear the same outfit twice?

YES SHARON HENG It is completely appropriate to repeat an outfit. Fashion should be timeless and effortless, but a “wear-it-once” approach is the antithesis of that. Besides, repeating an outfit doesn’t have to be boring because you can easily jazz it up with different accessories for a new spin each time. I’m also a sentimental person, so certain pieces of clothing I own are linked to personal memories I’ve made while wearing them. When you see clothes as highly disposable items, you lose the chance to form fond memories with a beautiful or unique piece. On a larger scale, being open to repeating outfits is a practical and eco-conscious decision that could help reduce the pressure on fashion brands and garment factories to come up with fresh, new fashion pieces regularly. Besides, if the…

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the beat of life

IN THE EARLY 1800S, A FRENCH woman’s call for her doctor René Laënnec to use a more modest method of listening to her heartbeat led to him inventing the stethoscope. Today, the medical instrument is vital in picking up abnormal heart and breathing rates, possible symptoms of a more serious problem like heart disease. Locally, the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) fights to prevent and treat such cardiovascular diseases with programmes and research on new medicines and ways to care for its patients. To help fund these, it debuted the Heart to Heart Gala last year. This year’s edition on April 15 at Conrad Centennial Singapore will treat guests to an evening where all five senses are tickled. Its theme, the Enchanted Forest, draws parallels between nature and a beating heart.…