Southern Cast Iron Cook: Real Food Every Day - October 2018

From skillet suppers to classic sides, Dutch oven dinners to mouthwatering pies, Southern Cast Iron delivers the beloved flavors of classic home cooking. Southern Cast Iron highlights unique collectibles, shares tips for caring for your favorite pans, and gives in-depth stories of collectors, chefs, and foundries. Take a look inside the world of cast-iron cooking and history. Beautifully photographed and printed on high-quality paper, it’s a magazine to share with friends and family, and return to each time you pull your favorite skillet out of the cupboard.

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from the editor

AS THE HOLIDAYS APPROACH, I begin to dream in menus, subconsciously putting together endless ways I want to enjoy the season with my family and friends. In my house, cooking together on Christmas Day is the main event. There’s nothing more comforting than stirring a pot of something amazing and sipping wine with my family close by while festive tunes play in the background. The recipes in this issue have me more excited than ever about the holidays. The Meze Night menu on page 59 is a super casual way to host a fun gathering. (Trust me, holiday parties don’t have to be fancy.) For another easy way to entertain, look no further than the Peppered Beef Tenderloin on page 37. With this recipe, you can honestly serve an entire holiday…

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must-have kitchen tools [for a minimalist kitchen!]

You don’t need a lot of equipment and gadgets to be an excellent cook. Whether you’re stocking your first kitchen or simply upgrading, here are our picks for an efficient, clutter-free kitchen. GLASS MIXING BOWLS Master dinner prep with a set of glass bowls in varying sizes. BOOS CUTTING BOARD These wooden cutting boards are practical and gorgeous, so you won’t mind one living on your countertop. Available at TONGS The unapologetic workhorse tool of the kitchen—tongs make sautéeing, flipping, and combining ingredients effortless. FISH SPATULA A thin, metal fish turner pulls double duty for fish and fried eggs. Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen Fish Spatula available at CITRUS ZESTER Fresh zest quickly brightens any dish. We love the easy-to-use Microplane Premium Classic Series Zester Graters for their durability and comfortable handles. Available at WOODEN SPOONS Always have a crock of wooden spoons…

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gifts for food lovers

BLACKBERRY FARM PANTRY BOX Nobody will complain when a box of goodies shows up at their door. Deliver this collection of Southern staples to any part of the country. Available at JACOBSEN SALT CO. LIMITED EDITION CHARDONNAY & CABERNET SAUVIGNON SALT SET Give Salt Bae a run for his money, and take meals to the next level with this Limited Edition Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon Salt Set. Available at THREES KNEES SPICY GIFT SET Behold, the spicy trio you never knew you needed! Jazz up avocado toast with the gochujang sriracha; elevate a charcuterie board with the spicy honey; or take french toast to new heights with the spicy maple. Available at…

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cookbooks we’re giving this year

I AM A FILIPINO by Nicole Ponseca and Miguel Trinidad (Artisan Books) ©2018 You’ve experienced the flavors of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese food—now get ready to fall in love with the flavors and culture of the Philippines. Authors and restauranteurs Nicole Ponseca and Miguel Trinidad use their expertise to bring modern, vibrant recipes to the home cook. BASQUE COUNTRY by Marti Buckley (Artisan Books) ©2018 American chef and journalist Marti Buckley gives insight into a culinary world usually shielded from outsiders. Located in northern Spain, Basque Country’s culture joins together mountains and sea to create cuisine that Buckley has been immersed in since moving there over eight years ago. ISRAELI SOUL by Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook (Rux Martin/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) ©2018 From grilled meats to falafel and pita, authors Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook bring together…

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tips for stress-free entertaining

PLAN AHEAD Get your entertaining game plan together as far in advance as possible. Make sure you have enough plates and the right serving dishes. Iron linens. Read recipes. Grocery shop. DELEGATE Don't be afraid to ask guests to bring one of their favorite dishes or pitch in and stir something. Involving guests in the cooking process will create a laid-back vibe. KEEP IT CASUAL Casual is the new formal. Host a potluck or choose a menu that encourages all your guests to enjoy themselves. Check out our Meze Night menu on page 59.…

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Pomegranate Molasses Beef Short Ribs Makes 6 servings Tender, fall-off-the-bone short ribs just can’t be beat. While they are a labor of love, we promise they’re well worth it. 6 beef chuck short ribs (about 3 pounds)1 teaspoon kosher salt½ teaspoon ground black pepper2 tablespoons canola oil2 cups beef broth½ cup apple cider vinegar½ cup pomegranate molasses*1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger1 teaspoon grated fresh garlicMashed sweet potatoes, to serve½ cup pomegranate arilsGarnish: fresh parsley leaves 1. Preheat oven to 275°. 2. Sprinkle ribs with salt and pepper. In a large ovenproof Dutch oven, heat oil over medium-high heat until hot. Add ribs; cook until browned on all sides. Remove ribs from pot. Drain drippings. Add broth, vinegar, molasses, ginger, and garlic to pot; bring to a boil. Return ribs to pot. Cover with lid. 3. Bake…