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Space April 2019

Space is a specialized architectural monthly which was first published in 1966 and has been at the vanguard of covering the arts and culture scene here in Korea ever since. The magazine features not only architecture, but also diverse cultural and artistic activities across the spectrum of the fine arts. Space offers its readers a wide variety of architectural news throughout Korea, in Asia, and the world in general. Space has been officially listed on the Art & Humanities Citation Index of Thomson Reuters. 월간 SPACE는 1966년에 창간되어 한국의 건축문화 및 예술 분야를 아우르는 전문잡지로 성장하여 2008년 1월호 부터는 미국 톰슨로이터의 예술/인문학 인용색인에 등재되어 국제적으로도 인증 받는 건축전문잡지로서의 자리메김 하고 있습니다. 월간 SPACE는 미국 및 전세계 주요 국가의 서점 및 온라인을 통해 메거진을 구매 하실 수 있습니다. This is a bi-lingual title in English and Korean

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system windows that achieve both openness and insulation

In general, domestic houses concentrated in the detached housing areas tend to reduce the size of their windows, as they are not free from the issues of insulation and noise. However, the M House designed by Seo Seungmo (principal, Samuso Hyojadong) solves these problems, even though wide windows are used at the client’s request. It was EAGON’s system window that Seo Seungmo chose, in order to achieve completeness in design, functionality, and safety. The ‘PSS 185 LS’ was used for the corridor on the second floor, which required not only daylight and ventilation but also excellent insulation and airtightness. This product features high insulation efficiency thanks to its PVC frame and high performance in insulation, tightness, and windproofness equivalent to double glazed windows by adopting EPDM gasket that enhances airtightness. The…

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the chanel flagship store opens in seoul

On Mar. 22, Chanel Seoul Flagship opened. It is the 10th store in the world and has set up in Cheongdam-dong, where many luxury brand stores are located. The building was built on a seven-storey scale, and Chanel’s products were displayed from the first to the third floor, while private reception rooms are on the fourth, and the fifth, sixth floors and terraces were prepared for special events. The design was performed by Peter Marino, who has collaborated many times with Chanel. The flagship stores located in Tokyo, Istanbul, New York and Hong Kong, are also his work. He is known as the ‘palace maker’ because he mainly works with luxury brands and high-class houses. In Korea, Marino announced its name as the interior designer of the ‘House of Dior’ designed…

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new value, new vision, new world

‘Breathing: Re Birth’ took place from Feb. 28 to Mar. 16 at Onground Gallery. The exhibition introduced 12 architectural and urban regeneration projects conducted by BCHO Architect, and shared what Byoungsoo Cho and the young architects in his studio think of regeneration and architectural solutions to come. Cho revealed his attitude to regeneration in the exhibition statement: ‘Recycling should not be the only thing we need to do, but we have to pay attention to our surroundings, to share new values and visions, and to make a new world’, he said. On the front of the gallery, the work About Apple Boxes was installed. The wooden apple box was presented in two ways: a whole boxes were installed on a white wall, and the other box was dismantled and formed…

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peter zumthor: talking about the atmosphere

Peter Zumthor visited the Daejeon Museum of Art on Mar. 9 for a talk ‘Atmosphere: A Conversation with Peter Zumthor’ with Sun Seunghye (director, Daejeon Museum of Art). It was the first time that Zumthor appeared officially to the Korean public. The meeting was organised through pre-applications from the first 100 applicants. The museum’s website was down when the application opened, drawing keen attention and high expectations even before the event began. On the day of the event, more than 300 artists, architects, students and citizens gathered. The event took the form of a natural conversation without a separate scenario. ‘It’s all about my architecture’, Zumthor stressed the word ‘atmosphere’, which implies his work in architecture. He said, ‘I think the architecture’s form, its function, its people and even its sounds…

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isozaki arata wins the pritzker architecture prize in 2019

The Hyatt Foundation announced Isozaki Arata as the winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize this year on Mar. 5. His pursuit of new designs that continually combine east and west based on a rich understanding of architectural history and theories were highly commended. The jury consisted of eight members including former laureates Richard Rogers, Sejima Kazuyo and Wang Shu. Born in Kyushu, Japan and growing up in Oita, which was devastated during World War II, Isozaki introduced his own architecture in reference to the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, noting ‘My first experience of architecture was the absence of architecture’ and adding that ‘It was important for the victims to think about how to reconstruct houses and city’. This explains his attitude, which does not insist on one style due to…