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Space June 2019

Space is a specialized architectural monthly which was first published in 1966 and has been at the vanguard of covering the arts and culture scene here in Korea ever since. The magazine features not only architecture, but also diverse cultural and artistic activities across the spectrum of the fine arts. Space offers its readers a wide variety of architectural news throughout Korea, in Asia, and the world in general. Space has been officially listed on the Art & Humanities Citation Index of Thomson Reuters. 월간 SPACE는 1966년에 창간되어 한국의 건축문화 및 예술 분야를 아우르는 전문잡지로 성장하여 2008년 1월호 부터는 미국 톰슨로이터의 예술/인문학 인용색인에 등재되어 국제적으로도 인증 받는 건축전문잡지로서의 자리메김 하고 있습니다. 월간 SPACE는 미국 및 전세계 주요 국가의 서점 및 온라인을 통해 메거진을 구매 하실 수 있습니다. This is a bi-lingual title in English and Korean

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PUBLISHER & EDITOR Hwang Yongchul ADVISORY COMMITTEE Cook Peter Eisenman Isozaki Arata Robert Ivy EDITORIAL BOARD Yongwoo Lee Kim Kwanghyun Sunjung Kim Kim Chanjoong Han Eunju SPACE ACADEMIA CHIEF EDITOR Mann-Young Chung Sung Hong Kim Sanghun Lee EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Kim Jeoungeun ( EDITOR Lee Youngju ( Park Semi ( Kim Narae ( Lee Sungje ( Choi Eunhwa ( WEB EDITOR Oh Juyeon ( DESIGNER Kim Heejeong ( Ko Insu ( EDITORIAL ADVISOR Park Sungjin ( PHOTOGRAPHER Namgoong Sun ( Yoon Joonhwan ( Kyungsub Shin ( Efraín Méndez ( Chin Hyosook ( Roh Kyung ( ENGLISH LANGUAGE EDITOR Natalie Ferris ( TRANSLATOR Rhee Kieun ( Hong Keunho ( Jee Joohyun ( Lee Danbee ( Kim Seokwon ( Kim Danyoung ( KOREAN LANGUAGE PROOFREADER Ha Myungran ( AD MANAGER Kim Munchel ( Kwon Jisung ( MARKETING MANAGER ( ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER Lyou Changlim Kim Subin Kim Leeseul BOARD OF DIRECTORS Hwang Yongchul Lee Sangleem…

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such a colourful way of seeing

David Hockney’s solo exhibition is now open at the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA). Co-curated by the SeMA and the Tate Museum, the exhibition shows 133 works including paintings, drawings, prints and photographs, highlighting the world of works by an artist who is 82 years old this year. At the age of eleven, Hockney decided to become a painter and went to Bradford School of Art. At this formative time, abstract expressionism was popular in the art world, one in which he cultivated an attitude of revolt and worked to blur the boundaries between abstraction and a representative image. An early work, Tea Painting in an Illusionistic Style, illustrates how the abstract visual system was formed with geometric forms and loose brushwork while also drawing real figures. After graduating from the…

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lightweight architecture against earthquakes

The earthquake of 5.4 magnitude hit Pohang City on Nov. 15, 2017. It marks the second-largest in the history of the Korea Meteorological Administration, leaving more than 2,000 people homeless, 55,000 facilities were destroyed, and the College Scholastic Ability Test was postponed by a week. Man-made structures collapsed helplessly before the onslaught of the natural disaster. Buildings built with heavy materials such as steel, glass and concrete were the most heavily damaged in the disaster. Now that a different category of materials and structural studies are required, what attitude should an architect take? ‘SOFT HOUSE, beyond Steel’, which is on show in the first and second exhibition hall of Pohang Museum of Steel Art (PoMA), introduces a flexible architectural space built with light materials. The exhibition explores the new possibilities of…

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the modern reinterpretation of the joseon garden

A light hits the canvases in the corner of the dark gallery, and black-and-white scenery appears. On those two canvases stands a tall tree, a split rock, and a stream that flows quietly through it—ink depicting Sosaewon, a typical Korean garden of the Joseon Dynasty. Just as the moonlight sheds light on the objects, Park Hansame captures them with a brush. His Poetry of the Sun and the Moon resonates emotionally with his distinctive illumination. An exhibition featuring Sosaewon, ‘Korean Gardens: Soswaewon, A Mystic Promenade’ was held at Hangaram Arts Center Museum in Seoul Arts Center until May 19 in order to ‘promote cultural pride by inducing interest in Korean gardens and by accurately understanding our own’, said All That Garden, a voluntarily assembled group of 20 team artists who have…

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how to archive architecture

On May 2, a seminar titled ‘By-Product / Power’ on digital archive data by Choi Moongyu (professor, Yonsei University), a collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), was held at the Digital Archive Lounge (DAL) of MMCA. As part of the MMCA’s Crafts, Designs and Architecture Division Research Seminar and the Contemporary Architecture Project of the Mokchon Architecture Archive, the event was designed to observe an architect’s thinking process, how it is developed, and its by-products, and explore the process of archiving such data. As well as Choi Moongyu, the architectural historian and curator Pai Hyungmin (professor, University of Seoul), the artist Moon Kyungwon (professor, Ewha Women’s University), the graphic designer Choi Sungmin (professor, University of Seoul), and the architect Kang Yerin (professor, Seoul National University) participated…

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the repair and maintenance of architectural heritage over 20 years

Mireuksaji Stone Pagoda, the eleventh National Treasure in Korea, is the largest existing stone pagoda and the earliest to be built around the 7th century. As the pagoda has been damaged and weathered over its 1,300 years history, its structural instability led to the decision to disassemble and repair it in 1998. However, it was not easy to examine the original form because there was no specific record of what it was like at that time. For this reason, the restoration was carried out in conjunction with the investigation research over the next 20 years. Then in Apr., the restoration work was completed, and the stone pagoda was opened to the public. On May 10, in order to commemorate the completion of the stone pagoda, t h e N a t…