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Space July 2019

Space is a specialized architectural monthly which was first published in 1966 and has been at the vanguard of covering the arts and culture scene here in Korea ever since. The magazine features not only architecture, but also diverse cultural and artistic activities across the spectrum of the fine arts. Space offers its readers a wide variety of architectural news throughout Korea, in Asia, and the world in general. Space has been officially listed on the Art & Humanities Citation Index of Thomson Reuters. 월간 SPACE는 1966년에 창간되어 한국의 건축문화 및 예술 분야를 아우르는 전문잡지로 성장하여 2008년 1월호 부터는 미국 톰슨로이터의 예술/인문학 인용색인에 등재되어 국제적으로도 인증 받는 건축전문잡지로서의 자리메김 하고 있습니다. 월간 SPACE는 미국 및 전세계 주요 국가의 서점 및 온라인을 통해 메거진을 구매 하실 수 있습니다. This is a bi-lingual title in English and Korean

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repurpose with purpose: fifa world football museum in paris

The FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ will take place in nine cities throughout France from June 7 through July 7, including Paris, Lyon and Nice. As the official automotive partner of FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™, Hyundai Motor will partner with the FIFA World Football Museum to present a special exhibition on the history of women’s football in Paris, ‘The Women’s Game’. The special exhibition will take place at Nelson Mandela Park in Les Halles, Paris, where Hyundai Motor Company has installed a pavilion with automotive airbags materials. The material used on the façade of the building will be upcycled as eco-friendly products for distribution to the local community once the exhibition has concluded. Upcycling, collecting the waste materials after the exhibition and transforming them into new lifestyle…

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cubes spread out across a plane

The first solo exhibition ‘Dropping to the Surface’ of Kim Kyoungtae, who has built his own world of photography through the placid and homogeneous images of planes, opened at the exhibition hall Whistle from May 17 to June 22. Kim, who has been converting three-dimensional objects into two-dimensional planes via the focus stacking method, chose cubes as the subject for this exhibition. This scale cube, which is 1cm-long on all sides, is also an object that was used as the standard unit for measuring the size and direction of asteroids at NASA. As Kim said, cubes which ‘by themselves can act as a measurement of size and also influence perspective in terms of their final form’ are presented in flat images of various sizes taken from slightly different perspectives at…

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busan: an industrial city in a frame

The exhibition hall displays many photographs capturing scenes from the industrial facilities, such as the factory interior with the eye-catching steel-frame structure, big cranes in the harbour, colourful barrels, and a row of machine equipment. This is ‘Industry Busan’ by Jo Choonman, a photography exhibition revealing the full scenery of the industrial facility in Busan held at the GoEun Museum of Photography. This exhibition is part of the ‘Busan Project’, which has been conducted by the GoEun Museum of Photography for the last seven years with leading Korean photographers to observe various aspects of Busan from a new point of view. While it was titled the ‘Busan Interference Document’ so far, it changed its name to the ‘Busan Project’ this year. Jo, the first runner of the new start, presents the…

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the winners of the 2019 korea young architects award

On June 12, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced that it has selected ArchiWorkshop (Park Su-Jeong, Sim Hee-Jun), IDR Architects (Jun Borim, Lee Seunghwan), FHHH Friends (Yoon Hanjin, Han Seungjae, Han Yangkyu) as the winners of the 2019 Young Architects Award. The award was decided after two jury reviews. Eight out of the 43 teams selected in the first review were given an opportunity to present their work and respond to a Q&A session in the second review. The second review was open to the public, which was held on June 5 at the MMCA. Of other candidates including the three winners, there were RoA Architects (Kim Kyungdo), Jiyo Architects (Kim Sejin), Tectonics Lab (Kim Sukyung, Kim Hyundai), KHYarchitects (Kim Hyoyoung), and SF LAB (Choi Mookyu). ArchiWorkshop, began their…

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presentation of the gwangju design biennale 2019 master plan

The Gwangju Design Biennale 2019 will be held in Gwangju, in spaces such as Gwangju Design Center and the Asia Culture Center from Sep. 7 to Oct. 31. A special exhibition to hail the centenary of the Bauhaus will take place in the second exhibition hall. Marking the 8th Biennale, this year’s theme is ‘HUMANITY (human+community) with the purpose of ‘exploring the role of design as creating common values for humanity and a tool of innovation’ by expanding perspectives between individuals and the community. The Biennale is comprised of five exhibition halls. The first exhibition hall, entitled ‘Singing People’, looks at how, through design, people get to know and understand each other, and how society comes to be formed. LOTUS, which responds to human touch, and Ball Room, an installation of exchanging…

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auri research report brief

The 2019 auri Research Report Brief was held at the Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture on May 23. Auri addressed five key research areas: public architecture, urban regeneration, pedestrian environments, crime prevention, and the hanok. Youm Chirlho (research fellow, auri) first presented a paper on how ‘public architecture is changing community life’. He showed how research had been conducted on ‘improving public architecture procedure, establishing an architecture policy base plan, and developing design competition guidelines through enacting a promotions act on the architecture service industry’, and that efforts continue regarding planning for various projects, research, and institutional improvements to motivate a better future for public architecture. Seo Soojeong (senior research fellow, auri) followed with her presentation ‘building spaces for village regeneration’, asserting, ‘we plan to conduct research that will inculcate regional…