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Space August 2020

Space is a specialized architectural monthly which was first published in 1966 and has been at the vanguard of covering the arts and culture scene here in Korea ever since. The magazine features not only architecture, but also diverse cultural and artistic activities across the spectrum of the fine arts. Space offers its readers a wide variety of architectural news throughout Korea, in Asia, and the world in general. Space has been officially listed on the Art & Humanities Citation Index of Thomson Reuters. 월간 SPACE는 1966년에 창간되어 한국의 건축문화 및 예술 분야를 아우르는 전문잡지로 성장하여 2008년 1월호 부터는 미국 톰슨로이터의 예술/인문학 인용색인에 등재되어 국제적으로도 인증 받는 건축전문잡지로서의 자리메김 하고 있습니다. 월간 SPACE는 미국 및 전세계 주요 국가의 서점 및 온라인을 통해 메거진을 구매 하실 수 있습니다. This is a bi-lingual title in English and Korean

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what travel means for us now

After measuring their body temperature with a thermal camera, a visitor pumps hand sanitizer into their hands and faithfully documents their name, affiliation, contact information and reasons for their visit. Looks are exchanged above masked faces, heads nod, and the procedures required for entry are complete—that is, unless you are looking to cross borders. For entry into the country, an additional two-week long self-quarantine is required. Gone are the days when it was possible to have breakfast at a restaurant in Japan and work in an office in Korea in the afternoon. ‘New Discovery of Travel’, an exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and overseen by the Korea Crafts & Design Foundation, is currently on show at Culture Station Seoul 284. Comprised of a total of seven…

2 min.
industrial society in grotesque animation

The Quay Brothers, who are renowned for stop-motion animations that use puppets, have turned their attention to exposing the dark underbelly of industrial society. Their newest exhibition, ‘Quay Brothers: Welcome to the Dormitorium’ will be on show at the Seoul Arts Center’s Hangaram Art Museum, as a follow-up to their special exhibition hosted by the 21st Jeonju International Film Festival. For this exhibition, Stephen Quay and Timothy Quay are presenting an impressive variety of works which amount to some 100 set models, puppets and illustrations. The Quay Brothers, who founded their studio in England in 1979, make singular animations that adopt a gloomy, dark signature style. Short films such as The Street of Crocodiles (1986) and Day of the Dead (2002) were awarded prizes at several international festivals and catapulted them…

2 min.
remembering gwangju’s may of 1980

Black and white ID photos of student protestors line the walls, as the room reverberates with the cries of surviving families and friends. The portraits are from Noh Suntag’s Forgetting Machines (2006-2020) – which memoralises the participants in the 5·18 Democratisation Movement who were identified 22 years after their deaths – and Jurgen Hinzpeter’s Sudkorea am Scheideweg (1980), a documentary that recalls the violent manner in which the protests were countered. They are part of Art Sonje Center’s exhibition ‘Spring of Democracy’, which was held from June 3 to July 5 and reflected upon the Movement on its 40th anniversary. The German curator Ute Meta Bauer, who organised this event, explained that she wanted to ‘examine democracy as an ongoing experiment, rather than an ossified institution’. Upon reaching the third floor…

2 min.
a new architectural school that crosses the border

The Future School Summer Studio (FSSS), designed to comprise part of the Korean Pavilion Programme at the 17th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition, ran from June 29 to July 24 at KOTE, Insa-dong, Seoul. The Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition, which was scheduled to be on show in August, has been postponed to next year in light of the Coronavirus Disease-19 (COVID-19). However, the commissioner of the Korean Pavillion for the art exhibition Shin Haewon (principal, lokaldesign) pressed ahead with the studio programme as planned. The FSSS is designed to help students develop integrated thinking skills and the ability to execute ideas across multiple disciplines. Shin Haewon, Ryul Song & Christian Schweitzer (co-principals, SUPA Schweitzer Song) served as programme coordinators and Yim Dongwoo (professor, Hongik University) and Rafael Luna (professor, Hanyang…

3 min.
individuals archiving the city

‘I think the charm of Seoul lies with the fact that it’s unpredictable. Wherever you go, you can locate traces of the 1940s and 1950s. In a way, it’s a city in which you can discover things indefinitely.’ For Kim Youngjoon (graduate student, University of Tokyo), Seoul is a city bursting with the potential of its unique legacy, one ripe for recording. Kim films historic traces visible throughout the city, from old signboards to pedestrian flyovers, overpasses, and red brick warehouses, or uncovers images from various archives and posts them on his Instagram and Facebook accounts, titled ‘Journey to Modern Seoul’. He shares the memories of people and the city by attaching anecdotes about the space to each image, such as the utility hole cover that depicts ‘Gyeongseong-bu (the old name…

3 min.
the 2020 korea young architect award winners

On July 24, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced the winners of the 2020 Young Architects Award: B.U.S Architecture (co-principals, Woo Seungjin, Park Jihyun, Cho Seonghak), On Architects (principal, Jung Woongsik), and JIYO Architects (principal, Kim Sejin). The winners of the competition were decided through a two-step screening process by the judging committee. 7 of the 45 applicants passed the primary screening, after which a presentation and question and answer session was conducted as part of the secondary evaluation. The second screening was held on July 8 at Culture Space Seoul 284. In addition to the presentations of the three teams, Yong Ju Lee Architecture (principal, Lee Yongju), eSou architects (principal, Kim Hyunsu), Atelier Jun (principal, You Junsang), and Simplex Architecture (co-principals, Song Sanghun, Park Chungwhan) all presented…