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Space September 2020

Space is a specialized architectural monthly which was first published in 1966 and has been at the vanguard of covering the arts and culture scene here in Korea ever since. The magazine features not only architecture, but also diverse cultural and artistic activities across the spectrum of the fine arts. Space offers its readers a wide variety of architectural news throughout Korea, in Asia, and the world in general. Space has been officially listed on the Art & Humanities Citation Index of Thomson Reuters. 월간 SPACE는 1966년에 창간되어 한국의 건축문화 및 예술 분야를 아우르는 전문잡지로 성장하여 2008년 1월호 부터는 미국 톰슨로이터의 예술/인문학 인용색인에 등재되어 국제적으로도 인증 받는 건축전문잡지로서의 자리메김 하고 있습니다. 월간 SPACE는 미국 및 전세계 주요 국가의 서점 및 온라인을 통해 메거진을 구매 하실 수 있습니다. This is a bi-lingual title in English and Korean

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2 min.
the reinterpretation of original furniture using various materials

The exhibition hall has been taken over by a range of chairs that all seem to share the same skeleton. An exhibition reinterpreting the Lily Chair by the Danish furniture company Fritz Hansen was on show at MO-NO-HA Seongsu from July 28 to Aug. 8. Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Lily Chair, young Korean designers from various fields showed their work that transformed Lily Chair with their own materials in ‘Movement in Silence - Imperfect Beauty’. Cha Jeongwook, the curator of the exhibition, rates the form of these original pieces highly: ‘Made with a bending technology to create smooth curves, the Lily Chair radiates both aesthetic pleasure and comfort’. Explaining the intention behind the show, he noted, ‘I hoped to encourage encounters with experimental designs in…

2 min.
viewpoints on gangnam and jongno

A screen has been presented in the middle of this exhibition space, upon which a bus is shown to rumble by in an unspecified direction. It sets out from Apgujeong Hyundai Apartment, travels through Chungdam-dong, Daechi-dong and Guryong Village, and eventually arrives at Gangnam station. Shots of the view outside are interspersed with the clips of the bus coming to an occasional stop. Sprinkled between these scenes are anecdotes regarding the surrounding area told from the perspective of an actor, a vocal coach, and an office worker. These are scenes not from an actual public bus ride, but from a tour of the Gangnam area that operated on a one-off basis. This tour posed the question: ‘What is Gangnam?’ Walk over to a separate partitioned off space, and the video…

2 min.
the new artistic landscape of the social media era

Pasta, pizza, steak...‘foodie’ pictures flood our feeds on Instagram. At the top left of the screen, analysis of these images is expressed as hash tags, food names, calorific values, and, just below that, updates to the calorie totals for the images so far seen. This is Jeon Minje’s video work #shapeofgreed, which attempts to quantify the level of ‘human greed’ flowing throughout social media. ‘Follow, Flow, Feed’, a selected exhibition organised as part of a support programme at Arko Art Center in 2020, is a display that begins with an interest in ‘How SNS will change contemporary art’. Lee Eunju (curator, Brain Factory), co-curator of this exhibition, explained that ‘by using Social Network Service communication channel as methodology, or by collecting works that attest to or challenge its attributes, we hoped…

2 min.
rethinking solutions to urban problems

The exhibition ‘City as a Verb’ opened on July 14 at the Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture. Planned as a follow-up programme to the 2019 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, the Seoul Metropolitan Government wanted to shed light on the issues faced by world major cities and the measures presently in place to solve them. Out of the 84 participants at the last biennale, 17 cities that share Seoul’s challenges participated in this exhibition. John Hong (professor, Seoul National University), the curator of ‘City as Verb’, classified the present situation faced by world cities as directed by six themes: sustainability, urban regeneration, mixed-use development, community participation, mobility, and integration with urban infrastructure. Each theme derives from his planning intention: ‘We can understand a city in a more active way…

1 min.
space peer review

SPACE strives to feature works of architecture from individual studies in contemporary Korean architecture to the current innovative shifts in international architecture. In this spirit, all domestic and international works of architecture submitted to SPACE as feature proposals will undergo the SPACE Peer Review System, in order to uphold a diverse, professional and fair system of judgement. Each month, all submitted works will undergo a blind test by two to three reviewers, who are representatives of the current Korean architecture scene. We cordially request your interest, support, and participation in submitting prospective featured works, in our efforts to secure a varied point of view and a transparent selection process. For submission, the following materials are required: photographs, drawings, outlines of the work, text description, a profile of architect or architectural…

4 min.
international symposium for a paradigm shift in public rental housing

The International Symposium of ‘The Future of Social Housing in Korea’ was held on Aug. 12 at the Millennium Hilton Seoul. This symposium, hosted by the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH) was held to explore possible new directions in public rental housing at a time in which the construction of the third new cities in the metropolitan area, such as Hanam, Gyeonggi and Gyeyang, Incheon. Several experts participated online and offline, from home and abroad, to discuss specific issues such as public rental housing development methods, social intermixing, and community vitalisation through presentations and discussions. First, Kim Youngwook (professor, Sejong University) as the first keynote speaker presented the ‘Spirit of the Times on Public Rental Housing’. Kim is currently the lead researcher on ‘A Study on the New Public Rental…