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Sporting Classics

Sporting Classics 1991 10th Anniversary

Sporting Classics is devoted to those who love to read. Each issue is packed with the things you love most: guns, knives, adventures, sporting art, dogs, and more. From Hemingway to Buckingham, O'Connor to Rutledge, this is the best hunting and fishing magazine for any sportsman!

United States
Sporting Classics Magazine
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8 Números


9 min.
this 'n that

In 1981 , shortly after leaving his position as editor of Outdoor Life, John Culler teamed up with longtime friends Art Carter and Duncan Grant to create a different kind of magazine. Like so many American sportsmen, they were tired of reading the same old rehashed articles on 14 more ways to gut a deer or how to snatch bass off their beds. They knew there was an unfilled niche for a quality magazine that would focus on sporting collectibles, with well-written articles on the legendary artists and authors, craftsmen and sportsmen. John Culler has never been one to avoid taking a chance, especially when he really believes in something. In fact, the more people gang up against him, the harder he digs in his heels. Everyone told him that that…

9 min.

In last issue's This 'N That, I mentioned that bestquality guns made to order by Nicholas Makinson are available through Game Fair Ltd. of Nashville. At the time I had yet to see a Makinson gun. Now there's one leaning against my desk. Yesterday I shot targets with it; I'll do the same tomorrow and perhaps the day after. That's pleasant duty. The hard part will come in a week or so, when I have to send it back. By way of general description, you could call this a new gun built in the old tradition. The British established the world standard for gunmaking quality more than a hundred years ago, and Nick Makinson brings much of that tradition to bear. He's a Birmingham man by birth, a gunmaker by a matter…

6 min.
art & etc

On Sunday morning, September 11 , 1887, the Reverend Doctor FT. Gates of Central Baptist Church in Minneapolis devoted his sermon to the large art show on display at the Minnesota State Fair. A still-life painting titled The Old Violin by Irish artist William Michael Harnett from Philadelphia roused the clergyman's ire: "You will have to look long and closely and from different angles to assure yourself that this is a painting at all, and not a real violin hung on a pair of old wooden shutters with a broken hinge. In Philadelphia they employed a policeman to keep people from trying to settle the matter by putting their hands on it. Here the frame is set in a glass case. The delineation is perfect, the deception complete. And yet that…

7 min.

In the May/June issue, I wrote about a Cape buffalo in Botswana that soaked up seven shots from a .416 Weatherby Magnum before he finally succumbed. In trying to be as truthful as possible about the incident, I unwittingly raised a few hackles, Ed Weatherby's among them. "Your article gave the impression that the .4I6 is under gun for the Cape buffalo, which I do not believe is the case;' Weatherby wrote me. "While the repeated shots are more exciting to read about, it certainly doesn't help the reader to have a good perception of the Weatherby cartridge:' Perhaps not. Personally, I would have thought the account would not help the reader to have a good perception of my shooting. However, given Weatherby's concern about setting the record absolutely straight, I am…

6 min.

It has taken me almost 40 years (maybe I'm just not too bright), but I have finally come to realize that all tackle boxes have immediate obsolescence built right into them. That is not a conspiracy by tackle box manufacturers, however. It is a manifestation of human nature. Think about it: No one ever buys a tackle box that will hold three times the amount of tackle he now owns. Rather, an angler buys a box that will accommodate his current accumulation of lures, terminal tackle, and gizmos, leaving a little extra space for additional purchases in the foreseeable future. Once he neatly fills the little compartments, however, the remaining empty spaces drive him crazy, and he goes right out to buy things with which to fill them. Immediately; then, the…

5 min.

Not many American sportsmen realize it, but neighboring Mexico is one of the greatest hunting and fishing destinations in the world. Take bird shooting, for example. The swarms of doves in Mexico's Tamaulipas and Sonora regions are exceeded only by those in Colombia and Argentina. Waterfowl shooting on the Pacific Coast is surpassed only by the duck and goose hunting in Argentina. As for quail, Tamaulipas offers the fin est wild bird shooting anywhere. Twenty-covey days are routine, and 40- to 50-covey days are not unusual. Some lodges in Tamaulipas also offer exceptional goose shooting. As for big game, the Altar Desert of Sonora consistently produces some of the most impressive mule deer racks in North America, with an extremely high success rate among hunters. It's expensive, but serious hunters have found…