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Sporting Classics

Sporting Classics March/April 2019

Sporting Classics is devoted to those who love to read. Each issue is packed with the things you love most: guns, knives, adventures, sporting art, dogs, and more. From Hemingway to Buckingham, O'Connor to Rutledge, this is the best hunting and fishing magazine for any sportsman!

United States
Sporting Classics Magazine
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8 Números


8 min.
this ’n that

A NEWFOUND PASSION FOR BOW-HUNTING WHITETAILS THE 2018 DEER season heralded an exciting new chapter in the sporting life of South Carolina hunter Matt Aldrich. For the first time in his 30 years, Matt discovered bow hunting for whitetails and enjoyed some spectacular success while doing it. Matt began hunting deer and small game at age 10, but always with a shotgun or rifle. Then last September, he obtained a Mathews Triax bow and Carbon Express arrows and began shooting targets in the back yard of his home in Orangeburg. It should be noted that South Carolina has one of the longest and most liberal whitetail hunts in the country. Over much of the state, last year’s deer season opened in mid-August and continued until January 1. Resident hunters could take two bucks…

5 min.
dangerous berries

Iver held the pail while Slim stripped the branches, berries, leaves and all. It was a 10-quart maple sap bucket and the first berries made music as they fell. Fifty-six was a dry year and blueberries were hard to find…raspberries too. But here, the boughs bent heavy with fruit. “You’re making a damn mess of it,” Iver said. “We can sift out the leaves later on,” Slim said, “when we get off this Indian ground.” They were sons of immigrants. Loon Lake Lutheran still had services in Norwegian every other Sunday and, the first Wednesday of every month, their fathers did much the same, secularly pontificating upon the post office steps, awaiting their Social Security disbursement. A phonetic representation of their brogue would be unreadable. “On de nort side of Leech Lake, yah we…

7 min.
beneath a snow moon

MAN PONDERS by coincidence. Nature knows better. The difference can sometimes be unfathomable. Late December… The Maryland Shores… Snowfall… Mystic, mesmeric, beckoning. Almost eight decades along for this wayfaring, wildfowling warrior—and still, when too infrequently it comes—the most magically essential ingredient of the gum-boot and gunning lifeway. Just the mere possibility. Never the more thrillingly when it thinks to arrive a coincidental caller upon one of the most perennially hopeful trips of the year. The livened anticipation, the timeless yearning to abandon camp and comfort, to save the fire, layer up, pull on wet-boots and woolen mittens, toss on a scarf, gather up the gear, slap on a beaten, old canvas hat and slicker, brace the damp, frigid air, hurry out and be gone. To be there, when it begins. With the first improbable…

7 min.
a hat trick of great lodges

You know, we outdoor travel writers have got it made. Every morning is opening day. All we have to do is sit down at the mad machine, knock back another swallow of coffee and answer one tough question: Where do we want to hunt or fish today? Should blustery wind be slashing icy rain against windowpanes, you’re apt to find me bound for sunny south Georgia, there to swing my little 16 Elsie on flushing quail and toss poppers for bass after supper. When humidity and temperatures both nudge the 90s, you can bet I’m poking around in Canada’s Maritimes, the Rockies, or Alaska, toting rifle or shotgun or fly rod, depending on the season du jour. I am the luckiest of chaps. Whelped on the likes of Jack O’Connor, Joe Brooks,…

10 min.
fishing with pastor ron

Pastor Ron is a Messenger of God and a Fisher of Men. So when he discovered that I was just an ordinary fisher of Trout, he expressed a certain degree of professional interest in finding out more about how we common folk spend our time. “Jesus always did love fishermen,” he explained. “His closest friends were fishermen, and I really should learn more about it.” So schedules were checked, dates were determined, and we penciled in “One Week From Saturday” for a day of introductory fly fishing. “What do I need to bring?” he asked. “Nothing,” I said. “I have everything we’ll need.” But then I had a second thought. “What size shoes do you wear?” “Nines,” he replied. “Oh,” I responded. “All my waders are fourteens. So you’re going to need to find some waders of your…

6 min.
field-testing sauer’s new sl5 semi-auto

J. P. SAUER & SOHNS is the oldest firearms manufacturer in Germany, which makes it one of the older gunmakers in the world. The company has its roots in the gunmaking firm founded by Lorenz Sauer in 1751 and took its current name in 1840 when John Paul Sauer and Lorenz Sauer began operating under the current name. Over the intervening years, the company has operated in many partnerships and configurations while it developed a fine reputation for building solid, reliable firearms of virtually all configurations. Strangely, one of the few types of firearms that the company has not produced is the semi-auto shotgun. That glaring omission has now been cured by their new, 12-gauge SL5. A long time ago in a land far away, I began preaching that the foundation of…