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Sporting Classics September - October 2018

Sporting Classics is devoted to those who love to read. Each issue is packed with the things you love most: guns, knives, adventures, sporting art, dogs, and more. From Hemingway to Buckingham, O'Connor to Rutledge, this is the best hunting and fishing magazine for any sportsman!

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the hurricane

About noon, the weather became extremely sultry, not a breath of wind stirring, hazy or cloudy, with very heavy distant thunder, which was answered by the crocodiles—sure presage of a storm! Soon after ascending this branch of the river, on the right hand presents itself to view a delightful little bluff, consisting chiefly of shells, and covered with a dark grove of red cedar, zanthoxylon and myrtle. I could not resist the temptation to stop here, although the tremendous thunder all around the hemisphere alarmed me greatly, having a large lake to cross. From this grove appears to view an expansive and pleasing prospect. The beauteous long lake in front, about northeast from me, its most distant east shores adorned with dark, high forests of stately trees; North and South almost endless…

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the scopes monkey trial, the “big boom” and the coming of the rubber messiah.

I figure us Old Dawgs, who’ve been around since Kaw-liga was a pine sprout, have a standing obligation wherever and whenever possible to enlighten the pups of contemporary generations on consequential matters of history. Lest they consider there never was a Scope’s Monkey Trial, and march through life thinking the world of bass fishing originated spontaneously with a $70,000 Ranger, a Ford F-350 Lariat, a Johnny Morris signature rod, a Stinky Fingers Twitchin’ Stick and a 2/0 Gamakatsu born in Japan. Somehow, it seems only righteous they know its rebirth actually erupted with the “Big Boom” some time back in the last century, right here at home, and has been evolving ever since. Moreover, that its genesis and progression has at times been less than harmonious; to wit, embroiled in strife…

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“nobody cares. work harder.”

Cameron Hanes is an unapologetic hunter, best-selling author, athlete, TV personality and the face of Under Armour’s Athletes Hunt television and print ad campaign. I was honored to speak to Cameron about hunting, life in the spotlight, loss and how many men of today are pussies. Click Here to watch THE TRIBUTE. A video project that was filmed in September 2015 with Cameron Hanes and Roy Roth. Watch as they test the limits and battle the Alaskan wilderness in search for the perfect bull moose. Let’s start with your early literary aspirations. You always wanted to be a writer. Who were some of your favorite authors growing up, outdoors or otherwise? When I was a young kid, it was Jack London. I always loved White Fang and Call of the Wild. Then,…

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mister howard was a real gent

The week before Thanksgiving that year, one of the Old Man’s best buddies came down from Maryland to spend a piece with the family, and I liked him a whole lot right from the start. Probably it was because he looked like the Old Man—ragged mustache, smoked a pipe, built sort of solid, and he treated me like I was grown up too. He was interested in ’most everything I was doing. He admired my shotgun and told me a whole lot about the dogs and horses he had up on his big farm outside of Baltimore. He and the Old Man had been friends for a whole lot of years; they had been all over the world, and they were always sitting out on the front porch, smoking and laughing…

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that little shop on the corner holds a royal warrant to the queen.

Nestled in the Scottish Highlands, ten miles on the Far West Railway Line as it runs from Inverness to Thurso and Wick, is the pastoral town of Beauly, ancient site of Beauly Priory, Church of the Blessed Virgin and John the Baptist. Long a ruin, it was constructed a century after Downie Castle, which was built around 1100 during the reign of Alexander I of Scotland. The castle was pillaged and burned by Oliver Cromwell in 1650 and resurrected in 1880 as the baronial Beaufort Castle, seat of the Lords of Lovat to this day. Beauly, or beau lieu in French, means “beautiful place.” I remember it clearly, even though—alarmingly—it has been more than 40 years since I was in that part of Scotland. I remember the Priory and the well-kept…

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shanghaied in papua new guinea

Papua New Guinea is a steam bath permanently set at 110 degrees. In my near month on the island, I was never completely dry. My clothes rotted. My sandals fell apart. Skin peeled in sheets from the bottom of my feet. And toilet paper stuck to my constantly moist butt. Yes, there are parts of PNG that don’t suffer under a stifling blanket of 98.9 percent humidity and aren’t subject to three inches of rain a day— in the dry season—but I spent very little time there. Certainly, not enough time to alter my perception that the entire country is actually encased in a glass box that is the recipient of a continuous supply of steam delivered by vents connected to Hell via the Devil’s instruction. I ventured to this paradise at…