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April - May 2020

STRONG Fitness Magazine Australia is a trusted source of cutting-edge fitness and health information for the resilient modern woman.

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curves and career

ATHLETE: RACHEL DILLON bodiesbyrachel.com.au // @racheljdillon HAIR & MAKEUP: CYNTHIA SMYTH cynthiasmythmakeup.com.au // @cynthiasmyth_makeup PHOTOGRAPHER: JESSICA APAP jessicaapap.com // @jessicaapap_photographer STYLIST: TULLY HUMPHREY tullylou.com.au // @tullylou CAREER HIGHLIGHTS The three times I’ve been crowned WBFF Bikini World Champion are definitely high on my list of achievements! It might sound cliché, but I’m also incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with so many amazing women from all around the globe on a daily basis. I’m constantly surrounded by ‘highlight moments’ as I get to see my clients thriving, growing and reaching their goals. MY SECRET TO SUCCESS I always strive to provide as much value to my community as possible. My goal has never been to have the most social media followers, but to provide as much benefit as I possibly can to anyone who chooses to…

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editor’s note

STRONG FITNESS MAGAZINE AUSTRALIA VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4 I listened to an ABC podcast the other day about three girls who couldn’t stop laughing. It was 1962 and they went to an all-girls missionary boarding school in Tanzania, and one day a girl began to laugh – for no apparent reason – causing the other two girls to giggle. Like a virus, the laughter spread, impacting their entire classroom before spreading to the children next door and down the hall. Surrounding schools caught the chuckling, and even a village where several of the girls lived was set off – an epidemic of laughter. According to one study published in 2001, 14 schools were shut down and over 1,000 people were impacted. So, what happened? I won’t even try to explain the complex psychological…

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you asked:

“I really want to hit the gym every day, but when the alarm goes off at 6am, I always choose the snooze button. How can I stay motivated to train?” Motivation is a powerful yet tricky beast. The author Steven Pressfield said in his book The War of Art: “At some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it.” In other words, at some point, it’s easier to change than to stay the same. Every choice has a price, but when we are motivated, it is easier to bear the inconvenience of action than the pain of remaining the same. That said, motivation itself is unreliable. It comes and goes, and we can’t depend on it. More often than not, motivation actually comes after an action…

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meet the strong advisory board

Alexa Towersey HEAD TRAINER Personal Trainer and mental health advocate and speaker, Alexa Towersey has a list of qualifications as long as her (ripped) arm, including a Bachelor of Science (Double Major in Biology and Psychology) and Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management and Kinesiology. She’s also qualified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is a Gym Jones Fully Certified Trainer, and has completed her Mental Health First Aid certificates. alexatowersey.com // @actionalexa Leanne Ward DIETITIAN Nutritionist, Dietitian and Sports Dietitian, Leanne Ward has nearly 10 years experience in her craft, working in both clinical and online one-on-one coaching settings. Ward specialises in emotional eating, gut health and sustainable weight loss for women. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Health Science (majoring in Nutrition) and a Master of Dietetics Studies, and she has also…

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the circuit

Junk food confusion Ever notice how the day after a lousy night of sleep, you’re more inclined to reach for a croissant for breakfast or snack on a bag of chips when that 3pm slump hits? You could chalk this up to your motivation, but research from Northwestern University found that your likelihood of consuming sugary or fried foods the day after hitting the snooze button could have more to do with your brain – and nose. When sleep deprived, your olfactory system – or sense of smell – sharpens so it can better differentiate between food and non-food odours. Unfortunately, your brain doesn’t have the capacity to receive those messages as well as it usually would, and you’ll likely overcompensate for the miscommunication by grabbing the most convenient and energy-dense…

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chill on ice baths

Ice-cold baths are a popular recovery method among die-hard athletes who list reduced delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), less muscle damage and better hypertrophy as benefits. While expert opinions have been mixed as to whether the results are legit or just a placebo effect, researchers put ice baths to the test after resistance training using two groups of subjects. One group relaxed in a room for 15 minutes, while the others took an icy 15-minute dip. Surprisingly, the ice-bath group showed biomarkers that were consistent with slower recovery and growth – an effect scientists say occurs because the body is more focused on keeping the tissues warm in frigid temps than helping them grow. Just a side note: muscle strength was not negatively affected. Phew! 2 weeks Newbie gains are real! Non-athletes…